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  1. cityrebel

    Whats actually going on?

    Fixed race nights have actually contributed to the closure of tracks in this country. How does that benefit speedway. Self interest will wipe out the sport, eventually.
  2. cityrebel


    Fingers crossed, but May seems a long way from where we are now.
  3. cityrebel

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    Not guilty. Falcon 1983 started the thread, i just commented on it. Being a Lakeside and Eastbourne regular, i have seen enough over the years.
  4. cityrebel

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    Who cares!
  5. cityrebel


    I cancelled SKY and BT sports back in the summer. I wasn't prepared to pay to watch games in empty stadiums. I don't regret it one little bit.
  6. cityrebel

    Temporary Plan for 2021?

    If they run Arnie, i am not counting any chickens. It's going to be a slow plod to get us out of this pandemic.
  7. cityrebel

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    The Mason's must be flush!
  8. cityrebel

    Temporary Plan for 2021?

    Wether they can afford it is another matter. I lived on a diet of non league football since late August, averaging about £8 a game. I've turned into a right tight wad during lockdown. I'm certainly going to be more choosey when elite sport gets going for fans again.
  9. cityrebel

    Göte Nordin now

    You and me both mate. My first ever meeting at Custom House.
  10. cityrebel

    Göte Nordin now

    Before my time Steve, but saw them ride several times for Wembley in 1971. My nan lived in nearby Notting Hill Gate, so i was a Regular at the Empire Stadium in the Lions last two seasons.
  11. cityrebel


    Chocolate digestives were sold out. Had to go with biscuit replacement instead!
  12. cityrebel


    You can't get blood out of a stone.
  13. cityrebel

    Swindon Robins 2020

    No different to the Wimbledon v Hackney, Wembley, West Ham & White City derby's in my lifetime Steve. So long ago, it seems like it never happened.
  14. cityrebel

    Somerset 2020

    They won't be the last.
  15. cityrebel

    Somerset 2020

    No mention of 2022 in the press realease. Parts of it read like a farewell to me.

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