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    Motor sport but NO1 speedway.
    spending time with my future husband and the family, miss family back home tho.
    any one want to find out more then feel free to PM me.
  1. windsor

    Speedway Star Delivery

    we dont get ours till a week sometime 2 weeks later as i now live in Australia but if my family send anything it takes 7 days longest so dont know what happens to my star at times. but i dont mind its normally the other half as it was for his birthday lol. but im just thankfull we get them at all. so as much as we are sometimes over a week old on the news its always nice to read it and its not like its not on the internet the second anything occurs so we dont miss much lol Sarah
  2. windsor

    Help Required

    thanks heaps for that i will pass it over to justin tonight when he gets home from work and yes the step son is the very own Kozza lol
  3. hey fellow followers im writing on behalf of my partner Justin Smith, his step son is riding in Sweden on thursday and would really like to follow his scores through out the meeting but we have both come to a dead end on looking for websites that allows that. so im looking for help and it would be really apricated many thanks Sarah n Justin
  4. windsor

    Deon Prinsloo

    i was very shocked to hear this news via a message from my father in the uk. i remember him well and have loads of photos of him. one thing i will always remember will be when he took me on his bike round track i was that happiest girl alive on that night. my thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time RIP Deon x Windsor household x
  5. windsor


    thanks mate im sure ill sort something when i get there if not i got few buddies i could text lmao
  6. hey guys, my and mate are coming to cardiff this years after a few hours of looking at ways of traveling (not staying over) i have come to the conclusion it would be easier for my to drive us there plus be miles cheaper and less hassle with no change overs, could any body please tell me what the parking situation is with parking there and any arrangements that i need to make??? thanks Sw
  7. windsor

    Paul Fry

    RIP Fryer my thoughts go out to His family n friends at this sad time
  8. is happier now as the picture is finally in the speedway star. the letter that i sent with it has been cut short but least it gets the point across thanks guys
  9. has now spoke to the editors of the speedway star and he has assued me he will try his best to get it in for the 5th. thanks to everyone who has helped. hope it now worth the wait i know it will be for me just to see my name in there
  10. id like to think it has all the correct grammer actually. as my mate did it as i suffer from dyslexia. thanks to those who have helped it appricated
  11. im sure id make you very proud actually,i wrote it in complete words lol! thanks for the number if nothing in couple of weeks ill give them a ring,but maybe because it not focused on a certain date,so wont excatly expire it maybe some time
  12. 2 copies 1 for the person also concerned in the article ive wrote in
  13. its not aimed at a certain meeting or acurance but i do understand what your saying thanks
  14. hi i was just woundring if there was any one out there that knows,how long it takes for the speedway star to publish something you send in to go in the letters section as i sent mine off bout 5 weeks ago now. just i have been ordering 2 copies since i sent it off n as much as i love speedway i dont need 2 each week thanks for any help given Sarah Windsor
  15. im getting excited now-and the sun is shining so my art work gets to be shown off if any one going hasnt come n said hi feel free to do so be nice to meet some new people Sarah

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