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  1. Vaculik 100 less Iverson 100 more
  2. Ditto, 1st time I've enjoyed it, maybe had something to do with all 16 riders taking part. Interesting that when doing the draw the riders in general chose having the red gate twice option 1st then the blues gates option next.
  3. iand

    4s Kent mon 5th Aug 6-30pm

    Fancy I of W to win it overall from Kent then Plymouth, Wilson missing for Plymouth being the key factor. The all star team seems looks to look strong but are too far behind on aggregate but could be the spoilers tonight.
  4. Janowski 200 more with spread stretcher
  5. iand

    Plymouth 2019

    Read a note on Facebook by Jordan Palin a young 15/16 yr Belle Vue guesting for IofW, from the comments shown he had never seen the track before. This is what he wrote "Yesterday I scored 6 points for the Isle off wight at Plymouth track was abit tricky to start with and want to say thank you to the track staff at Plymouth for getting the track sorted for my next ride and was a really nice track to ride Was meant to be at stoke today but got cancelled "
  6. The winner of the final goes to the British GP, but would happen if R Lambert won it and qualified but say for instance Hancock is still absent from the GP's. Would the 2nd place rider in the British Final qualify or would it go to Frickle the next in line on the GP replacements list? Anyone know the answer?
  7. Forget to get my entry in , was going for Lambert more so would not be the competition now anyway.
  8. Kolodziej 70 more Lambert 60 more Frickle 70 more
  9. iand

    Plymouth v IOW 21st june

    Good to hear no negatives about the track.
  10. Thanks for reply, shame a few more didn't go.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, sounds like a good meeting . Do hate a long drawn out meeting so nice to here this one was pushed through in a sensible manner. One last question which I nearly asked in my original post is did Somerset price the meeting accordingly?
  12. What was the meeting like? Was it useful exercise for Somerset who tried out some youngsters? Also what was the crowd like?
  13. Zmarzlik £200 less- with spread stretcher .Dont mind being 1 of the 6 to fail at the next hurdle
  14. iand

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    What did Greg do that was so wrong? Only black mark thing I can remember in the past few years with Greg was an incident with Nicki Pedersen in a league meeting resulting in some after race scuffle

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