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  1. Mr Chups

    Official Teams For 2012

    Lemo's back - www.chroniclelive.co.uk
  2. I would just like to echo those sentiments. A very special lady indeed who is sorely missed. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic in the extreme and a guaranteed friendly face at any away meeting.
  3. Mr Chups

    All The News From The Conference

    Thanks for the clarification Ts. It seems a real shame that some of the youngsters who had doors opened for them due to the Grading System are now going to have them firmly shut on them through no fault of their own. I suspect quite a few forum members will be able to justifiably claim "I told you it would all end in disaster". Here's hoping that the youngsters in question can have a good CL year and bounce back with a PL team place in 2008.
  4. Mr Chups

    All The News From The Conference

    A Premier League team building question. According to the excellent premierleaguespeedway.co.uk several of last year's riders (principally the slightly out of depth grade C reserves) failed to reach an average of 3.00. If the intention was to help develop young British riders are these riders' actual 2006 averages going to be used for 2007 team building purposes or having suffered a traumatic season with a huge early step up in class are they going to be further penalised by being given an assessed average of 3.00? For example Adam McKinna's actual (without bonus points) average for 2006 was only 1.69. Will he be available at 1.69 minus 2.5% minus 10% or will he be lumbered with a 3.00 or a 3.00 less the reductions? It could make a hell of a difference to the team place prospects for quite a few young riders. Does anyone know the definitive answer? Tsunami perhaps?

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