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  1. OML

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    Warm weather and strong winds all afternoon meant the track was drying out as fast as they could get water into it.
  2. What difference does that make? He is eligible to ride for any championship team
  3. Leicester found a guest for last night with only a few hours notice.....
  4. A good chunk of this will be offset by the tenner a head (£18 in the case of those who don't return) they've taken from the fans with only 2 races of wages to pay for. A short term fix but it will only come back to bite them with smaller future crowds when fans walk away from the sport feeling they've been ripped off again, which they have. Anything other than free admission to a future meeting will be a PR disaster for them. I'm sure this is what the better run teams with forward thinking promoters would be doing.
  5. Out for the rest of the season with a grazed knee would be my guess.
  6. OML

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Absolutely, we'll have Tom Wooley on an 11 point average and reserves who can't even slide a bike. And Mildenhall complaining they can't pay their accross the board £5 a point on a crowd of 50 people. But what do we know...
  7. OML

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    You are correct in as much as if there is a shortage of riders of a sufficient standard to fill the spaces, then that is a valid reason to adjust the average. But then the average should go back to 42, if possible, the following season. By putting it up for an over supply of riders, fine if all the teams can afford it, but it potentially brings other problems with it, such as we're currently seeing with very little difference between the PL/CL
  8. OML

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    The limit in every league should always be 42 by default, unless they have a reason to change it, such as wanting to weaken it, as in the case of the NL. By knocking it down to 36(?) They have achieved this, but to retain the league at that standard it needs to go back to 42 the following season. If they keep it at 36 for several seasons, they are weakening it further every year til it gets to the point where teams will be full of woblers. Then they'll wonder why people won't pay £12 to watch stand alone meetings anymore.
  9. OML

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    If you "increase" the limit to 39 or 40, you are weakening the league by a further 2 or 3 points. The league's average at the end of every season has to be 42 points (less a few 3-2's and 5-0's), 7 riders x 4 rides x 1.5 points per heat (6 points divided by 4 riders per heat). If you want to keep the league at the same standard next season as this, the limit has to be 42, anything lower weakens the league further, anything higher increases the standard. Its basic maths, but people, especially those who set the rules, don't seem to understand this.
  10. OML

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Kent v Armadale Friday 29th.
  11. I have one available too, if anyone is looking for 2 tickets, 2nd bend.
  12. Over the 13 heat format of the 70's opposing number 1's only met in heat 1. Now they meet in 1, 13 and usually 15 so it is much harder to get a 9 point average now than it was then. Also, bonus points counted in the averages then but don't now.
  13. Thought it would be. Will have to hope for a Ostrow Gdansk final then. Have driven there from Torun before, not the fastest journey ever.

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