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  1. OML

    Eastbourne 2020

    Redcar v Eastbourne from last season on the Redcar Bears Facebook page tonight (Friday) at 19.45
  2. Originally showed as 18.45, a clock going forward issue I guess.
  3. Tapes Up are showing Redcar v Glasgow 2018 at 18.45 tonight.
  4. Off tomorrow, looking to restage Tuesday.
  5. So should we expect Charles Wright to be riding for Peterborough next Sunday instead of Redcar, even though they shouldn't be riding on a Sunday (just like Ipswich shouldn't have been racing on a Saturday)? Or will this be another example of implementing the rule that doesn't exist?
  6. OML


    Tonight is off. Restaged tomorrow.
  7. OML

    REDCAR 2019

    He wasn't leaving Plymouth, they were happy for him to continue doing away matches and they would use a facility for him at home (at least in the short term). So I guess the management won't have a problem welcoming him back and he won't have a problem continuing to ride for them as they didn't stand in the way of his 'dream' move.
  8. OML

    Warsaw 2019

    Got a spare ticket if anyone is looking for one. D14 Row 18. Bottom tier 2nd bend looking down the back straight.
  9. Don't forget the 2 reserves get to practice so it's 6 groups of 3 riders
  10. On Bavarian's thread in the international section, it says that it's Poland v Denmark on the 2nd May and Poland v Australia on the 13th, venues TBC. So is it now Denmark on the 13th from Czestochova?
  11. OML

    Gorzow Gp 29 August

    Thanks for the replies. 16.00 certainly sounds better than 19.00 as we have to drive back to Gdansk after the meeting.
  12. OML

    Gorzow Gp 29 August

    Do you know what time this meeting starts? Start time is not stated on Sportowefakty fixtures.

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