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  1. bigcatdiary

    SEC 2020

    Seeing your a Leicester fan probably explains your entertainment from last nights fiasco, having to watch that dross week in week out has clearly affected your judgement.
  2. bigcatdiary

    SEC 2020

    The track was terrible especially early doors when Red won pretty much as it liked. It really is about time these big events were given too tracks who can provide a decent race track, it says all when the event winner slates the surface as super slick. Its fairly obvious that to produce a slick surface is easy but a racing track that provides different racing lines is more difficult, I have attended Torun for GP,s in the past and it’s been excellent in previous meetings so it can be done. It would also have been better (for the spectators) if we had a referee who could actually see officiating at these meetings and a commentator who doesn’t always talk incessant garbage. Ermolenko was a very good rider but he is a crap commentator, please let Rowe and Goddard do it.
  3. Trouble is the UK don’t, I have no idea of the other leagues in Sweden and Denmark. If everyone got excluded for any movement before the tapes going up it would stop it everywhere.
  4. That’s a good point, they certainly don’t mess about or ignore the start Marshall. Luckily the ones I pay for are mostly at Peterborough, they are better than most I have to say.
  5. To be fair apart from one match most have been very processional, the match yesterday showed a gate 4 which put anybody at a distinct disadvantage from the other three. This hardly encourages good racing. I did find it entertaining when a Polish team manager chose Kenneth Bjerre for heat 15 in a last heat decider, it never works and it failed miserably this time as well. I can only say i am glad it’s free, I certainly wouldn’t pay good money to watch this every week.
  6. We checked this morning and Freesports was advertising this match at 9.30pm
  7. bigcatdiary


    Interesting because my copy arrived yesterday on time for the first time in a month.
  8. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Not his brightest idea
  9. bigcatdiary


    Thanks for that, it explains why sometimes it’s not arriving on Thursdays unless RM are up to speed. Currently a very good read with some interesting articles of late, just an idea what about a season review of U.K. comps starting with 1965.
  10. bigcatdiary


    My star also used to arrive regularly on Thursday but over the last few months it’s also been the occasional Fridays, like you mine hasn’t arrived yet and even taking into account the BH last Monday it’s a pretty poor effort by Royal Mail to deliver something that’s printed just 16 miles from my HA with a first class stamp. I am assuming it was posted on Tuesday.
  11. bigcatdiary

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    Already in hand I was reliably told.
  12. bigcatdiary

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Does Batchelor still live in Poland
  13. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    The stand was closed

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