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  1. atil

    Warsaw 2019

    Got a spare ticket if anyone is looking for one. D14 Row 18. Bottom tier 2nd bend looking down the back straight.
  2. Don't forget the 2 reserves get to practice so it's 6 groups of 3 riders
  3. On Bavarian's thread in the international section, it says that it's Poland v Denmark on the 2nd May and Poland v Australia on the 13th, venues TBC. So is it now Denmark on the 13th from Czestochova?
  4. atil

    Gorzow Gp 29 August

    Thanks for the replies. 16.00 certainly sounds better than 19.00 as we have to drive back to Gdansk after the meeting.
  5. atil

    Gorzow Gp 29 August

    Do you know what time this meeting starts? Start time is not stated on Sportowefakty fixtures.
  6. atil

    Polish Individual Meetings

    Thanks for that Henry. A bit far out of the way, sadly. Would mean a long journey on Friday.
  7. atil

    Polish Individual Meetings

    The FIM calender shows the U21 club pairs on Thursday 9th but does not state where. Does anyone know where this is going to be held as we're doing the golden helmet and working our way over.
  8. atil

    Suchanek To Redcar?

    He's had 6-7 offers of a team place (including Redcar several times) since he last rode over here but has turned them down. Rates Berwick among his least favourite tracks so it will be a good test of where he's at.
  9. Thanks R/R. I guess Berlin's a bit too far
  10. Are there any meetings on the Sunday following the GP anywhere nearby? Would seem a wasted opportuniy of a decent crowd if not.
  11. Still available! Nobody want to go?
  12. One of our group has dropped out so I now have 1 spare ticket for sale. It's in the top tier, second row, just coming out of the second bend. Also 1 Play-off final ticket for Gorzow v Tarnow on the sunday. Also a cheap spare twin room in Torun centre as well, if required. PM me if interested.
  13. atil

    2013 Fim Calendar

    No U21 round in Pardubice, but U21 Team Final on 28 September. Are they bringing the Golden Helmet forward a week next year?

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