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  1. I suppose every team will use there compulsory U21 rider against Sweden,
  2. Agreed, but with the proviso that you would get all 21pts if you were to win all 7 races. How about an extra point for fastest time of the night
  3. iand

    Wildcards 2022

    Strange one Lindgren, top 3 or 4 regularly now , but a few years people were moaning he had too many chances. Not my favourite rider but always seem to be in the mix these days.
  4. iand

    Wildcards 2022

    Does anyone know how soon after the final GP the wild cards are announced.
  5. iand

    Wildcards 2022

    Forgot Przedpelski qualified, Kolodziej could easily have made it 3 out of 3 from the challenge and then we would have had 5 poles
  6. iand

    Wildcards 2022

    Kubera must be in with a good shout, looked good earlier in the GP's. It would mean a 4th pole but surely we want to see the best riders in the world in the GP.
  7. Same points,3,2,2,1 Janowski beat Fricke but Janowski did not finish in Heat 6, excluded which counted in the count back
  8. Spreadstretcher please Woffinden 200 more
  9. iand

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Big blow for Gladiators at the start of the season with Henry Atkins getting injured, should have been good for at least 3 or 4 at home which would have turned narrow defeats into narrow wins. Still would have struggled away. Ruddick and Smith are just not scoring.
  10. Woffy 50 more emil 50 more
  11. Vaculik 50 more KK 50 more Doyle 50 less
  12. Lahti, Pederson, Bewley and Lambert all £30 more
  13. Apologies if this has already been asked or covered but does anyone know what happens regarding these rising stars .Will they stay at No7 all season ? Or will they move up into the main part of the team if they do well.? What will happen if they get injured , who can replace them?

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