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  1. sandking072

    Plymouth speedway

    Bless you. That's so helpful. Much appreciated.
  2. sandking072

    Plymouth speedway

    Hope you don't mind me asking the question again.
  3. sandking072

    Plymouth speedway

    Thank you very much. It's appreciated. I may be asking the same question after tomorrow's meeting.
  4. sandking072

    Goodyear Trophy - Wolverhampton 26/3/1981

    John Hough scored 6 points (1, 2, 0, 2, 1) Heat 1: Trownson, Crockett, HOUGH, Burton Heat 7: Alderman, HOUGH, G. Hunter, Finch Heat 11: Yeates, Rumsey, N. Evitts, HOUGH Heat 15: N. Collins, HOUGH, Wilcock, Wilding Heat 19: Boyle, Cribb, HOUGH, A. Jones (F) Taken from the meeting programme, Hope this helps.
  5. sandking072

    Plymouth speedway

    Don't suppose anyone would have the race times for the three team tournament, would they? Can't find them anywhere. Many thanks in advance.
  6. sandking072


    Thanks for the reply. It was just a thought.
  7. sandking072


    WILL the back issues for digital subscribers which currently go back to 2013 be added to in the near future?
  8. sandking072

    Poole 2020

    Oh....the irony! Chapeau, Sir.
  9. sandking072

    Newcastle 2019

    Thank you.
  10. sandking072

    Newcastle 2019

    Thank you very much. It's much appreciated.
  11. sandking072

    Newcastle 2019

    Slightly off-topic but would anyone have the race times from Sunday's meeting against Edinburgh? Can't find them anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  12. Would any kind soul have the race times for last night please? Thanks in advance.
  13. Being as the meeting’s off, maybe with a week’s rest, Wells will be fit for the re-staging.
  14. sandking072

    Who finishes Top • Robins or Pirates?

    No. Peterborough announced a date without Wolves agreeing to it. There's a difference.
  15. sandking072

    Historic result request

    Yes, let me know which ones you need.

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