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  1. cityrebel

    Panthers up for sale.

    Maybe the Robins will move in, if Swindon fold.
  2. I don't give the fen tigers much hope with that line up. Why not R/R for Jenkins and a guest for Ayres. As a neutral, it looks like Lakeside v Peterborough for me tomorrow.
  3. The Eagles win tonight confirms tomorrows meeting as the first leg of the play off final. Eastbourne look to be at full strength. Any news on the Mildenhall line up.
  4. They must have a safety certificate, otherwise they wouldn't be able to run public events. The problem is, inspections are only annually. I'm not sure if they are more frequent at sporting venues.
  5. I have to feel for my mate 'falconhammer,' who drove all the way up there from Hertfordshire. To suffer a rain off that far from home is a killer.
  6. I said i work with health and safety regs as part of my job. It's my responsibility to ensure my place of work complies with the rules. What goes on at Rye House stadium is nothing to do with me. That's down to the stadium owners to do what they think is right.
  7. The racing at Rye has definitely deteriorated since the track was altered. My main concern is the state of the stadium. Some of the toilets last night were filthy, with no lights or paper. The car park is hazardous with massive puddles and no lighting. It's only a matter of time before someone has an accident there. In my job, i work with Health & safety on a daily basis, and believe me, prevention is a lot less costly than the cure.
  8. The problem is, keeping it alive costs a lot of money. That's why i feel a return to grass roots speedway for Rye, is the way forward, rather than let both clubs die.
  9. My club, your club, both clubs are knackered. Rye only benefited last year, because they moved up when lakeside dropped down to the NL. This season things have returned to normal. Like you say, crowds were poor during the final years of the len silver era. Rye have no fan base, and lakeside have no track. I'm a neutral that attends both venues. Do i see a future for the Hammers at Rye, if I'm honest, i don't.
  10. Or any other banner. Rye would be better off running NL racing on a sunday afternoon. Local derbies against kent, Eastbourne and Mildenhall would pull a few fans in.
  11. I think lakeside need a shot in the arm as well. With no home track and no real future. Racing a full season at Rye next year could financially cripple the club. Poor racing and poor facilities has seen the fans vote with their feet. Last nights attendance for a national final on a lovely sunny day, was awful.
  12. Yet another Rye House marathon tonight. It got very cold towards the end, and i don't blame the fans that left early.
  13. cityrebel

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    I hope you enjoy it, once was enough for me.
  14. cityrebel

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Who'd want to watch a video of that meeting. It was instantly forgettable, apart from charlie brooks heroics and wood's ride from a handicap in heat 15.
  15. If tomorrows match can't attract a decent crowd, nothing will.

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