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  1. ColnagoDream

    Footwear In The Pits

    That would be the same thrill seekers that wont ride when is raining?
  2. You just know your going to be out of the country for the final.
  3. ColnagoDream

    British GP 2013

    Let the Poole track staff have a look at it, I hear they know how to prepare a track.
  4. Rosco got a text message off Emil to say he will ride, he must be contracted.
  5. ColnagoDream

    Scandinavain Gp

    I cancelled my Virgin TV at the beginning of June and when they asked why I said because the red button did not work on Sky sports. I was assured that a deal had been made with Sky and interactive would be available very shortly and certainly for the football season.
  6. ColnagoDream

    Swc - The Joker

    So to sum up the World cup final. If Jason Crump had come second in last ride instead of winning it, Australia would have won the final but because he won it they came second. Try selling that to the non speedway public.
  7. ColnagoDream

    Sky +

    I tried to get Sky+ for £50 but they were having none of it because I am an existing customer they wanted £150. Wife then had a go and they told her the same so we contacted Virgin and we are getting there V+ box some time next week for £50. I phoned Sky and with great relish told then I wanted to cancel my subscription and hey, things changed. They then offered me a free box which I declined and the lady could not quite understand why I would pay £50 not not take it for free but there was principle involved here.
  8. ColnagoDream


    Looks like we are doing the same this year, its a poor indictment on the sport that we go to a GP city and then leave before it starts.
  9. ColnagoDream

    England - Why Are We So Poor?

    Lets face it all the riders in in team GB when interviewed refer to England and that's fine. Speaking as a Welshman, and proud of it, if they want to be England great I'm happy to see them lose.
  10. ColnagoDream

    Bspa "extraordinary" Meeting, Tuesday 7th April.

    Yeah but Shawn we are talking about the BSPA here and no doubt some teams will apply for and get special dispensation to pay their riders more. Then of course if the promoter feels like wearing a black and white hat he can pay double the agreed rate.
  11. ColnagoDream

    El Vs Pl

    I find this attitude hard to take, you like speedway or you don't, there is always good and bad meetings in every league but thats mostly down to the track not the riders. I go to the Newport training school now and again on a Sunday in the winter and its just good to see bikes and riders on the track whoever they are. Interesting note that I have only ever walked out of a meeting before the end and that was at Poole when SCB was just a young pup.
  12. ColnagoDream


    Will that be the bloke who will be on BBC1's Sunday evening prime time TV show next week. Wonders if they mention the Poole Pirates
  13. ColnagoDream

    The Poole Meeting In January

    Poole stopped running the Blue Riband, there was no interest in it.

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