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  1. No TV deal?

    Sounds promising, thanks for the update.
  2. Redcar handed fours

    To be honest it should go to a different venue every year, like all the majors, unfortunately not everyone wants to stage them.
  3. Redcar handed fours

    Oh I don’t know, two wins and a draw at your place last year suggests otherwise.
  4. No TV deal?

    It’s apparent that putting on Speedway incurs some quite decent production costs running into thousands for each televised match but that must on the whole affect every live production by tv companies to cover sport. i would be interested to know what it costs to put a programme on but it must be well into 5 figures.
  5. Redcar handed fours

    Not knocking Redcar, been told it’s a lovely track, having been several times to Sheffield and Wolves I think it’s poor to concentrate a crowd in that way.
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I remember a certain Jonathan Chapman coming into the sport looking to make a difference Not everyone appreciated it did they Jonathan
  7. Redcar handed fours

    So basically CVS likes to cramp/squash his supporters on the terraces because the crowd looks better. wonderful
  8. No TV deal?

    Perhaps not a good idea to run against a GP Shouldn’t be much of a problem this year with only 14 Championship Fixtures
  9. No TV deal?

    Ok, so what about printing attendance figures for each match and then comparing them with when tv is in attendance. That would prove or disprove that theory straight away.
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Only averaged 8.44. Given the choice he would be the first name on the team sheet for me, utter box office, a class act and an out and out racer and a bloody nice chap to boot.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    All evidence I have is that the BSPA monitor a lot of what’s posted on here and clearly react sometimes to it as their own PR,s often suggest, some even post under their own names, a lot more do it under obscure user names.
  12. BSPA

    Interesting, no doubt a full press release will be forthcoming.
  13. BSPA

    Personally any decision that effectively stops British riders from riding in a British league is fundamentally wrong, especially when these riders don’t ride abroad. it will be interesting this year to see how many Championship riders doubling up miss meetings in the UK because of riding commitments abroad. As has been said before if they don’t want riders over 6 in the Premiership riding in the Championship then they should make the rule across the board and stop everyone over that average, the fact that they haven’t just highlights the complete inconsistencies of the BSPA.
  14. Nichols/kennett Rule

    I think Peterborough’s involvement has everything to do with it, you really don’t know the half of it.
  15. Redcar handed fours

    Of course it does any Championship club staging a Championship shared event provides an advantage to its riders. As previously stated neutral venues do not generally provide the BSPA with the revenue they clearly expect these events to make, that and the fact a lot of clubs just don’t want to stage them.