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  1. Is it now declared as Wolves vs P'boro Premiership Pair and a few others?
  2. Will #8's be named or is it further cost saving??
  3. Lefty


    Is it that he FIM might be concerned that the track could provide overtaking after the second bend?
  4. Is an FIM delayed decision required?
  5. Lefty

    UK speedway slowly dying

    I did. Fell off many times! I've now got nostalgia and neuralgia, but I've kept my leathers and boots. They are black of course!!!
  6. And Smithy wasn't wearing tassels!
  7. Zmarzlik will be at Cardiff and he rode for Brum til they forgot to pay him!
  8. What time is the plume of white smoke expected?
  9. Yep... when football becomes soccer then two halves goes to four quarters = two more 15 mins ad breaks.... simple's. Bye bye Saturday @ 3pm.
  10. Had to smile that the ' BritishSpeedway. Co.uk ' website classifies this SON final under ' miscellaneous ' while tomorrow's British Final is a ' Major Event '. I suppose the crowd could be bigger!!!
  11. Will Tai have to sit out the next seven days as it's a non Speedway related injury?
  12. Lefty

    Team GB

    Think what we could do if we had ' three ' team managers?
  13. Wow.. two riders from the Premiership take a World Title.... just like the good old days!

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