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  1. Poole V Wolves SGB PREM A. 4th April 2018

    Can't be off surely? My wonderful thing called technology (copyright Steve Shovlar) says Poole is currently experiencing a 30 degree heatwave & is being assessed to be classed as a desert.
  2. Poole V Wolves SGB PREM A. 4th April 2018

    So, 4:45 is not part of the day? That's a new one on me. I'll put it very simply. It rained heavily from early evening last night until I went to bed at 11:30. We've had heavy showers on and off since last Wednesday. We also had a couple of showers mid morning and another at around 5pm. Trust me, there's no way the meeting would've gone ahead tonight without 14 riders going round in canoes.
  3. Poole V Wolves SGB PREM A. 4th April 2018

    I didn't need to. It was bone dry according to your oppo.
  4. Poole V Wolves SGB PREM A. 4th April 2018

    On my hour long walk to work at 4:50 (to Wolverhampton) this morning, the contents of approximately 1400 showers emptied themselves over me on said walk. I was convinced this was rain as it was so wet. However, after consulting with a wonderful thing called technology, this assured me that in fact, this was not the case & I was clearly mistaken. Hope that clears things up.
  5. Wolves 2018

  6. Somerset V Wolverhampton Wednesday August 9th

    All irrelevant now. It's off.
  7. Swindon Robins Vs Wolves (29-6-17)

    Luckily Brady Kurtz just happened to be available to guest in place of Morris. What are the chances? Is this meeting taking place at the new stadium or are still at the old one?
  8. Wolves V Leicester 12th June

    Is this 'horror track' the same one that's won 'Track of the Year' multiple times?
  9. Wolves 2017

    Skornicki released according to Dean Felton on Twitter.
  10. I was wondering what had happened to Liam Gallagher.
  11. Yes. In a clever piece of team manipulation, Hancock comes in at reserve for Clegg. Sorry, I mean Harris for Thorssell.
  12. Hougaard in for Fricke, Lambert in for Jonsson. Must mean Harris for Thorssell then.
  13. Somebody tell Starman, he can stop bleating. It's been chucking it down in Wolves for over an hour now so the stadium would've been unavailable anyway. Maybe Ladbrokes knew.
  14. Wolves V Coventry 12/09.

    I'll miss the "KK heat 1, slightly wet track masterclass" tonight. It's one of my season's highlights.