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  1. cityrebel

    Mildenhall 2019

    This event has a history of biting the dust. I'll reserve judgement until nearer the time!
  2. Broadcasting these events from an empty stadium shows the sport in a bad light. Surely the promoters want the casual viewer to think that Speedway is still popular in this country. A big crowd might encourage a few people to return to the sport, or some newbies to give it a try.
  3. No discounted admission on monday for the TV match?
  4. cityrebel

    Kent King vs Plymouth Gladiators.

    It's looking dry on monday, hallelujah!
  5. cityrebel

    Kent Kings vs Leicester Cubs

    That's not a bad thing.
  6. I will continue to support it, wether it's an amateur meeting at Iwade or a top flight match at the NSS. Maybe a super league could be tried once a month featuring all the top riders, but who would have the balls to finance it, probably not the present incumbents running the sport.
  7. Am i really bothered what you think. If you're not happy with what's being served up at the Shabbey every other week., have a word with your leader Rosco Russell. I'm sure he will be all ears.
  8. Maybe it does, but I'm not prepared to line his pockets like the Poles and the Swedes do.
  9. People might care, but wether they would stump up the cash to see these top riders is another matter. I couldn't give a monkeys if Woffinden never rides here again.
  10. We can all dream cant we. The fixed race nights never brought the big stars back. British speedway is skint, even the likes of Poole can't make it pay anymore. Unless you have a magic wand, it's all downhill from here. Just accept it, i guess the vast majority of the promoters have.
  11. Once a year they might. They wouldn't support it every week at those prices. One off events will always attract a crowd. The GP circus has nothing to do with domestic speedway.
  12. It's not just Belle Vue though is it. When you look at the numbers coming through the turnstiles, it's hard to see how many tracks can remain solvent. Kent are probably one of the few clubs that consistently make a profit.
  13. I agree Sid. The days of the 'if you don't like it, don't come' promoters are coming to an end. It has to for the sport to have any chance of survival.
  14. One off events and dry bank holidays will always pull the crowds in. I've been to 22 meetings this season at ten different tracks. The crowds have been poor to average at the majority of these. If the british public think that the sport is poor value for money, you can't force them to go.
  15. People don't want to watch speedway full stop, regardless of who's riding.

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