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  1. Auty 8.36 +5% extra home allowance takes it up to 8.78 ( shows next column in averages) Therfore Wells 8.40 is allowed. 5% is only used for the home team.
  2. Also the IRR doesn't apply in the NL. It wouldn't have helped Mildenhall in this instance as Jenkins was only 5th in the averages but if it had been one of the higher placed riders it could have. No one likes to see riders injured during a meeting but this is a good rule when applied correctly, so why not apply in the NL.
  3. iand

    Wild Cards 2019

    Does anyone know when the wild cards will be announced? Thought Kelvin/Nigel said it would be very soon during last nights meeting.
  4. Are you allowed to bring in another rider to replace Kurtz who has already ridden in the PLay offs i.e. Muselik. Thought that rule was brought in some time ago.
  5. iand


    Eastbourne already have 2 riders in final. Wood and Baseby. Mildenhal only had Kemp plus Kingsley.
  6. A Jonson and Hampel both £1200 more. Good luck to everyone, hope Lambert wins, and thanks to R&R for running this competition.
  7. iand

    Eastbourne 2018

    Plymouth can still qualify with maximum points in there last 3 meetings at present. Other meetings would have to go in there favour, or not run at all.
  8. iand

    Plymouth v Brummies NL Fri 7th Sep

    Spiller scored 6+2 from 4 with a fall from reserve las time at Plymouth. With R/R for Shane's all other riders are able to cover his rides. Guess that's the logic behind his inclusion.
  9. Hampel £500 more Lambert £500 more
  10. iand

    Kent 2018

    Paul Hurry replacing SB according NL Facebook page
  11. iand

    Birmingham v Kent

    Replacing Sealey or Butcher?
  12. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    The meeting did not count in that it was abandoned that is true. However Webster did make an appearance that is also true. The Plymouth co-promoter says we have a facility so I'm happy with that. Even with R/R Kent start as firm favourites, but then I thought that when the Brummies came unstuck a couple of weeks back.
  13. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    In Plymouths declared 1-7, had a bad accident in his comeback match, would be very harsh if facility not granted. Remember years ago Boxall doing his ankle on P&P day for Rye but thought we used R/R till he came back a few weeks into the season.
  14. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Why would Plymouth have to track a 3.00 pt rider to cover Webster?
  15. iand

    Rye House 2018

    After all these years people still spell his name wrong, it's Boxall, no H.

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