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  1. Does the re-scheduling for July 22nd make it a double header with the Supporters Cup fixture? Can't wait ....
  2. Sadly the Peterborough team now confirms top league speedway in Britain is a £10 admission sport.
  3. Agreed. Guest for a number one should be mandatory.
  4. Sad to see both teams using r/r..... reminds me of the old Elite League.!! Time for another rebranding
  5. As a Wolves fan I think this meeting should have been cancelled because Aston Villa were on the TV today.
  6. Same thoughts here. The good news is that even with an interval the meeting finished at 21:12 . Thumbs up to all concerned with achieving this.
  7. Lefty

    Craig Cook: what next?

    Looking at the CFS web site..... wording at the bottom includes:- Complete Filtration Solutions decided, for the 2018 season we will continue to sponsor Craig Cook who is the British Champion and support his year at the highest level in the GP circuit. Craig is born and bred British having lived in Cumbria all his life CFS has helped him trough the qualification stages to the top of the game. World Champion would be nice, but is now a real possibility. Craig will ride for Belle Vue as well. We also sponsor Kyle Newman, Adam Ellis and Dan Bewley as well as Swindon Speedway. Watch on BT sport for CFS on the front of the bikes and that is us.
  8. Lefty

    Dogs Allowed?

    Do Poole charge full admission price for a young dog ?
  9. Some Swindon fans suggested they hadn't seen much of Morris last season either
  10. In the original fixtures: Peterborough - Wolves (PL-A) was down as 16 May. This has now disappeared. Anybody know why?
  11. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Will that push the final back to the end of October?
  12. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    First free Monday at Monmore Green is Sept 16th
  13. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    As the PSC group A is now a dead rubber with Belle Vue going through to the final can we expect the Peterborough (H) to be rerun or in the best interests of the sport can the 10 - 2 be allowed to stand!!!
  14. Given the cool breeze last night - Thumbs up to the Wolves Management for cancelling the interval and getting a move on with proceedings.
  15. Hope so.... leaving Wolves in 30 mins !!!

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