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  1. cityrebel

    Why speedway is failing

    1976, 79, 82. All at the White City!
  2. cityrebel

    Poole Pirates 2021

    It was an excellent meeting, that pulled in a big crowd.
  3. cityrebel

    Derwent Park Workington

    I thought the 'new' Northside track was nearing completion.
  4. cityrebel

    No change next year?

  5. cityrebel

    No change next year?

    The master plan is, all riders can ride for two clubs in the same league. It makes perfect sense to me!
  6. With Richard Lawson signing for Plymouth and King's Lynn next season, it looks like more of the same for next year. If something is broke, why try and repair it!
  7. cityrebel

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 09/09/21

    He won rider of the month for August, at Kent last Monday.
  8. It's being debated in parliament today. I'm just hoping the deeper tracks brigade win the day!
  9. The track has been poor at Poole for years. If the locals are prepared to put up with that, it's their choice. I've seen at least one meeting a season at Wimborne road since 1978. To be fair, when i saw Kent there in June, the track was ok.
  10. As I've said before. The track is the most important part of a promoters business. Get that right and you've got a chance.
  11. Your reply is what's wrong with British speedway. It's all about self interest. So what if Eastbourne, Birmingham and Newcastle close, as long as Redcar are all right. In the end you won't have hardly any opponents left to race against. The sport is in a perilous position, all clubs and fans need to stick together and put their petty rivalries aside.
  12. I totally agree on taking an interval after heat 10. Getting a result has to be the priority over tractor breaks.
  13. Not quite as good as the Poole match racing wise, but still an excellent meeting.
  14. He might have been referring to Pearson's brain!

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