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  1. Workington 2018 .

    He isn’t we are told. What’s really surprising is the fact Workington have released him in favour of Campton bearing in mind the form BWD is currently in.
  2. Unfortunately Anders Thomsen does Poland on Sundays.
  3. Of course it is, it should have been Monday & Thursday for the Premiership and that would have been the end of it. As per usual the decision was avoided because 3 clubs wouldn’t change race night.
  4. Well after last nights disaster I wonder what the team have in store for us on Sunday, Weather wise the odd shower on Saturday night Sunday morning but clearing for a brighter day. teams Peterborough - Nicholls, Grondal, Lunna , Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Bacon & Lambert Edinburgh - Wells, Andersson, Riss M, Ruml, Riss E, Williamson & Pickering
  5. The first in a short spell of three home meetings with Panthers looking to consolidate their position at the top of the league table, it should have been a full strength Panthers team but it appears Nike Lunna got hurt at Redcar last night, whether he is fit to ride remains unclear at this point. Workinton include Adam Ellis for Rene Bach and use RR for Rasmus Jensen who are both riding in Denmark. Teams Peterborough - Nicholls, Grondal, Lunna, Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Bacon & Lambert. Workington - Ellis, Jensen R/R, Proctor, Bewley, Klindt, Bickley & Wilson Dean.
  6. PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    That’s a surprise I should think a few had other commitments that took priority whilst no doubt a few broke down on route. Its worse than I thought they haven’t even got anyone there with a mobile yet that can do updates.
  7. I don't believe it

    To be honest that does seem to be the obvious answer.
  8. I don't believe it

    I can see both sides of this one but surely common sense would say it would have been easier to put Cook in the other semi bearing in mind this is the first GP of the season and it’s obviously a big deal for Craig. Somewhat ironic that GB are trying to get Woffinden back for the Speedway Nations and now appear to be trying to upset his obvious choice of partner. The words piss up and brewery spring to mind.
  9. Championship Shield

    I have been told (nothing written down) that’s its match points divided by matches played, which they have used for other non equal groups in previous competitions. Personally I would have thought two groups (one of 5 and another of 6) would have been the obvious option with group winners playing the other group runners up to decide the finalists. Or is that just too easy.
  10. Regulation 18.14.3 and the Rule Book

    It’s been mentioned every year since the year dot and every year it gets worse I have mentioned several times that the BSPA and the SCB should state what they require for the season and leave it to someone like Tony Steele to write it, so here we are in May and we have already had 7 amendments not including the recent change to GSA which to date still hasn’t been amended, BSPA promoters sat round a table coming up with wonderful ideas each year isn’t the way to do it. On the R/R and IRR debate I think it should be one or the other not both, teams using RR should be made to use a no 8 who has the same standing as a reserve, the fact that teams using RR can and often do lose another rider during the meeting just highlights the shortcomings of the facility.
  11. I though Berwick covered everything !!
  12. Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    Nothing about this on the Lakeside website
  13. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Their has been a further GSA today (issue 2 dated 1/5/18) which supercedes Issue 1dated 30/4/18. This has changed completely a lot of the averages for the fixtures at the end of the week. Its clear that the GSA now include Championship Shield matches, which is of course completely contrary to the current SCB regulations. The words utter shambles spring to mind.
  14. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Indeed, I dare say the real reason for now including Shield matches will show its face with some new team declarations.
  15. Fewer meetings and Rain Offs

    I was told the reason the Championship is only once home and away in the league is simply down to the voting power of those clubs who lose money each year opting to not lose quite as much as in previous seasons.