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  1. griffo

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    I think it was about 1960 when the Provincial League was formed and ran very successfully and I believe about 1965 they were invited back into the Fold because the other league was Foundering and down to a Few Teams.
  2. griffo

    Stoke v Eastbourne September 8

    You are Joking it had rained continuous through Thursday Night Friday night and was pouring down most of Saturday no way would there have been a Meeting no way of the track drying out so to stop people travelling it was called off. You don`t think that Promotors call meetings off for the fun of it after they have put the work in
  3. griffo

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Before you post things make sure you know that it`s Right the last meeting at Stoke was against Kent which was completed.But Hey Oh lets have go at Stoke
  4. If You read the Report and see the Photos then anyone with a Brain would see that if a Meeting took place and a Rider went under the fence then there would or could have been a serious accident or Fatality but Hey Oh here we go again from a Cradley Fan and a Brummie that's always got to have a go at Stoke the Damage was caused by the Stock Car meeting when the cars just ripped the Armico to pieces ,apparently some class of Car that hasn`t raced there before so I should think that it was the Right Decision to call the Meeting off
  5. griffo

    Plymouth 2018

    If this meeting had been at Stoke with all the Falls the forums would have been on Fire slagging one thing or another off as it seems only Stoke gets the Flack.
  6. griffo

    Stoke V Kent (NLKOC) 14/07/18

    The other 2 races would have been completed but for one of the injuries don`t think the 9 day will make any difference it might have been the Groin Injury that will take longer to get over
  7. griffo

    Stoke V Kent (NLKOC) 14/07/18

    No Problem Jason cheers
  8. griffo

    Stoke V Kent (NLKOC) 14/07/18

    Nothing to do with Track conditions Jason just down to perhaps Rider error with the 2 Younger ones but the Track passed all the SCB requirements by the SCB track inspector Alan Bridgett By Referee Craig Ackroyd and the Trackman sent to assist by SCB Terry, not one Rider complained about the Track and as you know they have Falls in Speedway even GPs The injuries were Chipped Collar Bone a Broken Thumb and a Groin Injury.
  9. griffo


    Tony does come to Stoke quite a few times during the Season He was never named as the Promotor but perhaps a background advisor to John Woolridge or when Graham and Denise Drury took over for a short spell.
  10. griffo


    I myself was disappointed that it was called off but I believe that the heavy bought of rain we had on Wednesday afternoon and through Thursday night and a localised quite heavy rain in the Morning of Saturday the Track was wet it did not stop raining from early morning till dinnertime where I live about a mile from the track but as usual with Postponements after being called off the weather improves but it is the problems caused Earlier and I cannot see that the Promotion wants to call it off, what would people who travelled from Kent have to say if they had arrived and then it was called off but Stoke are not the only Team to have called off meetings this year think on the horrible weather we have had earlier in the Season
  11. griffo


    Once again Furber you have opened your mouth before engaging your brain, the match is postponed anyway but the reason Josh has been brought in is because Will is not fit after Dislocating his shoulder at the last meeting and you can only replace a 3 pointer with a 3 pointer but what does that matter to people like you who like to have a go at Stoke wether its true or not and you wont be missed at Loomer Road so Bye
  12. griffo

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    I ont have anything to do with the Programme in anyway but could have been printed to late to remove it but Marvellous how people are latching on to this were you there Walter or just saying what others are saying, but as you say by Accidently including him in the Programme I suppose the Printer has a set Plate of that Page as is the same week after week. But as I have said Previously Roy was a well respected member of the Loomer Road Staff and through his Charity work has Raised Thousands of Pounds the reason for his MBE does not deserve the comment s by People that do not Know anything about him
  13. griffo

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    Sorry about the reply earlier my PC suddenly went back to Log In, You have me there Furbar he didn't convey that to me I assume he would have indicated somehow or other to the Start Marshall
  14. griffo

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    You have me there Furber he didn
  15. griffo

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    I don`t have to tell you but I will it was to tell the Managers that the Riders must watch for the Red Flags not the Red Lights,which by the way were tested before the Meeting started and had worked properly and during the Meeting seeing there was a great deal of Falling they did not Fail until the final heat, and just to clarify another thing whilst on the subject raised on another entry on this page there was an Electrician on site all through the Meeting.

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