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  1. flagrag

    Glasgow 2022

    I wonder if Glasgow have tempted former Leicester manager Norrie Allen up to Scotland with a years supply of cigarettes and as much coffee as he can drink
  2. Ryan Douglas has not fallen out with the Leicester promotion in any way he has signed for Rawicz in Poland and the majority of their meetings are going to be on Saturday nights . Ryan has been considering his options whether to do UK Premiership,Sweden and Poland or UK both leagues and Poland. New signings will be announced this week along with the return of some former Lions from previous seasons
  3. flagrag

    Belle Vue 2022

    Most international riders do Poland on a Sunday then take a leisurely drive up to Northern Poland catch the ferry Monday to arrive Tuesday morning then get back to port to sail back to Poland Tuesday night. The mechanics actually like this as they all get together on the overnight ferries and have a few beers and chill out . The riders depending on other commitments may fly from Poland to Sweden on a Tuesday morning. If the rider is in the Friday match on a non GP weekend they often travel out to Sweden earlier and have a few days down time both Magic and Robert Lambert did this regularly
  4. If these meetings get rained off again then what are Poole & Glasgow fans thoughts about a straight one off winner takes all final at a neutral track like Leicester on Saturday 6th November
  5. As it stands at the minute Leicester are planning on running a NL team in 2022 and have already got two good 15 year olds lined up as their reserves. With regards to the Lions team planning is very well advanced with some fans favourites returning to the club, along with an Australian moving from a Northern track
  6. I wonder if Poole may decide to not run their meeting on Wednesday now which would then mean they could have the second leg of their semi which can happen if they dont pick Leicester. They could also decide to pick Glasgow if want to run this Wednesday
  7. The Leicester club were not told until 5pm that Basso was not riding and were told that he was ill that is what I assume would go on the referees report. Maybe Phil Griffin pointed out to Middlo that he would now be under a compulsory ban hence why a rib injury has been reported today.
  8. I understand that Basso has a non Speedway related illness and as no medical note was provided he now is suspended for 7 days
  9. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Unfortunately that does not sound good for the future past 2023, I don’t like the working about keeping the events arena and conference facilities I have a feeling they mean just the indoors section and the speedway track and grandstand will become housing and retail. If this work all goes ahead then this will rule out the showground being used for large events like Truckfest,The motorcycles events and big camping events
  10. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2021

    ******Urgent and important ******** If anybody receives a Facebook friend request from Leicester Speedway do not accept it or complete the questionnaire even if you can see some fellow fans in the group , It appears a copy page has been created that has copied all the clubs official posts
  11. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Maybe Peterborough have a double move submitted for the Play Offs with a higher average replacement for Ulrich and Another rider dropping out of the team
  12. flagrag


    Although it sounds easy just need to consider Speedway demographics, it’s not like just putting a channel number into your Sky or Virgin media box and also no option to record programming so watch it live or edited version on demand. Its been reported that Matchroom Sports who moved their Boxing over from Sky to DAZN recently are very disappointed with viewing figures for their fight camp Live boxing shows they have recently done with them being 75% down to 2020 when it was on Sky Sports this in turn has meant a couple of large sponsors have pulled the plug on advertising and will instead move to BT for future events. I would hazard a guess that if DAZN were to get Speedway’s GP series for the UK would be between 5-8k viewers if they are lucky .
  13. flagrag


    The tender process for Speedway GP rights for the UK actually finishes tomorrow 1st September Eurosport events are quite happy to sell the rights to another broadcaster if the money is right if not then they will feature it on their own channels and Online player. The last I heard there was at least 3 interested parties but is complicated even more than normal as BT sport is being sold and if an existing broadcaster purchases then they may be bidding against themselves pushing the price up. The broadcaster Speedway fans need to be wary of is DAZN as they are bidding for lots of sports rights in the UK but is only an online channel.
  14. flagrag

    Leicester vs Plymouth 28 August 2021

    This is going to be a difficult meeting for the Lions with Plymouth top 3 I would have been more confident if we would have had Nick Morris as he has been very impressive this season. The crucial thing will be how Ruml and Cook take to the Leicester track, If Dan Thompson and Zane Kennedy beat them that should be enough for Leicester
  15. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    If it is a broken collarbone for Palin I would say that Panthers may look at making a signing, Unfortunately the two best 1* options Dan Gilkes and Dan Thompson are unlikely to want to join Peterborough as they would have to drop the NL with both their teams still in with a chance of winning the league

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