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  1. bigcatdiary

    Tape infringement

    Question - If Madsen is such an exceptional gater (no argument from me) why does he continually jump the starts.
  2. Saturday nights GP was much better than Friday’s with an excellent final, Zmarzlik has made himself firm favourite now and few can argue with that. He is just a very talented speedway rider that’s at the top of his form at present. Three GP wins out of 6 rounds says it all.
  3. What a truly shocking GP., the racing was almost non existent with most races boring strung out follow the leader crap. This venue has for years has produced utterly crap racing and it’s clear the people preparing it haven’t got a clue. The answer to riders trying to anticipate starts, which to be fair affected most of the field tonight is to exclude anyone moving before the tapes are released, I dare say a few early exclusions would solve the problem as riders would (hopefully) learn very quickly. It would be harsh as Tatum states but I do think it would solve this annoying problem.
  4. bigcatdiary


    Try emailing a complaint to your local Royal Mail area manager, funnily enough they don’t appear to like complaints but it generally rectifies the problem.
  5. Just seems a bit steep, I think it’s ridiculously expensive and won’t be bothering. Just cannot get it right can they, I dare say at a £5 they would have got pretty much most fans but at £13, we will see.
  6. bigcatdiary

    Rest of the GP series

    It’s a pity Ermolenko isn’t excluded from commentating, talks utter drivel continuously.
  7. bigcatdiary

    Rest of the GP series

    Not sure we need 20 but Friday and Saturday GP,s have been excellent. Already been a lot of debate on this subject
  8. Schlein confirmed he is riding this morning on the BSPA news
  9. I watched him ride before he was old enough to race and it was obvious then he was a very special and talented rider, like a lot of other people he had a weakness for drugs and it cost him a long career in a sport. I have also spoken to him several times since he retired and he comes across very well, absolutely no point in blaming anyone else for his misfortunes in life the fault lies with Lee. Unfortunately drug use ruins lives and not only for the one using them.
  10. I have read and listened to a lot of people on the new points scoring system and since the GP,s started we have tried several different and radical ideas of how to sort it out to come up with a winner. Over recent years with every race counting and points, exclusions falls and retirements all being factored in we came up with a top 8 which was followed by two semi finals and a final, this has run for quite a few number of years and pretty much everyone understood it including riders and as others have said it’s very difficult for anyone to manipulate results. Personally it doesn’t worry me at all that someone can accrue more points than the eventual winner, I really don’t see why we need to disadvantage or advantage riders over the meeting with an allocation of points they haven’t actually earned. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it comes through very clearly in my opinion and the credibility of speedways flagship competition needs to be above reproach. Whilst on the soap box I also wonder how on earth Dimitri Berge can be nominated as a qualified substitute for this years series, the blokes light years away from being a possible GP rider, if riders are not good enough to ride in the GP series why on earth do the federations allow them to attempt to qualify, this years GP Challenge is a classic example it was farcical.
  11. Isn’t that the truth, whoever thought this was a better system than the previous one wants sacking. GP was good, some entertaining racing but the points system oh dear.
  12. Reacting to other posters I have started another thread for Peterborough 2020, and I can add this title won’t change.
  13. bigcatdiary

    Poole 2020

    Ford was a major player in what was decided at AGM,s because he had the rider assets that a lot of clubs wanted for the next years Speedway, you would have to be incredible naive to think otherwise. i can also remember a certain Poole match at Swindon and another involving Poole at Peterborough when averages were manipulated, both incidents were investigated by the SCB at the time. I certainly have no wish to see Poole or any other speedway close but to paint Matt Ford as some kind of UK speedway saviour is a bit rich and just insults peoples intelligence. As I said before Matt Ford just cared about Winning Titles and Making money at Poole.
  14. bigcatdiary

    Poole 2020

    The only things Ford was ever interested in was 1. Winning the Title. 2. Making Money. Once he couldn’t guarantee either he lost interest, he never gave a stuff about UK speedway.
  15. Never mind next year I can see Lambert getting a wildcard entry this year
  16. bigcatdiary


    The Royal Mail postal delivery has been all over the place during the COVID crisis with my star being delivered any day from Thursday to Saturday and rarely two weeks the same, bearing in mind I live 24 miles from where it’s printed I think 3 days for RM to deliver it on a first class stamp is a joke and have queried it with them, it generally improves immediately so it shows an email can change things. The star itself is a great read currently and very welcome, I particularly like the articles on previous winning teams, what about a short season review during the modern era from 1965 along the lines off what you currently do at the end of the season.
  17. Seeing your a Leicester fan probably explains your entertainment from last nights fiasco, having to watch that dross week in week out has clearly affected your judgement.
  18. The track was terrible especially early doors when Red won pretty much as it liked. It really is about time these big events were given too tracks who can provide a decent race track, it says all when the event winner slates the surface as super slick. Its fairly obvious that to produce a slick surface is easy but a racing track that provides different racing lines is more difficult, I have attended Torun for GP,s in the past and it’s been excellent in previous meetings so it can be done. It would also have been better (for the spectators) if we had a referee who could actually see officiating at these meetings and a commentator who doesn’t always talk incessant garbage. Ermolenko was a very good rider but he is a crap commentator, please let Rowe and Goddard do it.
  19. bigcatdiary

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

  20. Trouble is the UK don’t, I have no idea of the other leagues in Sweden and Denmark. If everyone got excluded for any movement before the tapes going up it would stop it everywhere.
  21. That’s a good point, they certainly don’t mess about or ignore the start Marshall. Luckily the ones I pay for are mostly at Peterborough, they are better than most I have to say.
  22. To be fair apart from one match most have been very processional, the match yesterday showed a gate 4 which put anybody at a distinct disadvantage from the other three. This hardly encourages good racing. I did find it entertaining when a Polish team manager chose Kenneth Bjerre for heat 15 in a last heat decider, it never works and it failed miserably this time as well. I can only say i am glad it’s free, I certainly wouldn’t pay good money to watch this every week.
  23. We checked this morning and Freesports was advertising this match at 9.30pm
  24. bigcatdiary


    Interesting because my copy arrived yesterday on time for the first time in a month.

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