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  1. Lovely to see so many people at the Showground this evening. If you see me, pop and say hello. I’m dressed in a mask, plastic visor, rubber gloves and a hazmat suit with a ‘Happiness is 40-38’ badge sewn on to it. Please maintain social distancing though, the length of four flasks and a lucky bag should suffice.
  2. thrillpool


    They put my mail order bride in a clear plastic type envelope and she turned up on time, so I don’t think it is the packaging.
  3. thrillpool


    I had a look on goggle map and all it did was show me where I could find some safety glasses.
  4. thrillpool

    Club Merchandise

    I love visiting the track shops. I always treat myself to a lucky bag that way I know that I’m going to get some quality merchandise...a programme from a few years previous, a massive plastic key ring with a head shot of a rider stuck on and, if I’m lucky, a pen. And all that for less than the price of a cup of coffee!
  5. thrillpool

    It's friday night but,

    Good to see that it is not a pubic event so I didn't trim my bush for nothing.
  6. thrillpool

    Rye House 2018

    I know, right? I hate people who can't spell. (BTW, there are two L's in 'following')
  7. thrillpool

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    Pffft, September? I'll still go but 6 of my usual party have suggested they'll give it a miss as it'll be too cold. The other member of our group watches Corinthian Casuals and simply refuses to miss a game home or away.
  8. Looking forward to my first trip to Rye this year. However, I'm sure it'll feel strange not having Shadders there. So, as a mark of respect, I will be wearing a whistle around my neck just as he always did.
  9. I'm taking a packed lunch. However, I don't have the obligatory chocolate biscuit to go with it. Is there anywhere at the stadium where I could purchase a Wagon Wheel or a KitKat? Thanks in advance.
  10. thrillpool

    Riders Fan Acknowledgment

    I quite like the idea of octogenarians scuffling with each other, using their flasks as weapons whilst Craig Saul is on the tannoy talking about half price lucky bags from the track shop.
  11. Looking forward to the novelty of a Monday evening Rye House meet. Do they still serve fish and chips on a Monday night? I'll bring my heavy duty plastic knife and fork just in case. I do hope Lewis Kerr doesn't punch the start marshal tonight as I'm not sure the old bloke who stands near the tapes will stand for that. I might pluck up the courage to speak to Shads tonight. However, if my shyness gets the better of me, I'll be wearing my black Castrol GTX jacket if he'd like to come over and say hello.
  12. thrillpool

    Tai Woffinden

    I had heard that Alun Rossier had text the squad and told them about the bonding session last week. However, due to auto correct on his phone, it turns out he'd invited them to a bondage session. Apparently Robert and Tai didn't fancy it but Adam, Danny and Cookie turned up wearing gimp masks.
  13. thrillpool

    Why Is Speedway Great?

    I love the anoraks covered in sew on patches, old people sat on fold up chairs with their flasks, the silky smooth voice of Craig Saul, wide open spaces on the terraces, 1970's music on the tannoy, track shop lucky bags, challenge matches against made up teams, the mushy peas at the Rye Fish Bar (but not the cutlery), trophies named after a motorway, but what I love most of all is being part of a family...the speedway family.
  14. thrillpool

    Premier League 4's

    I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that it's important to have good quality plastic cutlery with your fish and chips. I was thinking of keeping hold of my fork from yesterday, taking it with me the next time I visit Rye House and showing it to that penky looking guy in the suit.
  15. thrillpool

    Premier League 4's

    They'll be dancing in the streets of Plymouth tonight.

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