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  1. Lefty

    Track Grading

    Presume it was dictated by Sky Sports so advert breaks could take place after heats four, seven etc. Now with gardening at the starts we have an advert break between every heat. What happened to track rakers?
  2. Steve, if the Somerset branch of the team is interested in having a go we might have a chance of a bonus point!!!
  3. Lefty

    speedway bikes in ledbury auction

    Just left there ish.... My chum has got Malmo 61 proggy. Completes his world final collection. Celebrating in hereford now.. great to see Ken Eyre, Ronnie Correy and Dean Felton there... genuine riders for Wolves etc ... not bloody double ups. Raising more glasses to follow ...
  4. Lefty


    Fair call. I would put a speedway track next to the house builders' chairman that shut Cradley.... and I'm a Wolves fan!
  5. Surely it has to be a top rider appearing at Cardiff next month? Is Chris Harris available??
  6. At least the period in between enabled riders to get doubling up contracts!!!
  7. Looks like they offer Paddle Replacement & Guest Paddles. Could be on a winner with this
  8. Great to see a group of Peterborough fans standing near the starting gate. They gave good humour back to Porky, the centre green announcer and reminded us of the positives of having a team to identify with and support.They might be bottom but are seventh !!! Hope to see them later in the season when the Supporters Cup 2nd leg is run.... probably after Swindon & Belle Vue have staged the final.
  9. Does your surname have anything to do with your statement
  10. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Bill Andrew - Poole & New Zealand rode in two British Finals !! Was it okay then???
  11. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    Same thoughts for Rory tonight at Belle Vue???
  12. Lefty

    Wolves 2019

    So Nick Morris signs for Somerset and joins Rory. Glad I've paid good money watching Wolves home & away while he lowers his average... NOT. Say it ain't so Joe (again). Looks like the Spoons have done us again. Ugh
  13. Lefty

    Plymouth 2019

    No sheep till Buxton.
  14. A well run show last night. All 15 heats ran without a single re-start needed. Praise to the referee and riders for that. Given the longer interval of 25 mins for BEN fund collection and kids entertainment it was still all done and dusted in under two hours.
  15. For fans playing "Championship riders in the Premiership Bingo" tonight's meeting is:- Edinburgh / Leicester / Sheffield / Somerset + three others versus Berwick / Leicester / Eastbourne / Redcar / Sheffield / Somerset + one other. Positive spin: No r/r tonight

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