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  1. The offer to run this fixture at a neutral track was also turned down by the Lakeside promotion as they said it was unfair not to have a home track advantage although it is a track that all their riders go well at so not sure that’s a valid excuse.
  2. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Plans are well into place for 2019 which will please some fans but maybe not all will like the changes the club will be bringing. Nothing can be confirmed until after the BSPA AGM next month with regards to the team and league but other improvements at Leicester may be announced before then.
  3. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    For Speedway to continue at the Peterborough the Showground management need to find a solution where Speedway can have more dates as there will be an enlarged Championship maybe even 18-19 clubs plus Cup meetings. I really do hope that someone does come forward and is quite positive that Ged may be interested in leasing the club to new owners if they have not got the capacity to buy it at first
  4. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Mr Bump All will become clear very shortly why Simon could not continue as the Leicester TM. I thought that he did a very good job in difficult circumstances with injuries
  5. flagrag


    I cannot see how some people are saying that there was not much passing yesterday there was quite a bit I thought. The track was a little bit greasy for the first round of heats but that was due to the shower of rain before the start of the meeting. To say there was fallers in most races is wrong and the ones that did fall was due to the rider being out of control like Drew Kemp he was off gate 4 missed the gate and went too fast into the heavy dirt and couldn’t hold. The Leicester track does have to be ridden hard and attacked as if you try to go into the bends slow or narrow it does shoot you out mid track that showed with the likes of Bickley,Wooley and Woodhull they were shutting off into the bends so going straight where as likes of Wood,Clegg and Bowtell were keeping the gas on all the way round
  6. flagrag

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    TurnTwo- Wrong Jordan if I was to have a bet. a lot will depend on the final decisions on the NL formation for 2019 and also what happens to the Leicester Lions league choice
  7. flagrag


    Bruno- No the food inside Leicester is not good at all with over cooked chips and Burgers plus very expensive best to go McDonalds,Subway or Chippy if they are open. The food and bar outlets at the track are nothing to do with the Leicester promotion as they have leased it out and food quality has dropped massively
  8. flagrag


    Bruno- Start time has been moved forward to allow Morley and Bowtell to ride in the evening at Peterborough for Lakeside
  9. flagrag


    Free sports HD launch Has been put back on all platforms for the foreseeable future. This is due to mostly technical reasons one being that they feature some sport that is not produced in HD at present and to have a HD channel on Sky and Virgin there has to be a set percentage of content both recorded and live that is in HD. The second issue being their Satellite uplink provider does not have any space for a HD channel on what’s called a Spot Beam e.g A signal that can only be received in the UK this is required as like Polish/Swedish Speedway they only have rights for UK and Ireland. I am sure that it will happen but just not yet
  10. From what I have heard Peterborough are set to stick with Barker for the playoffs and are loaning him the Ashtech club engine that Nicholls was using in his few matches when he was flying. I do agree that not much between Barker and Wright but Barker more prepared to put it all in and a better team man. The 2015 situation people are mentioning was to do with a rolling chassis that the club provided that the rider failed to return but there is more to it with the club not keeping their end of the deal with things but all patched up now and I hear Ged was one of the first people in contact with Ben when he had a big crash at Sheffield earlier in the season.
  11. I think I am going to come up by train for this and hope that there are no major incidents and the meeting is all completed by 8pm it should really as that’s 3hours
  12. Thanks for the help everyone it looks like it maybe a little tight on the way back as would hate to have to miss the final to get back to the train. Looking at times provided by Google and Supertram looks like need to be at tram at 20:09 to make the last train back to London. Going to have a look at whether can move a work meeting on Monday so could drive up and stay in Midlands
  13. After a bit of help does anybody know how to get to the track on a Sunday from the train station and any idea what time the meeting is likely to be done by ? Just looking to see if I can come up for the this meeting but the last train South for me is at 20:58
  14. I made a rare visit to Poole last night as was down in Southampton for work so thought I would go along to cheer on the Lions even though I knew we were to be turned over. There was some quite good racing but as others have said track was bit slick to un predictable rainfall forecast. I can assure it was not Nicholls or Hans that wanted the meeting off more like a man who has a long surname that would be good in a game of Scrabble. From my view the ref was to blame though and do not rate Mr Robinson at all he should have been more strict with the riders and demanded more track work to be done also why did he allow the club to have the long interval
  15. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes Leicester can keep Wright but can also assess options with new averages becoming effective today which sees around a little more to play with so if there was a better rider available for around 6.90 which not sure there is

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