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  1. macca56

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    4.00 is the Match Average allocated to "new" foreign riders next season. 5.00 will be the Match Average allocated to "existing" foreign riders who did not attain an average above 5.00 in 2016, so Gappmaer would be allocated a commencing Match Average of 5.00 for 2017 - as would Riders like Paco Castagna, Mason Campton and Mark Riss.
  2. macca56

    Official Teams For 2017

    Richard Lawson confirmed as back at Glasgow Tigers next season: https://twitter.com/SpeedwayGB/status/796986438315282432 (CMA 8.22)
  3. macca56

    Glasgow 2017

    Richard Lawson confirmed back at Glasgow Tigers next season: https://twitter.com/SpeedwayGB/status/796986438315282432
  4. macca56

    Ipswich 2017

    Danyon: born 25 July 1996 (20) Connor M: born 26 August 1997 (19)
  5. macca56

    Ipswich 2017

    No shocks in CL's latest soundbite on BBC Radio Suffolk this morning, simply reinforcing his opinion of Danyon and Connor Mountain and how much he would like to work with one if not both.
  6. macca56

    Glasgow 2017

    Jack Smith is a shoe in at No. 7.
  7. macca56

    Redcar 2017

    Every team in the Premiership and Championship has to have a minimum of two British riders: https://twitter.com/SpeedwayGB/status/795573985102663680
  8. macca56

    Sheffield 2017

    British Riders who have never achieved a 3 point average can start on a two in both leagues next season. Where a rider has raced and averaged between 2-3 he will start nest season on that true average, i.e. Josh Bailey. Source: SpeedwayGB Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/SpeedwayGB/status/795574982260756480 https://twitter.com/SpeedwayGB/status/795577390319751169 The minimum average for foreign riders is now 4.00.
  9. macca56

    Confirmed Signings For 2017

    Chris Widman announced as returning to the Wightlink Warriors in 2017. CMA as at 01 Oct 2016 shown as 4.53: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294612857236337/1334888149875464/?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1478530980015086
  10. macca56

    Your Team For 2017

    No Danyon? Thought you may want him back in 2017.
  11. macca56

    Official Teams For 2017

    Lasse Bjerre announced as joining Sheffield Tigers on a reported 6.64 CMA (though the closing 2016 Greensheets show him as 6.65). http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.31566
  12. macca56

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Kings Lynn may have signed Danny as an asset from the BSPA, but it doesn't mean that he will sign a contract to ride for the Stars next season.
  13. macca56

    Ipswich 2017

    Talking with CL tonight he said to us that Danny may have been signed as an asset by Kings Lynn, but that doesn't mean that he will ride for them next season.
  14. macca56

    The Bsf Massif !

    Yes, it was good to be there and hear the feedback that was provided for the "Massif" at tonight's event. Kevin Long is the ultimate professional and the members that were there were recognised by him - even though one did destroy a glass, whoops.
  15. macca56

    The Bsf Massif !

    Well we'll swap the Sudbury one for Trimley then Sue, as long as you come along, The point of these is to include everyone, not to hold invite only events, and to be as inclusive as possible which means holding them in the areas that the members reside. And, of course, they are not compulsory, so it is your choice whether you join in or not.

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