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  1. griffo

    Stoke closing down

    There were Plenty of Former Riders there Islander I personally spoke to Robbie Kessler Neil and Les Collins Neil Evitts Chris Turner Mike Wilding Steve Sant Frank Smith Stuart Cope and I was only in the Pits doing My Job so don`t know how many others were in the Crowd.
  2. griffo

    Stoke closing down

    The meeting on the 14th was Our last Home meeting and the other dates in the programme were there in case meetings were cancelled and had to be run later that's why they are said to be Reserved so no Puzzle as the sale came as a shock to all concerned. I believe Mr Reese has been on to the owners to ask to run the stock car meetings as things were in motion arranging them.Stoke have one remaining Meeting to Run and that is KOC 2nd leg against Leicester at Leicester that was cancelled a few Weeks ago. In My opinion the site will become a Warehouse for a Clothing Firm. So ends a 46 Year Association with Stoke Speedway.
  3. griffo

    Stoke v Belle Vue 24/08

    Don`t think You can use Tac- sub after Heat 10
  4. griffo


    Sorry about that but the National league is also sometime called the Development League when it suits. I agree that no way were the MDL lads going to go out on the track after that downpour it would have been to dangerous for them to do so. Just unfortunate that the rain came when it did as we do try to get them having their rides ,but on Saturday no chance there could have been a few accidents and I don`t like filling Accident Forms in. So I apologise for miss reading the first post
  5. griffo


    Bit Puzzled by Your last Line on the track being like a Lake, the only time on Saturday that Stoke Track looked like a Lake was Heat 15 when there was a sudden downpour, but the 4 Riders to be in the heat much to My amazement went out and rode the Heat in Torrential Rain. are You referring to the Return Match at Leicester which was like a lake.
  6. griffo

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Where were these Track concerns raised may I ask as no one came to me and said there was anything amiss there was a track grade when requested and as far as I know there was only One Rider that moaned and then complained about the Sun same Rider not having a good night no complaints about the Sun from any other Rider as it was behind the clouds within seconds so don`t know where you have heard these complaints,might have been a bit more shale on than usual but the track was there to be attacked.
  7. griffo

    Stoke 2019

    Last Saturday it Rained continuously for nearly 24 Hours and has Rained at sometime or other every day since and the weather forecast for the next few days is rain at times every day including Saturday so if you can`t get it dry enough to get on the track to prepare it then it`s better to call the Meeting off.Just a say on the amount of Rain that fell on the Saturday Friday Night my Garden water butt had about 2 inches in it Sunday Morning 9-0am it was full and overflowing and this is a 45 gallon Drum and all off an 8x6 shed so You can gather what went on a Speedway Track
  8. griffo

    Stoke 2019

    Council have put Double Yellow Lines down Most of Loomer Road either side
  9. griffo

    Stoke 2019

    just had a word with Dave Tattum and he has said that they are putting the price for parking anywhere in the stadium up to 2 pound a car this season.
  10. griffo

    Stoke 2019

    The trouble is only caused by the Stock Cars but because the Stadium is called Stoke Speedway they assume that every meeting is a Speedway meeting. The Stoke Speedway meetings cause no mither at all . The thing is the Stock Cars Promotion charge for parking in the Stadium ,where the Speedway do not and can park inside.The trouble now is as of last Sunday the stocks fans seeing the Yellow Lines are now parking on the Grass verges that are on the side so that will soon become a mess so I suppose then the Residents will once more start moaning.The other thing is the Stadium was there a few Years before the Houses so by buying one they new or should have known that the Stadium was there.
  11. griffo

    Stoke 2019

    As Adonis has Quoted Previously the Lights went out after Shelby hit the Fence the reason being as he hit the fence the fence hit and severed the cable of the Red Light on the post behind the fence thus causing a short circuit that put the Lights out so were not the cause of the accident.
  12. griffo

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    I think it was about 1960 when the Provincial League was formed and ran very successfully and I believe about 1965 they were invited back into the Fold because the other league was Foundering and down to a Few Teams.
  13. griffo

    Stoke v Eastbourne September 8

    You are Joking it had rained continuous through Thursday Night Friday night and was pouring down most of Saturday no way would there have been a Meeting no way of the track drying out so to stop people travelling it was called off. You don`t think that Promotors call meetings off for the fun of it after they have put the work in
  14. griffo

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    Before you post things make sure you know that it`s Right the last meeting at Stoke was against Kent which was completed.But Hey Oh lets have go at Stoke

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