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  1. From the Eagles website: Tensions boiled over slightly in the penultimate race as Bowtell sought to get on terms with Andersson on the first turn of lap two. Kerr on the outside while Bowtell side-swipes Andersson The pair collided and came down and were indeed fortunate to be missed by the chasing Kerr and Coles. A frank exchange of views ensued and Andersson and Bowtell traded blows, the melee being added to momentarily by other interested parties but thankfully the situation was soon diffused. The official did reprimand both riders and team managers but handshakes were exchanged soon after. Andersson now in serious trouble Andersson and Bowtell both down and Kerr in the firing line Kerr just finds enough space to avoid the mayhem The action resumed without Bowtell and Andersson did indeed claim an impressive win at the expense of Kerr (winning time 59.7).
  2. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    I don't think I have a problem, I appear to have misunderstood the earlier posts which I took to suggest that the BSPA / SCB would take action against programme notes bringing the sport into disrepute and that these programme notes would be reviewed in advance, thereby preventing any such disrepute coming into the public domain in the first place. On reflection I realise that this is probably impractical on the one hand and unlikely on the other. Sorry if i caused you some offence or angst.
  3. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    8 months later, it’s still continuing ? You’re joking surely. And some want me to believe these organisations are going to review and take appropriate action on programme notes ??!! Were Eastbourne and Mildenhall fined for not fulfilling their leagues fixtures ?
  4. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    Before the meeting takes place ? And with enough time to censor or ask for amendments and a print re-run ? As you're in the know, any news of the SCB’s “full investigation” into the calling off of the Eastbourne v Mildenhall National league match last October ?
  5. Maybe, but it least it would keep the thread on topic. (instead of more historic waffle that dominates the forum and speedway in general - speedway must the most the only sport that continually harps back to the past).
  6. woofers

    One League - Matt Ford

    A bit of analysis shows that currently we have : 7 Premiership clubs and 11 Championship clubs. If we merge both leagues we need 126 riders (18 clubs x 7). At the moment the Green sheet averages for both leagues show 99 different riders, there are 27 riders competing in both leagues. That's 55% of the premiership riders also riding in the championship league for any "Premiership elitists". ( 6 out 7 of the Ipswich team and 5 out of 7 Kings Lynn btw). So it either means 14, 7 man teams (98 riders), 16 6 man teams (96 riders) or the current 18 clubs with 5 man teams.
  7. Impressed with Broc Nicol, looks a real racer.
  8. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    Ha, ha, ha, we’re still waiting for the outcome of the SCB’s “full investigation” into the calling off of the Eastbourne v Mildenhall National league match last October. The BSPA have difficulty in creating their own limited company. Do you really think either organisation are in a position to police what goes into a programme ?
  9. woofers

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Wouldn’t a Friday evening be a better option ? Probably better track with less dust, no school or work issues the following day for most.
  10. woofers

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Funnily enough it’s been in the programmes fixture list as a 7.30pm start on Sunday 30th up until just recently. I shan’t be going, as much as I support Eastbourne speedway, I’ve never enjoyed an afternoon fixture and each time I regret parting with my cash. It also mucks up the day, whereas an evening fixture gives you the whole day to do things and then go to speedway.
  11. woofers

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    Off topic directly, but relevant to the last 2 posts - yes, it should be a great meeting against Leicester, just a shame it’s on a Sunday afternoon. Most if us know speedway is so much better in the evening under floodlights.
  12. woofers

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Have to say I don’t really miss all the rider interviews. Only a handful of them have something worthwhile to say. They either can’t or won’t say too much about conditions or setup for fear of “giving something away”. I had time for Jason Crump, and still have time for Scott Nicholls, both speak well and offer some useful insight into proceedings. Unfortunately many of the others just give standard, stock answers, the classic being Chris Harris who always “has to adjust a few things / find the set up” before the next race. However, in their defence, it’s a fairly straightforward sport, there isn’t a great deal to discuss is there ?
  13. Statement from the club : https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/match-off-to-save-club-from-massive-loss/
  14. woofers

    Eastbourne 2019

    The Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles have signed Kyle Newman in time for Saturday’s showdown with the Berwick Bandits (subject to BSPA approval). Kyle will join the team as an injury replacement for Tom Brennan, who suffered a broken leg on Saturday. A full update on Tom’s condition will follow later in the week. Naturally, everyone at the club wishes Tom all the very best. Co-promoter Trevor Geer said: “Make no mistake, losing Tom is a huge blow to the club and rider and the only consolation is that his amazing start to the season allows us to introduce a rider of Kyle’s quality. “He [Kyle] has proved he knows the fastest way around Arlington and his experience will be crucial as we seek to rebuild our confidence and season.” Team news for the Championship League match at Somerset tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22) will be issued later today. The club will need to secure a two-point guest to replace Tom as the new averages come do not come into to force until after this match.
  15. I think Mr Gould means Leicester, Glasgow, Berwick and Redcar as top 4 ...... read it again.

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