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  1. scotty2hotty

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    If you had spent thousands on a 2020 range, as most people who run merchandise shops did before covid hit, you would not be prepared to chuck it to one side and spend thousands more on a new range. Come on Martin, you can't keep comparing everything to Poland. If it was your money, you wouldn't do it. But its easy to waste other peoples.
  2. scotty2hotty

    Model speedway riders on bikes

    They are £8 for the first bike and then £5 for each one thereafter. It covers the cost of postage.
  3. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    My apologies, yes it was wrong of me to say that, but i hope I have explained it on my previous post.
  4. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    I was referring to the hard left, the people who are basically ruining this country and indeed the world. I have many friends who lean to the left and many who lean to the right, but in my opinion the people who can listen to both sides and make an informed opinion without screaming at others are the normal ones. Unfortunately many of the contributors on here are hard left wing, they are also trouble makers, which is totally unnecessary and has put many people off using this forum because of their bullying and rudeness, something that the hard left uses a lot to win.
  5. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    No problem at all. Unfortunately you just have to develop a thick skin when dealing with some of these people and I'm so tired of giving them the benefit of the doubt, now i just fight fire with fire, its the only language they understand. You cannot reason with them, they have to be talked to like children.
  6. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Anyway, I'm off to bed, early start tomorrow. Thanks for the practice chaps.
  7. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Oh dear, another one. As usual the Left accuse others of exactly what they do. come on, haven't you got anything better than that?
  8. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Q. But so far on this thread you've spent 3 pages arguing with people you say you aren't going to engage with. A. Because they wont stop baiting me. Q. Bemoaning the fact that nobody debates whilst ignoring the question that was put to you about the point you made A. What point was that? People don't debate on here, they bait and bully. I was hoping for a sensible conversation, but not possible as I have found out. Q. And moaning about people throwing insults whilst throwing them yourself A. As i have now stated numerous times (another fault of the Left, ignore facts that are right in front of them because it goes against their agenda of humiliating others). I was merely responding to the aggression and rudeness shown to me at the very start. As i have said actions have consequences, another truth that the Left cannot grasp it seems. If you throw the first punch, expect one back. Get it now??
  9. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Words and actions have consequences. I came on here asking politely to have a sensible conversation. Look back at it, its all there.
  10. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Baiting again. wow you have this off to a fine art don't you. Lucky I know how to deal with you Lefties hey?
  11. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Oh and here come the insults, right on cue. You so fit the bill. lol As i said earlier, words and actions have consequences. If you don't want people to be rude to you, don't do it to them. Read back to see who was the aggressor, I believe it was you Sir.
  12. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Well as my old nan used to say, 'if you can't beat them, join them'. Trouble is you lefties don't seem to understand that if you are nasty to people they will react, which I suppose is actually what you are after, so that you can tut-tut at them for being rude. Its a complicated old world in the mind of a leftie isn't it?
  13. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    That is not what this Forum is. It is an aggressive place where the Left leaning participants are constantly rude, aggressive and use group bullying tactics to shout people down and if I'm honest, I find it disgusting and quite honestly, this is what is wrong with society nowadays. Good honest people cannot have a discussion without the Left's poison seeping in and destroying goodwill. Maybe instead of looking at the so called Right Wingers or as I would call them, normal people, maybe you lot should take a look in the mirror. You are a bunch of leftist bullies and troublemakers and i have absolutely no wish to participate in any discussion with any of you. Good Evening to you.
  14. scotty2hotty

    'the Donald' Trump

    Oh I can, have no doubt about that, but I don't wish to discuss it with someone who will constantly try to trip me up, be rude and aggressive, lie and be basically a tool.

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