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  1. woofers

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Woofers Members 326 528 posts Location:West Sussex Team:Eastbourne
  2. woofers

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Let's just see how many riders are doubling up in both leagues before we get into anymore Premiership / Championship, better / worse discussions. Having witnessed first hand over the last 15 years my clubs involvement in all 3 leagues, and the televised Premiership meetings last year, I can honestly say the best racing has been in the Championship where the riders seem to be more evenly balanced in terms of average assessments. I think it was something like 55% of Premiership riders last year also had a place in the Championship. Having said that, I may be tempted to pop along to to the Abbey when Sheffield visit. Yes, a 4 hour round trip to see the one rider who put's bums on seats.
  3. woofers

    Eastbourne 2020

    Although he is a director of Arlington Stadium Ltd, along with Martin Dugard. The company was incorporated in January 2019. Hope it’s not ‘more’ as he has been a breath of fresh air at Eastbourne. The latest article on the website giving the thoughts of the team building strategy for 2020 are an example.
  4. woofers


    Well I’ll admit that I was guessing, and for some reason you are laughing, so maybe you can quote the numbers? But from the official Poole website - "The response was immense and overall very supportive towards moving to the lower league.“
  5. woofers


    There are some that do. Eastbourne have been very proactive in seeking opinions throughout the year and I have always been able to speak to Ian Jordan after a meeting. They have recently concluded a 21 question survey on their website, with over 300 responses. I guess it can also be argued that the Poole promotion have listened to the majority of their supporters in making the move to the Championship league.
  6. woofers

    Kent Kings 2020?

    That would be good. For us Eastbourne supporters it would be weekend speedway at Arlington and mid week away to Kent and Poole.
  7. woofers

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Which race night will Kent be using ?
  8. woofers

    Eastbourne 2020

    Hmmm, Kennett over Lawson, not sure that would be the fan’s choice, and as far as the terrace opinion goes, I don’t think Bowtell would be in the team at all. However word has it that he is very popular, or golden boy, with the ‘Head of Speedway’ at Arlington.
  9. woofers

    Eastbourne 2020

    Lawson, Kerr, Newman, Brennan, Wood, Nicol, James Sargeant = 39.99.
  10. woofers

    Eastbourne 2020

    Kyle Howarth, at (7.15) would fit that team. Wouldn't mind seeing Broc Nicol (5.16) or Danny Ayres (5.51) riding for the Eagles.
  11. woofers

    TV new deal?

    They may well do.....but we aren’t in Sweden or Poland, and it was a British press release.
  12. woofers

    Poole 2020

    This from the top of the press release: Starting in 2020, Eurosport will broadcast live on-site coverage from 18 rounds across the domestic SGB Premiership League season. This from the summary: Eurosport UK secures exclusive live broadcast rights to British Speedway Premiership and Championship Leagues from 2020• 18 live rounds per season So, who knows, the devils in the detail...not that detail is something the BSPA have a reputation for doing. And what’s this “rounds” ?
  13. woofers

    TV new deal?

    Hmmm, haven’t been impressed with Eurosport in the past for all the reasons already stated, patchy coverage and poor commentary. I have had no problem with BT and thought they did a decent job, promoting UK speedway in the Speedway GP and Moto GP coverage. Being pedantic, I see that the press release refers to “rounds”. When did league matches / fixtures become “rounds”? “Rounds” are for events when all competitors in the series compete aren’t they ?
  14. woofers

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Cook !!! Surely you mean Ian Jordan.....
  15. woofers

    Poole 2020

    I’d have agreed with you a few years ago but not today. Over half of the Premiership riders ride in the Championship. In the Premiership only Doyle, Lambert, Iversen, Fricke and Batchelor, in my opinion, are ‘elite’ riders, all of the other good riders currently ride in the Championship or have similar averages. Poole were beaten in the play off semi final by a side comprising mainly of Championship riders. We have see some terrific racing at Eastbourne this year, my first experience of the Championship League and it hasn’t disappointed. Your statement effectively says you are only attending to watch the No 1 riders in each team.

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