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  1. Thanks for reply, shame a few more didn't go.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback, sounds like a good meeting . Do hate a long drawn out meeting so nice to here this one was pushed through in a sensible manner. One last question which I nearly asked in my original post is did Somerset price the meeting accordingly?
  3. What was the meeting like? Was it useful exercise for Somerset who tried out some youngsters? Also what was the crowd like?
  4. Zmarzlik £200 less- with spread stretcher .Dont mind being 1 of the 6 to fail at the next hurdle
  5. iand

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    What did Greg do that was so wrong? Only black mark thing I can remember in the past few years with Greg was an incident with Nicki Pedersen in a league meeting resulting in some after race scuffle
  6. NKI £200 more Thanks come on Woffy and Ruthless
  7. Is it Top 4 from each qualifier who qualify for the final?
  8. Janowski £200 less , use the spread stretcher please
  9. iand

    KENT 2019

    Also what would happen if someone like Ipswich came along offered him a chance in the Premier league this season later in the season. Would his loyalty still lie with Kent.
  10. iand

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    1. Tom Perry. 8.06 Stoke 2. Rob Ledwith 3.50 Kent 3. Jason Edwards 6.73 Mildenhall 4.Richard Andrews 5.92. Plymouth 5. Nathan Stoneman 7.61 Plymouth 6. Dan Gilkes 2.00 Kent 7. Jordan Palin 2.00 Belle Vue  Total: 35.82 Name Nevilles Gladiators
  11. iand

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    Plymouth are no longer the Devils , now are the Gladiators
  12. iand

    NL AGM 2018

    If Kemp was to start the season well and did move upto Ipswich as has been rumoured on other threads could he continue to ride for Kent ( treble up ) ? If he did have to drop Kent could he be replaced by someone with an previous over 4 Championship average.
  13. iand

    KENT 2019

    Co-promoter Len Silver is delighted with his pre-Christmas business,“I am happy to announce now that our side is (subject to British Speedway Promoters Association [BSPA] approval):1. Drew Kemp (on loan from Ipswich and doubling with Sheffield) 9.152. Anders Rowe( on loan from Swindon, doubling with Somerset) 7.263. Jordan Jenkins ( Asset of Kent on full contract) 7.044. Alex Spooner ( Asset of Kent on full contract ) 4.505. Rob Ledwith ( Asset of Kent on full contract) 3.506. Daniel Gilkes (Asset of Kent on full contract) 2.007 Nathan Ablitt ( 15 yrs old provisional contract) 2.00Team total: 35.45 within the 36 limit imposed this year.“Both Chris (Hunt – team manager) and I are delighted with our seven riders, all of whom look to have the potential to push up their averages. "In Drew we have an out and out Number One (carrying on in the best of Kings' tradition) - he was the rider to watch last season, storming through the NL with Mildenhall and when he turned 16 immediately making a huge impression with his home town club, Ipswich. Drew will double up with Sheffield this year but we don’t anticipate this causing us too many problems with any fixture clashes. . Drew will link up with newly contracted Jordan (also a member of that unbeaten Mildenhall NL side of 2018) and, of course, Anders - a super trio to top the team.” Part of article On Kents Speedway website.
  14. iand

    Top heavy teams

    Practically impossible to do this next season with the introduction of the new only 1 rider allowed with over 4 previous Championship average .
  15. iand

    NL AGM 2018

    Kemp has signed for Kent. Who would qualify to take his place if he was to miss a match through injury? Could it be As an example Morley , average wise fits but can he because of this new ruling about only 1 rider with the over 4 average. Does the ruling only effect start of the season team building?

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