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  1. Crap meeting, terrible track, fast but soooo boring. Regarding the exclusion of Huffy, it did seem a bit harsh but if there is a plus side and it results in less faffing about at the start, then that can only be a good thing. It's a shame there aren't countdown clocks at all league meetings to move things along.
  2. woofers

    Eastbourne v Kent NL. 1 Sept

    Some decent races toward the end of the meeting thankfully, the earlier races were so one sided that I couldn't believe we were racing against the "second best team in the league", according to the league table placings. It is so apparent that this Eastbourne team is too strong for most of the NL teams, and the supporters can only put up with riders strung out over half a lap in many races. Eastbourne have to have some ambition and move out of the NL, hopefully the much mooted revamp of the league structure will enable this to happen. I'm sure there is plenty of appetite to see the likes of Nicholls, Harris, Cook, Morris, etc racing around Arlington again. There were a couple of big positives from last night - one was the piece in the programme from the new commercial manager Ian Jordan, who is spelling it out like it is in no uncertain terms and sounds like a proper breath of fresh air. I really hope that he is given the space and resources needed to fulfil the ambitions in his article. The other has already been aluded to - the presenter / announcer. This guy needs to be signed up permanently. Knowledgable, articulate, smooth and professional, a successor to Kevin Coombes at last. Something a newcomer would see as friendly and serious. It was all about the speedway, no poncy flashing shoes, selfies with 'me' or which side of the stadium has the loudest cheer. No 'matey', I'm a DJ doing a stand in, and certainly the end of 'Tommy B' thank goodness.
  3. woofers

    Eastbourne 2018

    I'm not on twitter but the regulars I attend with did notice the boards. The are black on the inside, white on the outside, and possibly a few inches higher than the previous one's and look very smart. Maybe someone could appease Martin by copying this post.
  4. I don't think we all do.... well I don't anyway.
  5. woofers

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    I do hope so, if we can get professional riders back at Arlington and some decent marketing, I feel some of the Elite League stayaways could return and boost attendances.
  6. woofers

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    Have to agree that Morley and Andrews gave it a good go. Also impressed with Ethan Spiller. Another positive was that it was completed by 9 o'clock. Unfortunately there were only 2 or 3 real races, not much passing or even challenging for a pass. Have to be honest, I have been going to Eastbourne for 14 years, through thick and thin, but if I had to watch what was served up on Saturday every week I would give it up. Be honest, would you take a newcomer to Speedway these days?
  7. Am I alone in thinking that Zmarzlik is a throttle jockey and isn't really in control of his bike? I agree that he is very fast and has a lot of bravery in riding high and wide, but I'm not sure he has the all round skill levels that the commentators were on about. He gives the impression of having an 'on/off' or 'stop/go' switch rather than throttle control.
  8. Why would he ? How often are individual and specific British Premiership matches discussed during the GP programme?
  9. Not a fan of Scott Nicholls then ? Any particular reason or evidence to support your assertion ?
  10. But surely only before heat 10....?
  11. woofers

    Poole 2018

    What's that an abbreviation of..........?
  12. woofers

    Completing Fixtures

    So they had no say in the fixture arrangements ? They didn't agree to any of the dates , they were just told when I ride ? I think not.
  13. Nice to see Jason Doyle at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, entertaining the crowd with prolonged wheelies on the main straight and hill climb. Most of the crowd there are car people but the bikes are getting a decent showing in recent years, increasing in numbers and the spectators are becoming more appreciative of the riders skills. All the wheelies are greeted enthusiastically and get a great reception. Good on you Jason (and Greg Hancock who, I think was the first speedway rider appearance a couple oh years ago).
  14. woofers

    Eastbourne v mildenhall 14/7/18 OFF

    Hmm, once every 4 years the Football World Cup takes place - it is probably the biggest sporting event on the globe and attracts a massive following. The success of the English team this year has surpassed expectations and bought a sense of unity and pride across the country. Quite a few folk will be watching the national team on Saturday. Whilst England's progress couldn't be anticipated it shouldn't have been beyond anyone's planning abilities to see that this period would see reduced attendances and from a purely commercial perspective perhaps fixtures should have been arranged differently in the first place.

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