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  1. Liked the pairs format in general, needs slight alteration. My suggestion would be 2 day final, 7 teams day 1 , top 5 teams to meet each other twice on the 2nd day. The 5 teams ride against each other once on the 2nd day which is 10 heats, then to have the draw made for the 2nd set of 10 heats with the draw being manipulated so that 3rd races 4th in ht 19 and 1st to race 2nd in ht 20, Team with most pts wins. In the event of a tie, aggregate scores over the 3 times teams have met in the final. If still level who had the most race wins. Big Tai fan but was surprised like most that he went for the win and not to try and help Lambert out.
  2. iand

    Rye House 2018

    Shanes does not like the Rye track, seen this quoted a few times.
  3. Milik 20 less Zagar 20 more Lindgren 40 more Hancock 40 more
  4. iand

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Was on gate 3, would that be a white or green helmet cover. Personally no idea on a FIM meeting which one it would be.
  5. iand

    Rye House 2018

    Strange how at the beginning of the season everyone was saying that Clegg was on a force average, should have been over 3 instead of his 2, now we would be glad if he could score that 2 average.
  6. I thought Pearson/Tatum said during the 1st GP that the pairs team had to be announced before the next GP.
  7. iand

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Good to see Harris given another chance. In fine form at the moment
  8. Lindgren 20 more pederson 20 more Hancock 20 more Holder 20 more
  9. iand

    I don't believe it

    I saw something on the National League Facebook site which showed comments by Cockle which included Foul and abusive language , he used the F word a few times and called someone a C. No stars or asteriks used the full words. Not something that should be written on a family FB site like that. It was on there about a week ago before getting removed by the administrator after complaints about it. Most of it was aimed at a Speedway Promoters partner. I can only guess that the ban was for that.
  10. iand

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Richards only scored 14 pts from his 12 programmed rides this season, not had the best of times before last night, he is at 6 which is the harder of the 2 reserve positions. Plymouths team built on 4 x 4 pt riders so should always have a decent reserve but will lack strength in depth unless 1 of them steps up to the 3rd heat leader role.
  11. iand

    Eastbourne 2018

    Sure reserve switches are still allowed, could have cost Eastbourne the win. Not sure what happened regarding Kelsey's bike, couldn't understand why he didn't use someone's else bike in his scheduled 2nd ride and then came out late and missed the 2 mins in Ht8 on Marks bike, mistakes like that could have cost the Eagles the win. Devils unlucky with Cockle having a off night but overall a good meeting with Eastbourne deservingly just edging it. Edwards a fine young prospect.
  12. iand

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    Bowen 9.07 Roynon 9.67 Kemp 3.00 Edwards 3.00 Flint 3.00 Wood 7.61 Halder 3.49 38.84
  13. iand

    Bt Sport Coverage

    1 British Final maybe

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