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  1. woofers

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Cook !!! Surely you mean Ian Jordan.....
  2. woofers

    Poole 2020

    I’d have agreed with you a few years ago but not today. Over half of the Premiership riders ride in the Championship. In the Premiership only Doyle, Lambert, Iversen, Fricke and Batchelor, in my opinion, are ‘elite’ riders, all of the other good riders currently ride in the Championship or have similar averages. Poole were beaten in the play off semi final by a side comprising mainly of Championship riders. We have see some terrific racing at Eastbourne this year, my first experience of the Championship League and it hasn’t disappointed. Your statement effectively says you are only attending to watch the No 1 riders in each team.
  3. woofers

    All 4 back question

    It’s a bit of a grey area isn’t it ? I don’t think you’ll find a reference in the rule book about putting all 4 back anyway, but please feel to free to quote it if I’m wrong. Another one of speedways unwritten ‘rules’.
  4. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    Wrong thread ? Perhaps should be in the Eastbourne 2020 ?
  5. woofers

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    One is a successful and professionally run organisation that understands and respects it’s players, sponsors and supporters.......the other seems to be the complete opposite, and doesn’t appear to care what anyone thinks either.
  6. woofers

    TV new deal?

    More money for who ? And what would / should they do with it ?
  7. woofers

    TV new deal?

    Well I hope it stays with BT, they’ve done a decent enough job. Can’t see that the cost thing is massively significant, it’s not as though British Speedway did a magnificent job investing the Sky money, would you trust the current committee to do any better? Anyway, I also watch the GP’s and all of the Moto GPs so quite happy to have them all in one place.
  8. Yep. As per the rules.
  9. And who's to say that after tomorrow the Ipswich meeting won't be a 'dead rubber' ? Obviously we don't know but if Ipswich get hammered at Wimborne Road then the 2nd leg could be just as pointless. Anyway, shouldn't teams should be declared 5 days in advance, which means the respective promotions should be publishing sides very soon.
  10. Where have the BSPA said that ? Your source please. I am aware that Hawkins, boss of Ipswich has tweeted “He’s riding for us” but that may just be his personal opinion.
  11. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    Both good points that I had overlooked.
  12. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    Not just common sense, but it’s actually the rules (16.1.1), not what anybody thinks is a ‘more important’ meeting. I’d like to hear what the Eastbourne management have to say.
  13. What a surprise ! (Not!). Do you think the fact that 16.1.1 is in bold typeface might indicate that it maybe relevant and have priority over 16.1 ? Perhaps not, but the rules are quite clear but it now seems that priorities are organised not by the rules but by what someone thinks is a more ‘important’ meeting. I like to hear a comment from the Eastbourne promotion.
  14. Thanks, although something a bit more official, I.e from Ipswich, Eastbourne or dare I suggest, the BSPA / SCB, would be nice. “He’s riding for us mate” on social media from the manager is about as good as it gets now I guess.

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