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  1. ancient mariner

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    I'll say. A guest No1, two second strings and (hoping the riders involved will forgive the expression) a rag-tag collection of 3 pointers. Plymouth's injury list is approaching epic proportions
  2. ancient mariner

    Boxall given 2 year ban refusing drug test

    Perhaps a bit like Danny Bird who never paid his fine and therefore his ban has continued indefinitely. That said, has Boxall been fined? Shocking waste of talent
  3. ancient mariner


    That would mean 7 lap races at Plymouth!
  4. ancient mariner

    Kent vs Plymouth

    What? With the 5 riders available to them?
  5. ancient mariner

    Kent vs Plymouth

    I'd have thought that the curfew kicking in was to Kent's advantage as the home track advantage has maximum effect early in the meeting, surely? I can't see past a comfortable Kent win in any event
  6. ancient mariner

    Torquay United FC new stadium!

    The sad thing is that Torquay FC haven't sussed what's coming
  7. ancient mariner

    What ever happened to team riding?

    Ben Barker!
  8. ancient mariner

    Kent 2018

    You're not that desperate surely?
  9. ancient mariner

    World Championship Pairs

    Clearly team riding in the true sense of the expression is a lost art. Astonishing that so many of the world's top riders are unable to practise it or as we saw last evening to defeat it. Looking over your shoulder as you approach the line on lap 4 does NOT mean you are team riding. Yet - GB apart - that was what we got from most of the 'teams'. Like several other contributors have already said, it had me on my feet yelling at the TV. A wonderful display of sublime skill by Tai and Robert!
  10. ancient mariner

    Freddie Lindgren 1

    Hmmmm The shape looks delicious
  11. ancient mariner

    No TV deal?

    Plus £1.5 million per year IIRC
  12. ancient mariner

    Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Thank you Sotonian for adding the link to the soft copy as I only had hard copy (the newspaper) to hand.
  13. ancient mariner

    Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Did anyone else read the article in todays Mail on Sunday (page 75)? Sadly far too late to help Brandon, but might just ring an alarm bell somewhere and save a speedway track from extinction
  14. ancient mariner

    Plymouth 2018

    And you can tell us all this with just 3 riders named?
  15. ancient mariner

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    Barncoose Boy? A lovely gentleman - if Dean is correct in this, RIP Godfrey

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