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  1. Yearbyred

    Redcar 2020

    Bears have a race night arranged for Saturday when they will announce the name of a new Promoter. No clue if it's a new addition or a replacement for one of the existing Promoters. Edit - Now informed it's an additional Promoter. I've put a pound on it being Jason Pipe......
  2. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    No mention of Roy Clarke on the website? I may have missed something on the previous 113 pages that mentioned this (come to think of it Jason should fit in well......)
  3. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    Given the length of his introductory message on the link I think you may be right.
  4. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    Just had a quick look. The gallery section only has one set of pics at the moment which state they are from the KOC Final but are from the league meeting a month earlier (Josh Embleton, MPT riding). Small point but not the best start. I'm sure it will improve.
  5. Yearbyred

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Awful news. One of the few entertainers in the sport who gave it his all every time he got on the bike. RIP Danny.
  6. Yearbyred

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Just awful news. RIP Danny
  7. Yearbyred

    Edinburgh 2020

    Excellent idea, hope it’s a success and other teams follow suit.
  8. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    Well it's a vastly different looking team and , as most of us know very little about the new guys, it will be interesting to see how they get on. A few weeks ago there was the real prospect of no speedway on Tyneside and now they have a lot of new riders to look forward to watching. Look forward to seeing how they perform.
  9. Yearbyred

    Poole Pirates 2020

    There was no way Poole would be dropping down and not be having one of the strongest teams in the league. No doubt the team will change during the season too. Some good teams in both the North and South, should be a very interesting league.
  10. Yearbyred

    Predictions thread

    One thing I'd say about Redcar is that we don't have a massive home advantage as we have a very fair track and most visiting teams ,and riders, ride it well. For Redcar to have a good season we need Jordan and Kasper to pick up a few more points away from home. We relied on Nathan to pick up extra points from reserve and I'm not sure we can expect the same from the 2 young lads this year. Some strong looking teams but things will change a lot during the season and as always injuries will play a big part in deciding things.
  11. Yearbyred

    Redcar 2020

    Only surprise is Jordan Jenkins - not one of the 2 pointers mentioned and I know very little about him. Love the top 5 - if Kasper and Jordan S push on as they could then this is a very good Bears team.. Good team, Good promotion, Good track. Good time for Speedway on Teesside.
  12. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    As a member of the speedway world can I say I’m not “shocked to the core.” Interesting “wrighting” style on the Newcastle website these days. Vissing is solid and I really like Connor Mountain as a prospect. Had some excellent rides at Redcar.
  13. Yearbyred

    Newcastle 2020

    Redcar have their team sorted and it will be announced at the Xmas party on Saturday night and all the riders will be in attendance (apparently)
  14. Yearbyred

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Three good heat leaders but not the strongest top 3 in the league (based on last years averages). There will be a few competitive teams next year.
  15. Yearbyred

    Glasgow 2020

    I was very impressed with him when he rode at Redcar. Will thrive at reserve I think. Looks a decent side to me.

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