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  1. Lefty


    I was very touched by the billboard on the fence celebrating the romantic attraction of the intelligent Gundersen fan with a local supporter.
  2. Lefty

    Super 8 Projector

    Yipes. I wonder if my local will still have the same mega jar of pickled eggs at the end of the bar??? It could have turned into a Vaccine by now
  3. Lefty

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Smack on again MikeBV. I was raised on a home meeting every week keeping the habit. Never looked at what else was on. A few early rain offs could be catastrophic on attendences when we start up again.
  4. Lefty

    Sheffield 2020

    Glad I've only ever stood on the 1st bend at Owlerton. Is the '4thbend' closed for 'elf & safe-tea these days?
  5. Lefty


    If that's the parade on the photo then I would be finishing my beer in The Top House pub opposite
  6. Lefty

    Sheffield 2020

    I've heard Crump and Batchelor.... problem is that it's: Troy Crump & Jason Batchelor!!!
  7. Lefty

    Super 8 Projector

    * NOSTALGIA WARNING * Steve, your topic reminded me that in the late sixties when I started as an engineer apprentice I was at a local college and we had to do General Studies. As the topic implies it was various lectures to get our brains thinking away from engineering!!! Three tutors stood out:- 1) Ned Williams . Now a legendary local historian . He showed us super 8 films of the Black Country. One had Cradley footage in it. Have a look at Nedwilliams.Co. UK. He's a railway modeller as well. 2) Harvey Andrews: Local folk singer - a craftsman songwriter. Give his 'Writer Of Songs' a listen. 3) Geoff Allman: He was trying to improve our English by getting us to write letters on various topics. I wrote football comments to our local 'pink' Saturday sports paper and used to win 10 bob every now and then. He was a sports historian and was surprised when I asked if he was the same guy that commented in Speedway Post etc. One anecdote was: one of our class was a Graham Swinnerton. Graham said he was giving up being an apprentice and going to be a roadie for a local band. Geoff as lecturer said to him - don't do it, get a career in Engineering. At the end of the lesson as we were walking out Geoff said to Graham, "Forget what I said that was for the class - follow your dream". He did. The band was Slade and when Noddy was on 'This Is Your Life' Graham came on near the end. All the above came back to me by thinking of Super 8 projector. All the best on getting that projector
  8. Lefty


    Don't worry - the riders will easily maintain social distancing after the first bend!
  9. Lefty

    Super 8 Projector

    My mate has two big boxes full of Haynes Car Manuals.... they've outlasted most of the cars!
  10. Lefty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Third best President ever.... Shouldn't that read Second best President ever. .. And when asked who is best President the reply is. ... All the others!
  11. One of my chums threw the towel in after an Eastbourne v Wolves match in 2013 when Lukas Dryml copped a busted collar bone in Ht1 and the understandable delay on a cold night was then further time delayed by the tractor display being put on. We had tried every viewing spot to avoid the freezing cold wind to no avail. Sadly for CVS it wasn't just away travel that stopped. He's not been down Monmore Green since.
  12. Lefty

    missing riders in 2021?

    Yes the spread of the doubling up / doubling down virus has not been contained.
  13. Lefty


    Good summary Mike. The regulars will be immune to various things. I do hope in parallel to on track focus that the standard of toilet facilities and crowd movement is being reviewed and improved. This is both in anticipation of level of restrictions, if any and the increased awareness and expectation regarding hygiene.
  14. Lefty

    Football 2020/21

    As a Wolves fan, I feel we were lucky that Chorley didn't play in claret as we've been turned over by Burnley, West 'om and Aston Virus already this season!
  15. Lefty

    missing riders in 2021?

    The realisation will be when the fans quit.

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