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  1. Tough one for Edinburgh - they wont have the home track advantage that they had last night......
  2. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Edinburgh 12/7/18

    As poor as the Bears were, you have to give tremendous credit to an Edinburgh team who were fantastic both out of the gate and from the back. Rode like a dominant home side. Best away performance I've seen in a long time. Worrying times for the Bears - you need to win your home meetings and with an inconsistent team on this track you are not going to win many meetings. Crowd seemed very poor tonight too.
  3. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Edinburgh 12/7/18

    Well I’m at the meeting now and it’s interval time. I have been advised by Sidewinder that he never thought that the meeting would be close and Edinburgh would win comfortably. Given how we are getting well and truly gubbed, outgated, out fought and thoroughly trounced to date I now agree with him. Stuck my head above the parapet and in the words of Bob Mortimer my nickname should be Snipers Dream!
  4. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Edinburgh 12/7/18

    Should be a close one - all the Edinburgh riders seem to go well at Redcar.(that's because it' a good, fair racing track with minimal home advantage) In terms of Andersson being a trump card (not to be confused with a Trump card given the presence of the orange bufoon in the Country) the Bears reserves scored paid 27 last week so might not be that much of an advantage. As a Bears fan I'm more worried about our top 3 who were a bit hit and miss last week.
  5. Bit of a stop start meeting but a much needed win for the Bears against the Scunthorpe select side. The Bears reserves held the key as both Ben and Dimitri didn’t rack up big scores. MBA excellent and Jordan looking much improved from recent performances. Interesting comments from Kevin Keay at the interval - both about the referees report of the track for the 4’s (not complimentary apparently) and about a major announcement that he now couldn’t announce as things had changed?
  6. See all of our friends from the North on Thursday then
  7. Yearbyred

    Redcar 2018

    Busch coming back to replace Greaves (who was an injury replacement for Busch)
  8. Apologies -yes there were. And Sheffield. Have I missed anyone
  9. Southern fans don't seem to like to travel North for some reason - although there were a few Panthers fans there. You would have enjoyed it if you had made the effort Excellent contingents from Berwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Nice for the Northern tracks not to have to travel massive distances for a change.
  10. Hard to judge but much larger than usual - good spread of spectators right around the home and back straights. Certainly not overcrowded and most people will have got a good view of the action (dust permitting) The back straight being open gave some excellent views but suffered from the dust and the crowd thinned on that side as the meeting went on. Great to see so many teams represented.
  11. Well from a Redcar point of view whilst disappointed that the Bears didn’t qualify (particularly after making such a good start) I thought it couldn’t have gone much better. Obviously there was a lot of dust but given almost a week of unremitting sun I thought the track held up remarkably well. When it’s that dry you expect it to be first out of the gate processions but there were some fabulous races and spectacular action. Congratulations to the Panthers who had strength in depth, Glasgow unlucky not to finish second after Harris EF on the last lap (couple of fantastic races from him earlier) and Edinburgh were excellent, really impressed with all their young riders. Massive well done to Kevin and the Redcar promotion - couldn’t have done a much better job in terms of organisation imo.
  12. As Redcar were the only track to offer to host the event (according to Kevin Keay) they should at least get some credit for trying.
  13. All Fans aren’t being made to stay inside the stadium until the end. Only those who have parked their vehicle inside the stadium will have to stay until the meeting finishes. Mind you if you are in the car park outside it might not be possible to get out until others move.
  14. I agree - thought there would have been something similar to the standing area in front of the tapes but apparently cost was too high. Be a shame if there are complaints about viewing - catch 22 when you want as big a crowd as possible.
  15. WD-40 sponsoring tonight’s event - must be why Rusty Harrison isn’t there.

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