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  1. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    The Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles have signed Kyle Newman in time for Saturday’s showdown with the Berwick Bandits (subject to BSPA approval). Kyle will join the team as an injury replacement for Tom Brennan, who suffered a broken leg on Saturday. A full update on Tom’s condition will follow later in the week. Naturally, everyone at the club wishes Tom all the very best. Co-promoter Trevor Geer said: “Make no mistake, losing Tom is a huge blow to the club and rider and the only consolation is that his amazing start to the season allows us to introduce a rider of Kyle’s quality. “He [Kyle] has proved he knows the fastest way around Arlington and his experience will be crucial as we seek to rebuild our confidence and season.” Team news for the Championship League match at Somerset tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22) will be issued later today. The club will need to secure a two-point guest to replace Tom as the new averages come do not come into to force until after this match.
  2. I think Mr Gould means Leicester, Glasgow, Berwick and Redcar as top 4 ...... read it again.
  3. woofers

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Guys, you’re peeing in the wind if you think the SCB are going to do anything at all about this. They publicly issued a statement that they were going to make a full investigation into the failure of Mildenhall to get a team for the season ending final league match at Eastbourne last year, which resulted in a call off 24 hrs before the event and caused a fair bit of annoyance to fans, it being the last meeting of the season. Have we had any report on their “full investigation” ? No. I no longer have any faith in the statements from the speedway authorities.
  4. woofers

    2019 SoN Draw

    Absolutely, 100%.
  5. Perhaps, but hopefully not yet. I would just like to see Eastbourne continue the great start they made this year to run meetings in a professional manner. Ian Jordan has put it in writing that things needed to change in order to maintain and encourage existing and new spectators and he has plans to deliver the right experience. Early feedback and attendances prove he is right and I am excited and encouraged by the vision he has laid out. But I don’t think I should be treated as being grateful that speedway is being provided for me, which is the impression given by some in the sport.
  6. Not talking about the team, we’re discussing an individual. Just wonder if everyone would be so complacent if it was the opposition No 1 who was delayed for whatever reason.
  7. Try to keep up. We aren’t discussing the reasons for the delay to the meeting, that has been covered and generally agreed that there were valid reasons. I was responding to Mmmethonals post that we shouldn’t be bothered if Lawson were to arrive ‘fashionably late’ for every meeting provided he maintained his scoring record.
  8. I do. He's a professional sportsman. No other sport would hold up proceedings if one participant was late, why should speedway? I can't see football delaying the kick off because Messi or Bale or Kane was 'held up in traffic', F1 wouldn't wait for Hamilton, Moto GP wouldn't wait for Marquez. In golf you are disqualified and can't compete if you are late on the tee. He needs to get his act together and the management should tell him.
  9. OK, let me put my comments into perspective. I have been supporting Eastbourne speedway through thick and thin for 15 years. I have helped the National League team financially and have always believed some speedway is better than no speedway. Most of those 15 years I have spent viewing on the start / finish straight and as most spectators, we have our ‘usual pitch’. So thanks for the advice, I’ll move down to bends 3 and 4 in future when it’s so dusty. I am well aware of all the other positives mentioned and agree, otherwise I wouldn’t part with my cash. Now, at the start of this year we were told that things were going to be different, more professional. The parade would be 15 mins before tapes up, and tapes up would be at the advertised time. No excuses. Now, the first meeting of the year against Birmingham was indeed delayed, however we were informed of the delay which was due to the number of spectators still queuing to get in. Fair enough. Last week against Somerset everything went to plan, very slickly run. Yesterday there was a delay but no announcement or reason given. I can assure you that Kevin Coombes usually has welcomes, updates and things to say before the parade time and tapes up time, but yesterday, nothing.. Mr Gould says it was again due to spectator queuing , it may have been, I don’t know as I was inside the stadium by 2.30pm, and no one from the management (Ian Jordan) mentioned the delay as they did 2 weeks ago. And it may just have been a coincidence that neither Richard Lawson or his bike were on parade at 3.10, so the delay with no reason was indeed fortiunate as he was able to partake in his first race. There are elements of the new promotion that are working really well but they need to deliver consistently, not slip back into the “that’ll do” or “be grateful” mindset. There is a saying that “you cannot gain a reputation by what you are going to do” - speedway in general needs to bear this in mind. It is judged by what it does, and that is why it has problems. To insinuate that I should be grateful for the speedway I have, or get, is the mindset of some promoters and will not generate new attendees.
  10. Nice to win, but not an especially enjoyable afternoon. These afternoon meetings just don’t work........on a sunny day like today viewing, and probably riding, was marred by the dust. The track staff did their best but it was a losing battle, the dust won comfortably. All this talk of nostalgic, “traditional” Sunday afternoon speedway is way off the mark for today’s audience. There was a good crowd, but the conditions may deter any first timers from returning. Why the hell couldn’t it be run as an evening meeting - we could have enjoyed the sunshine all day and then the speedway in the evening. And after an impressive, professional start to the opening two meetings, today’s was late starting and it didn’t look as if any of the officials or riders were bothered. I hope this isn’t a slide back to the way things used to be done. Next up is a Sunday afternoon meeting, I hope it’s a bright but cool day, then there should be half a chance of a decent track being offered. Roll on Saturday evening racing !
  11. One of the most boring you’ve ever seen ? Or ever been to ? I’ve seen plenty more boring than that on TV. It wasn’t the most exciting but what can you expect when the opposition perform so poorly ? For all the hype, Harris was woeful, saying “It’s a while since I’ve been here, I need get the set up and lines sorted”.....for goodness sake, he’s a professional, ex GP rider, it shouldn’t take more than one ride to sort that out ..... Schlein had no problem and he’s in the same situation experience wise. He seemed to try his heart out as usual to start with and then probably released he was a one man team so what the heck. I expect most of the crowd were disappointed with the challenge that Somerset put up, as I believe they are one of the “fancied” teams in the league.
  12. woofers

    2019 season starts and ....

    2019 season starts and ....still nothing from the SCB on the outcome of their full investigation surrounding the cancellation of the Eastbourne v Mildenhall match last October. "The SCB are very disappointed with this outcome, and the circumstances of Mildenhall failure to raise a team for this National Development League fixture.Due to this cancellation the SCB will be making a full investigation in to this matter." Why should I bother having any faith is this organisation or belief in what they say ?
  13. woofers

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    From Gov.uk : For accounting periods beginning on or after 01/01/2016 to qualify for audit exemption, a company must qualify as small, in relation to that financial year. In other words it must meet any two of the following: annual turnover must be not more than £10.2 million the balance sheet total must be not more than £5.1 million the average number of employees must be not more than 50 So that criteria will cover many, many companies in the UK. However lenders and shareholders, if different from the directors, will usually require an annual audit.
  14. woofers

    BSPA Ltd.

    More confusion from the Articles of Association : 4 MEMBERS 4.1 Members (whether a company or individual(s)) shall all be a club and have a promoter. Am I missing something here ? How can an individual be a club and have a promoter ? 8 COMPOSITION OF THE BOARD 8.2 The Board shall consist of not less than four (5) Directors, but shall not be more than five (5). No wonder the Speedway Regulations (rules) are difficult to understand at times and open to various interpretations. As I said the attention to detail is worrying.

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