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  1. woofers

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Is Tom Brennan, with a 2019 average of over 6, classified as a rising star ?
  2. woofers

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    I can’t find anything in the BSPL announcement about “Brits with an average of 4.00 or less”, they just say each “rising star” would be given a grading of 2, 3 or 4. No mention of how the gradings would be determined. No mention of the age cut off for the “youngsters”. On the basis that teams are being put together on a points basis, presumably using the 2019 season ending averages, surely the gradings of the ‘rising stars’ and ‘youngsters’ are already known in order for teams to be completed?
  3. woofers


    Doesn’t matter when the fixtures are starting. It was just stupid to say the fixture list would be published. They would have been better to say nothing.
  4. woofers


    All well and good, but it’s a bit daft for the governing body to say on the 14th January : BRITISH Speedway clubs have today agreed a start date of early May for the 2021 season. Fixtures will be published next week for both the Premiership and Championship. And not deliver. Surely they knew all about the ‘rising stars’ then and the impact this could have. There appears to be a lack of joined up thinking...
  5. woofers


    Yep, those ones..... Perhaps they’ll be available at the weekend.....and you wonder why there’s so much cynicism about the speedway authorities
  6. woofers


    Looking forward to putting the fixtures into my diary later this afternoon
  7. woofers


    Are the terms ‘rising stars’ and ‘youngsters’ defined anywhere? Who determines the ‘rising stars’ grading, is it fixed at the start the year, or can it change throughout the year ? What happens if said rider is unavailable for whatever reason, presumably a similarly graded replacement ?
  8. woofers


    Where are the points averages which are used for team building published please ?
  9. woofers


    In respect of which bit?
  10. woofers

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Yes, that does look nasty........but what’s its relevance to this EU in / out thread ?
  11. woofers

    Governance shambles

    It looks as though the country’s national sport is not without problems similar to speedway. From The Times yesterday : The former FA chairman David Bernstein has described the way football is run in England as “a shambles” and has urged the government to press ahead with its promised fan-led review. Bernstein, the FA chairman from 2011 to 2013, wrote to Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, saying football’s response to the Covid-19 crisis — with months of wrangling between the Premier League and EFL over a rescue package — has highlighted the problems. The letter reads: “The governance of our national sport remains a shambles. English football’s failure to speak with one voice over the past months of the Covid-19 crisis have only highlighted a dysfunctional and damaging structure. There is no overall leadership and therefore vested interests continue to prevail. Bernstein is leading a group which includes former football executives, the former England and Manchester United star Gary Neville, the mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and other politicians in campaigning for reform. They believe an independent regulator with wide powers should be established to oversee football. The letter says that the government should now press ahead as quickly as possible with its 2019 manifesto promise for a review led by the Football Supporters’ Association. It adds: “The need for reform grows more urgent every day. The momentum for change has surely never been so strong and so unanswerable as it is now.”
  12. I think it’s time for a government of national unity. This is a national emergency. It would also mean Sir Kier can get some first hand experience, stop sniping, shut the **** up, and take some responsibility.
  13. woofers

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Ooh, I think you might be on your own with that one. I don’t believe many people, other than residing in said areas, would have thought “I wonder how this will affect Northern Ireland”, or “I wonder how this will affect Scotland”, and then decided “No, I won’t vote for Brexit, it might cause problems for....(said area)” I mean, it’s not like the Northern Ireland situation has caused any problems in the past has it ?
  14. woofers

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Why don’t you look it up. It seems that a 25 year old black man has shot an innocent 5 year old white boy in the head at point blank range while he was riding his bike outside the family home. No big media outcry, no celebrity outrage, no massive condemnation from the black community. Didn’t the young lads life matter ? Meanwhile all hell breaks out when white police officers confronting black adults under suspicion of committing a crime, use force or weapons to apprehend said black men.

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