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  1. ancient mariner

    Jason Garrity

    Saw him riding at Buxton against the Devils some years ago. Rode like he'd got a screw loose that day and bordering on dangerous
  2. ancient mariner

    Plymouth speedway

    But no mention of any sort on the BSPA website other than in the upcoming fixtures list. I would have thought that Plymouth's admirable effort was worth even a couple of lines
  3. ancient mariner

    Plymouth speedway

    A lot of thought has gone into this , which means that the BSPA will almost certainly kick it into the long grass
  4. ancient mariner

    British sport ratings

    I got a ban for something far less obnoxious than that. To this day I still don't understand why I received the ban
  5. ancient mariner

    Taking the knee

    Ahem, Somerset Wyverns I think you'll find?
  6. ancient mariner

    Corona virus

    And I suspect your experience is fairly typical for many of the larger supermarkets (it certainly was for my wife and me during a recent visit to a branch of Morrisons). From what I've seen as a delivery driver, the small shops and their customers generally continue to observe the rules.
  7. ancient mariner

    Odsal hopes

    Worth it if only for the view!
  8. ancient mariner

    Speedway Crashes

    I think you might mean Mark Simmonds? I talked to Mark about the incident a good few years after the event and he told me that he was just beginning to get his breath back and wondering where the hell he was when the track doctor rushing to attend to him slipped on the sloping ground, fell over and landed on top of him. Mark had cracked his pelvis.
  9. ancient mariner

    scam callers

    Probably the BBC
  10. You may well be right. But wasn't his role advisory upon request? This implies that every track gets visited whether they ask for it or not.
  11. It IS a good idea. I can't think why it hasn't been done before.
  12. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    But you were connected to a previous Plymouth promotion, were you not? The above post hardly inspires confidence if this is the typical mindset of a speedway promotion.
  13. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Not so much a shovel as a JCB
  14. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Good Evening HT. Delighted to verify that.
  15. ancient mariner

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    So, unless I have misinterpreted the general trend of opinion on this thread, David Wallinger is not in a ludicrous situation?

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