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  1. I think if you’d seen the Glasgow match last night you might think differently about the league. 7 ride Ulle might have something to say about the Cup too (unless we wait until October of course)
  2. On the mic last night at Redcar Jitendra said they would toss a coin to decide who had first leg of the KOC at tomorrow’s meeting. Not 100% sure they were being serious but could happen.
  3. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Well deserved win for the Tigers who looked sharper and faster than the Bears all night. Heat leaders were excellent and Sam Jensen and Bailey both attacked a track they had little experience on and had some great races. Off night for the Bears who were constantly out trapped early on. Threw away a few points with Riss shedding a chain and Andersen falling when leading but it’s hard to argue that they deserved anything out of the match. Be interesting to see who picks who in the playoffs. Suspect who ever the Bears get the opposition will have no fears riding at the MPA but it’s too early to right the Bears off yet.
  4. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Redcar's Press Release has him riding at 4.
  5. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Reason I said Leicester was that if Redcar were to race them over 2 legs I think we would struggle. The Leicester team is full of riders who go really well at Redcar, not just the heat leaders. Proctor, Perks, Mountain are all very good at the MPA.
  6. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    I think Leicester are the clear favourites.
  7. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Both teams changed significantly from the first leg of the KOC - Bacon, Ulle & Smith replaced by Riss, Andersen and Woolley. Glasgow had Proctor, Sarjeant and Starke in their team. Should be a close one.
  8. Yearbyred

    REDCAR 2019

    If anyone wants to contribute to help cover some of the costs of the break in there is a link below.www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/redcarspeedway?utm_term=JP9zxEvXJ
  9. Some comments from Redcar promoter re Eastbourne which I thought were worth sharing. Hear a lot about the negative stuff so worth highlighting the good. Duffill also had words of praise for Eastbourne after what has been an excellent two meetings: “It takes 2 teams to make a great meeting and I have a lot of respect for the Eastbourne team and their promotion who were excellent opposition and were nothing but gracious and complimentary in their defeat. We witnessed true sportsmanship this evening and I can’t thank them and their supporters enough for that.”
  10. No - injured his back and R/R being used. Obviously harms the Bears chances.
  11. Delighted for the team and the promotion that they made it to the final. Hopefully we have a fully fit team for both legs.
  12. Bears obviously missed Charles - Allen gave it all he had but didn't get the points haul that Wright would have. Eastbourne were down a couple of riders too and that may affect them more tomorrow on their home track. Tense meeting where gating was at a premium but still a few good races. Lawson good and Kennett & Kerr blew hot and cold. Phillips will be more popular in Eastbourne than he is on Tyneside. For the Bears nice to see Jordan back to better form and Riss had 4 good gates out of 5. All the rest battled well. Should be a nail biter tomorrow.
  13. Adam Ellis guesting for the Bears at Eastbourne. Eagles using the same team in both legs.
  14. Teams for Friday (assuming Toft is fit) taken from Bears press release Redcar: Jake Allen, Kasper Andersen, Michael Palm Toft, Jordan Stewart, Erik Riss, Tom Woolley, Nathan Greaves Eastbourne: Edward Kennett, r/r for Georgie Wood, Kyle Newman, Lewis Kerr, Richard Lawson, Danny Phillips, Jason Edwards
  15. From Bears website:- Wright has now been given an automatic 9 day suspension that is compulsory after being concussed, meaning that he will be out of action for the Bears until at least Monday 9th September. Unfortunately, this means that he will miss Championship League Rider’s Championship at Sheffield, as well as the Bears KO Cup fixtures against Eastbourne and league match at Scunthorpe. The Redcar management are currently seeking guests for all 3 meetings. Possibly looking for 2 guests now if Tofty is not fit.

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