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  1. Cradley 2018?

    If Roynon was to get injured I presume both his teams Plymouth and Cradley would be allowed a guest for him as he would be the top averaged rider. What happens If someone like Ryan Terry Daly as an example signs for both teams and is both teams 2nd string rider and gets injured, would Cradley and Plymouth be allowed guests to cover him or have to go with R/R.?
  2. Plymouth 2018

    The same as Swindon Sprockets did last year
  3. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    What is the limit ?Bewley averaged over 10, but Williamson was over 9 and is doubling up with Edinburgh I believe.
  4. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Will Bewley triple up again? Seems to be too good for the NL even at such a young age.
  5. Plymouth 2018

    Waco do you know where Macauley Leek is based? Strange decision for him to come to Plymouth. Will be the rookie number 7, how do you think he will get on in that role?
  6. Plymouth 2018

    Teams without a Kemp,Edwards or possibly Flint at reserve are most likely to struggle.
  7. Plymouth 2018

    Just looked through the averages and could only find them 2 as a combination which fitted the team. Both were pretty good last year at Plymouth. Team slightly stronger than last year, but with plenty of room for improvement.
  8. Plymouth 2018

    Can't be Walker as his average is lower than Andrews, and Andrews is the reserve. Stab in the dark Cockle and Ryan Terry Daly fits
  9. Plymouth 2018

    Atkins does have the advantage now of having a full season under him last year and has ridden all the away tracks, hopefully this season he can kick on and be pushing for a heat leaders role and add a couple of points to his average. If he does that it will be a good season for him.
  10. Plymouth 2018

    Bradley Andrews is our 4th signing, according to Stuart Kellie on the Devils fans forum. Leaves 15.51 fit the last 3 riders. Welcome to Plymouth Bradley.
  11. Eastbourne 2018

    Maybe at Home but not away. Jake was one of the best visiting riders I saw last year at Plymouth, shame he hasn't got a place yet but hopefully will get fixed up somewhere. Wouldn't mind seeing line up for the Devils but can't see him fitting in points wise with Roynon.
  12. Plymouth 2018

    It won't be the 7 that finished as that came to 42pts.According to press release Andrews will start at reserve , which can only mean 1 x 3pointer. Agree Plymouth struggled in the middle order last year, personally don't think Boxall will be back and that our next rider will be a Ben Wilson type rider, freeing up some points for better middle order strength. Not every team is lucky enough to start with a 3 pointer like Kemp and Edwards next year and Brennon , Jenkins and Bickley in previous seasons
  13. Plymouth 2018

    Campos, Sealey , Portwood all rode for IofW last year and finished bottom of the league. Plymouth came within a point of winning the NT last year with them 3 in the team.
  14. Cracking start by Plymouth regarding team plans for next year. Local riders Richard Andrews and crowd favourite Henry Atkins named earlier this week. Also named today on the BSPA site Adam Roynon Plymouths rider of the year last season. With local ex-rider Matt Bates taking over from Laurence Rogers as team manager. Looks like the Devils are on the up. Looking forward to a good season next year.
  15. Kent 2018

    Watched Hume, Hunter and Bowtell in there 1st season with the Raiders, all were fast but lost count of the amount of times they fell off and threw away points. All 3 have progressed well and that's what the NL should be all about bringing on the youngsters.