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  1. Given the cool breeze last night - Thumbs up to the Wolves Management for cancelling the interval and getting a move on with proceedings.
  2. Hope so.... leaving Wolves in 30 mins !!!
  3. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Don't be so negative. At least we get the chance to see Chris Harris & Craig Cook riding for Peterborough. Don't we???
  4. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Yipes. .. that's half the season. Wishing Jacob a quick and full recovery.
  5. Lefty

    Somerset 2019

    Totally agree. Wednesday night travel in 2018 from Wolves was under two hours each time . Previously I have been watching the sunset at Bristol frantically listening to Sally Traffic on Radio 2.
  6. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    As a Wolves fan I will be as you say be '"disappointed" at no Lindgren etc. It must be similar to Belle Vue fans who will miss Zagar, Cooke, Tungate etc as they enter the sterile surroundings of the National Diversity Stadium after being ripped for £3 parking, frisked for taking food in and finding such limited VFM catering inside. Whoops looks like I've taken the bait ..... Will try better Next Year. Pip pip, Lefty
  7. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Hmm... with the delay in announcing Jacob I was beginning to think he was on his way to bale out Ipswich. Should ensure a top seven finish for Wolves in 2019. Enjoy
  8. Lefty


    Didn't watch the TV programme last night, but I saw that the BBC Sports web page has "Remembering the sports stars we lost in 2018". Ivan is included in the MOTORSPORT section with a further link to The Guardian newspaper tribute. I presumed (wrongly??) it would have been shown on the TV programme. I totally support your thoughts regarding Ivan & Ronnie.
  9. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Local Wolves newspaper is reporting " ''SPOON MUSEUM TO BE BUILT IN WOLVERHAMPTON " Initial fears that a phone box was being converted into the Cradley Heath trophy cabinet have proven unfounded as thankfully the report says JD Wetherspoon are putting a National beer museum into the "Moon Under Water" Pub in Lichfield St, Wolverhampton.. Footnote: Wolves fan stalwart Stal asked me to remind fellow Wolves fans that:- 1) Cradley have never won a top league title when Wolves were in the league at the same time. 2) Hamill & Hancock did not win World Titles in Cradley colours! Have a Merry 'Flange Free' Crimble Lefty
  10. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Wolves were Friday's until Dan McCormack & CVS swapped nights with the Brummies. It was a great start to the weekend (socially) when it was Friday racing!
  11. Lefty

    Wolves 2018

    Chris Harris was a worthy winner. Sadly it took 2 hours 15 minutes to run the meeting (16 heats + 3 x 125cc races) to a conclusion on a rather cool evening. The parade started after 7:30pm and understandably took extra time as Woffy was well received and interviewed very well. Terrace feelings near me was that the seven week gap between the last home meeting and this meeting; together with the subsequent down grade from 16 riders to 12 just about summed up 2018. At least we had another programme insert to finish with!! One wag suggested Jacob Thorssell had the best idea by booking a holiday! I did a walk around the back of the stadium just after 9:00 pm to try and restore blood circulation. It might have been good if someone from the promotion had seen the amount of people leaving at that time. Will they return next year??
  12. Lefty

    Wolves 2018

    Is it the formula Newport used to use on the New Year Bank Holiday meetings? Any chance of a prompt 7:30pm start tonight and getting all done and dusted for 9:00pm. Although I fear the gap between the end of Ht:15 and the Grand Final finishing could be a drag out!
  13. Have got the programme, but didn't go, A quick glance suggests no Team Managers are listed. I would ask CVS his thoughts if I could be bothered to go the Talk-In. After 55 years of watching Speedway this could be the final nail for me ......
  14. Thumbs Up! - Brave enough to publish admission prices. How many BSPA clubs do that??
  15. Yipes .... Im a Wolves fan agreeing with a Heathen..... Don't tell my mates!!!

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