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  1. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    But you were connected to a previous Plymouth promotion, were you not? The above post hardly inspires confidence if this is the typical mindset of a speedway promotion.
  2. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Not so much a shovel as a JCB
  3. ancient mariner

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Good Evening HT. Delighted to verify that.
  4. ancient mariner

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    So, unless I have misinterpreted the general trend of opinion on this thread, David Wallinger is not in a ludicrous situation?
  5. ancient mariner

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    You wouldn't describe it as ludicrous if he had turned down the offer of place in a team though, would you?
  6. ancient mariner

    Plymouth 2019

    Quote by the promotion from the Devils Gladiators forum: This weeks meeting is cancelled, the clay hasn’t turned up at the track as yet , 10am Wednesday, I and i cannot guarantee that the track will be ready. I do not like to disappoint fans by not having a meeting , I also do not like disappointing fans with copious amounts of dust. Last week we had the local councillors in attendance to monitor and noise test the Quads, and was probably dismayed at the dust as was I. I have not been able to sort mixed shale, the only quarry producing quality shale at the moment is in Scotland, therefore I am awaiting pure ball clay and will endeavour to mix it myself and hopefully sort the problem . >>>SORRY GUYS ....... Read more: http://plymouthdevils.proboards.com/thread/9872/gladiators-cradley-31-2019-cancelled?page=1#ixzz5pL6dBrA8
  7. ancient mariner

    Dogs Allowed?

    I think some promotions might bridle at that
  8. ancient mariner

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    So the name of the horse was ...................... knobhead?
  9. ancient mariner


    Yes, I've no doubt that you did.
  10. ancient mariner


    I have no idea whether or not you can spell correctly the name of Jerzy wotsit. It was my idea of humour
  11. ancient mariner


    Frankly I've no idea
  12. ancient mariner

    2019 NL Season

    I think you'll find that like everyone else the promotion is waiting to see what the NL AGM brings.
  13. ancient mariner

    2019 NL Season

    On what basis do you believe that Plymouth will not be riding next season?
  14. ancient mariner

    2019 Points Limit

    TBH I find it difficult to be too upset about that. You reap what you sow
  15. ancient mariner

    Swindon Stadium

    Probably the footings of a house

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