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  1. bigcatdiary

    Craig Cook

  2. bigcatdiary


    Certainly did well this year Lucifer
  3. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    You can just see it in a few weeks when clubs are scrambling to get fixtures in before the deadline (9th September) the weather will turn and we will have loads of rain offs. Two months of no rain will get rectified at some time.
  4. bigcatdiary

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Has anyone seen any information reference who is partnering Chris Harris at this event as at the moment it’s Richie Worrall who has officially left the club. GROUP 1LAKESIDE: Nick Morris/Richard LawsonSCUNTHORPE: Josh Auty/Jake AllenEDINBURGH: Ricky Wells/Erik RissPETERBOROUGH: Scott Nicholls/Michael Palm ToftBERWICK: Kevin Doolan/Aaron SummersGROUP 2SHEFFIELD: Kyle Howarth/Charles WrightIPSWICH: Rory Schlein/Nico CovattiGLASGOW: Chris Harris/Richie WorrallREDCAR: Ben Barker/Thomas Jorgensen WORKINGTON: Ty Proctor/Nicolai Klindt
  5. bigcatdiary

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Track was similar to Friday, didn’t seem to present too much of a problem for him then.
  6. bigcatdiary

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    The basic problem with running RR on a regular basis is losing another of your big hitters early in a match which generally stuffs you.
  7. bigcatdiary

    Lakeside v Sheffield 13 July

    Your right Halifax I do have a blind spot for Lakeside, I dislike the track and the stadium which has pretty much a complete lack of decent racing (in my opinion) and spectating facilities (seats, grandstand or good standing areas etc) I must be honest I am not a fan of Jon Cook either. I like a track that encourages racing, provides different racing lines and has races which are not decided by who gates first, which is why I am not a big fan of Rye or Eastbourne either but have attended both many times, and I am sorry to see any track go to the wall as I told some Rye fans who I spoke to at Peterborough Friday. Despite what some of said I meant no slight at Nicol, I just took exception to the comment that Lakeside isn’t a trick track, of course it is that’s why you pretty much stuff everyone at Arena, the only time you haven’t hit at least 50 at home was Ipswich in the Shield. Clearly the Sheffield match was a better one unfortunately the week before v Scunthorpe was mostly FTG (updates) which was mostly what I saw when I attended for Peterborough,s Shield match there in April.
  8. bigcatdiary

    Newcastle 2018

    Well if you believe that PR yes, shame it wasn’t spelled checked before it was released.
  9. bigcatdiary

    Lakeside v Sheffield 13 July

    Saturday with an alternative race night of Friday
  10. bigcatdiary

    Lakeside v Sheffield 13 July

    He blew a hole in nothing Lakeside is a trick track it’s just Nicol is American and all their tracks are like yours in the USA, generally most Americans are good starters as well, which is about 97% all you have to do at Arena
  11. bigcatdiary

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Think you will find we have a guest for Ulrich
  12. bigcatdiary

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Must be honest I thought Hume would kick on this year and get back to his pre injury form from last year when he was flying but it’s clear he is struggling this year and further injuries don’t help.
  13. bigcatdiary

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    18.9 An INJURED RIDER REPLACEMENT (IRR) Is a Facility that allows one certified injured rider’s (#1-#5) remaining programmed rides (including a ride in which he was unable to re-start but was not disqualified - FN) to be taken by other Team Members (including any Guest riders), and subject to: 18.9.1 The injured Rider not having completed 3 rides 18.9.2 Only one position per Team may be declared as IRR. 18.9.3 All riders with an MA below the Injured rider may take one IRR ride each. (NB. a reserve can have more than one IRR) 18.9.4 IRR is not permitted in Heat 15. 18.9.5 A Nomination once made cannot be changed.
  14. bigcatdiary

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    I think it’s more the timing of the decision rather than the decision itself.

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