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  1. bigcatdiary

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    And yet both Kelvin and Scott thought Sedgmen would be brought into heat 8 for Mountain.
  2. bigcatdiary

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    Some of his engines were rumoured to be iffy as well
  3. bigcatdiary

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    Seconded, please please get that Plonker off the commentary, he does my head in, he talks absolute bollox
  4. bigcatdiary

    Programme content

    I Used to buy one religiously at every match I went too but these days I use my iPad for matches and but for the fact I get a programme with my ST I wouldn’t bother, the reading material is awful and it’s the same old crap every week, some of that is down to the bspl fining anyone for content that’s controversial but it’s made programmes very bland and they are not sought after by collectors as much these days. I have dropped out of buying GP programmes as well, it’s pretty much the same content and front cover every round and the price is utterly ridiculous with some regular sellers on eBay charging as much for postage as for the programme. GB programmes have been £10 for years, yet the same programme a few weeks later on eBay are a third the price.
  5. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Undoubtedly, a natural at taking corners.
  6. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Seems pretty clear to me and I am not Doyle’s biggest fan, but then this is Barbara Horley’s specialist subject, (making complete cock ups on racing decisions), she has made a career out of it. Probably the only person in the stadium that thought Doyle was at fault.
  7. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    I think the aim was to help the home team and it clearly favours them. Super heats would certainly solve aggregate ties but other than that I really don’t see the point.
  8. bigcatdiary

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    Only this isn’t a win, it’s a draw, but a draw you get 3 points for. All thought up by Chris Louis I am told and as Roger Jacobs says above it’s a complete load of bolleaux
  9. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Not with that asking price
  10. bigcatdiary


    Havvy the too was how he was known at Peterborough, because after a crap meeting he always said it was too wet, too dry, too slick or too grippy
  11. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough V Ipswich 20th June

    It was well strapped up and in a sling after the meeting.
  12. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough V Ipswich 20th June

    Certainly was an eventful meeting with a section of the 3rd and 4th bends causing three crashes, Palm Tofts crash was unrelated and then we had Doyle fence Basso as he was passing him. Nevertheless some good racing overall even if we did have a few fence repair hold ups. Ipswich’s chance of getting anything from the match pretty much went with Barker getting hurt but Panthers were good value for their win. I saw the comment about Doyle apologising to Basso in the pits but that’s not the first time this year that Doyle has rode like that and their is no getting away from it, Doyle is a dirty rider, hard riding I can live with and blocking someone is fair enough but Doyle well overstepped the mark last night and rightly got excluded.
  13. bigcatdiary

    Kings Lynn 2022

    It needs a lot of co-operation between promoters in the BSPL but it doesn’t generally happen does it which is why we still have big problems. We need the three leagues to work together for the good of U.K. speedway but the facts shows that doesn’t happen, they cannot even have the same rules on how they operate or run competitions, until they start to work together Poland will be allowed to dictate things. For British riders to benefit from ACU allocations, ride for the GB team, ride in the British Championships, SON, SEC etc they should be required to ride in the U.K. and hold British Licences. I have absolutely no problem with British riders riding in Poland, Sweden or Elsewhere but they do need to ride in the U.K. if they want the benefits above.
  14. bigcatdiary

    Premiership Pairs

    I don’t disagree with any of that, with the bottom line being generally the racing is generally poor with just the occasional good meeting.
  15. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Neither did I

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