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  1. ancient mariner

    Kent 2018

    You're not that desperate surely?
  2. ancient mariner

    World Championship Pairs

    Clearly team riding in the true sense of the expression is a lost art. Astonishing that so many of the world's top riders are unable to practise it or as we saw last evening to defeat it. Looking over your shoulder as you approach the line on lap 4 does NOT mean you are team riding. Yet - GB apart - that was what we got from most of the 'teams'. Like several other contributors have already said, it had me on my feet yelling at the TV. A wonderful display of sublime skill by Tai and Robert!
  3. ancient mariner

    Freddie Lindgren 1

    Hmmmm The shape looks delicious
  4. ancient mariner

    No TV deal?

    Plus £1.5 million per year IIRC
  5. ancient mariner

    Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Thank you Sotonian for adding the link to the soft copy as I only had hard copy (the newspaper) to hand.
  6. ancient mariner

    Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Did anyone else read the article in todays Mail on Sunday (page 75)? Sadly far too late to help Brandon, but might just ring an alarm bell somewhere and save a speedway track from extinction
  7. ancient mariner

    Plymouth 2018

    And you can tell us all this with just 3 riders named?
  8. ancient mariner

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    Barncoose Boy? A lovely gentleman - if Dean is correct in this, RIP Godfrey
  9. ancient mariner

    General Running Costs ..

    Yes I do, though I haven't travelled for an away meeting recently.
  10. ancient mariner

    General Running Costs ..

    Worth finding, even if only for the views which are spectacular in the extreme. Speedway thrown in as icing on the cake. My first ever away meeting following the Devils (2006 IIRC) with a second meeting later the same day at Stoke. Lost both!
  11. ancient mariner

    In My View By Phil Rising

    THE DEAN MACHINE, on 08 Sept 2017 - 12:09 PM, said: A ban?
  12. ancient mariner

    Speedway Shambles

    Sorry, but I must ask ....... before or after they have eaten it? EDIT: Ah I've now read the complete thread and TWK beat me to it
  13. ancient mariner

    Sound Familiar?

    Any supporter of Torquay United should be very fearful
  14. ancient mariner

    Birmingham V Plymouth Ko Cup 1st Leg Wed 28th June

    The key word in the above post being 'probably'.
  15. ancient mariner

    Birmingham V Plymouth Ko Cup 1st Leg Wed 28th June

    Par for the course as HT suggests above (Good Morning to you, HT) I would imagine that the first round of the KO Cup would be included in the season ticket, but unless the promotion's crystal ball is working rather well, how could they be expected to know what further progress the Brummies were going to make in the competition? Edited to echo the 'BZ' to Workington for their generous gesture

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