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  1. lucky lee


    can,t wait for lightning Luke Harrison to get a go
  2. congratulations to lightning Luke his dad was never that fast
  3. lucky lee

    leicester lions track hire ?

    iwade is running practice sessions
  4. lucky lee

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I remember that aswell but I got the train back to south ruislip
  5. lucky lee

    The next wunderkid?

    luke harrison
  6. lucky lee

    Dag Lovaas

    remember watching him ride for white city
  7. lucky lee

    Dragons Dates For 2014

    yes you can ride on a day licence.you don't need a new regs silencer.just have lots of fun.lee
  8. lucky lee

    Belle Vues National Speedway Stadium

    I bought a brick with my name printed in it and im a bricklayer.most I,ve ever paid for a brick.
  9. lucky lee

    Dragons Dates For 2014

    that,s a lot of meetings for this year,is it worth cleaning the bike?
  10. lucky lee

    Favourite Closed Tracks

    white city London especially Gordon kennett
  11. lucky lee

    Str At Kings Lynn

    did anyone get the results for this meeting?was to busy watching mark Andersen riding in every other heat.wont be calling him the big fella anymore.
  12. did anyone get the results for the day?

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