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  1. Hampel £500 more Lambert £500 more
  2. iand

    Kent 2018

    Paul Hurry replacing SB according NL Facebook page
  3. iand

    Birmingham v Kent

    Replacing Sealey or Butcher?
  4. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    The meeting did not count in that it was abandoned that is true. However Webster did make an appearance that is also true. The Plymouth co-promoter says we have a facility so I'm happy with that. Even with R/R Kent start as firm favourites, but then I thought that when the Brummies came unstuck a couple of weeks back.
  5. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    In Plymouths declared 1-7, had a bad accident in his comeback match, would be very harsh if facility not granted. Remember years ago Boxall doing his ankle on P&P day for Rye but thought we used R/R till he came back a few weeks into the season.
  6. iand

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Why would Plymouth have to track a 3.00 pt rider to cover Webster?
  7. iand

    Rye House 2018

    After all these years people still spell his name wrong, it's Boxall, no H.
  8. iand

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    Bickley also rides for Workington and Kemp also due to start with Ipswich next month
  9. iand

    Plymouth 2018

    Why wait a week to make this post , right on the eve of probably Plymouths most important match this year.
  10. What were the kevlars that Robert was wearing. Was it his Polish team?
  11. Masden £100 more Lambert £100 more Sayfudinov £50 less
  12. Doyle £50 more Zmarzik £50 more Zagar £50 more
  13. iand

    European U19 Cup 2018

    Good luck to Tom Brennan in the final
  14. Bloody stupid way of doing it, I have always looked at the Greensheet average section for the riders new average.

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