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  1. It looks like this assumption may be incorrect as I understand that Eurosport events have put together a tender document for the broadcast rights to Speedway GP and interestingly World Cup. These rights are for individual countries inc main Speedway nations UK,Poland,Denmark and Sweden. So possibly they have realised that better return on investment will happen if they sell the rights off on an individual basis and then show it on their own channels in countries that do not take up a broadcast rights contract like France,Holland,Spain and Turkey . The other that also has to be considered is that this tender process could just be a EU law compliance exercise to say it was put out to competition tender but Eurosport TV always have the highest bid
  2. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Trust me the viewer numbers are a lot higher than the ones being indicated by BARB just on Sky some meetings have been getting 15-18,000 alone
  3. The Leicester track is near one of the factory’s that has had an outbreak but the main area where many of the people live is about 4-5 miles away and any further lockdown will be more localised so don’t see any issues with Leicester practice sessions continuing. Why Leicester has been popular this year is an interesting one but so know the clubs that have hired have been Southern based ones and more to come in July . Not sure why Kings Lynn have not been doing more but have heard Mr Chapman can’t be bothered with private hire any more. Also some young riders have said previously that they get more out of practicing at Leicester than Scunny as you have to ride and turn harder at Leicester so learn more .
  4. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Racers and Royals- This is the issue that Sky sports had they required to have a clean feed out of Poland so just pictures and graphics with no audio and when they cut to interview the clean feed to go to a beauty shot so comms can do their bit to fill the time and can go to adverts if required. Not sure how Premier are getting the pictures but to me the picture quality is not good and is actually worse than some of internet channels so it’s not the host material and I checked on Monday at work on Sky there was plenty of bandwidth available on Satellite for Premier sports. I do wonder if they are taking a standard at home Polish satellite channel and then just rebroadcast it as I cannot see any uplink feeds coming out of the stadiums other than one channel for the Polish broadcast I am not sure how good N Sport and Eleven are with letting Premier sports know the running order and timings as Dave Goddard does not seem to know when they are going into interviews so cannot prepare what he is going to do and say easily. The production does seem a little better on the N sport matches to me though and if I was Premier I would be making sure that they get a guarantee on a min amount of interviews in English from the non Polish riders and maybe even get the interviewer to do a little section mid meeting and at end about what’s being said in the pits and rider reaction it would add more engagement with UK fans.
  5. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Polish Speedway is going to struggle to get the Sunday evening meeting live in the UK as this clashes with NASCAR and Serie A football on Premier sports both of which are their two biggest audiences They could put it onto Freesport but it will depend on how much subscribers they have gained by adding Speedway to their portfolio
  6. flagrag

    Glasgow 2020

    They definitely won’t be the only Championship club not taking part in 2020 with a couple of Southern clubs reviewing their options. I have a feeling that we may have 7-8 Championship clubs if we get the season started all with limited capacity
  7. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    Saturday 29th August to replace the Russian GP as issues getting visas currently along with worries of logistics getting riders & equipment there in current situation and It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK
  8. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    Peterborough would be the best venue plenty of car parking, Space for vans,Broadcasters and could have lots of catering and drink outlets, maybe have a entertainment after the meeting The show ground would also allow for the biggest crowd with Vojens style temporary raised stands on bends and back straight with fans standing in the area below. However this would be very expensive for BSI and large financial risk. Likely to be at another location further South and East than Peterborough though I think
  9. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    If a British Speedway GP happens in 2020 think you will find it more South East than Manchester , Belle Vue issue is the Speedway of Nations BSI do not want to dilute that especially if the events are quite close they may only be 3-4 weeks apart. Which ever way it is going to be a very different experience to Cardiff with all the social gatherings and drinking it will be all about the Speedway this year
  10. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    It will be interesting if BSI get statement out in the morning now that National Media have confirmed that the stadium will remain equipped as a hospital until the autumn. I suspect that they are trying to do a release with new details of British GP at another venue with lower capacity(Not Belle Vue ) and also to confirm ticket prices and any GWG discounts they will offer to existing ticket holders so that BSI can keep the majority of money paid. Any restaging of the event will also be subject to UK Government allowing events of over 2,000 people
  11. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    BSI really do need to get on and cancel this event or at least stop selling tickets otherwise they could be setting themselves up for some legal challenges from customers. They were informed 4-5 weeks ago by WRFU that July wasn’t available and they couldn’t offer any alternative dates until at least November and that Cardiff Police have indicated that any events at the stadium cannot take place on the same day as Cardiff city are playing at home
  12. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Racers and Royals- You are correct a clean feed has previously been provided from Poland for Premier Sports and I am sorry I should have been clearer the question has been asked in the last two weeks about having a clean feed or them providing one with English comms which they have declined.
  13. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    To be honest I am not sure how they are doing the production based upon current situation but on based upon how ExtraLiga was previously produced then yes it would be very easy to produce a clean feed it’s just another section on the vision mixer. Where there would be a cost is getting the pictures from the stadiums to broadcasters as unlike the UK Poland does not have a national fibre optic network for broadcast. So in the UK this would just mean sending two feeds down the connection to then be distributed by BT or NEP UK around the world to broadcasters. In Poland it would require another satellite channel and you pay per minute for that and is a more costly way of broadcasting but can easily be done so yes the declined request is likely to have been based upon a cost decision. Personally with the current situation and the lack of live motorsports I feel that the PZM and their media partners have missed a good opportunity here to sell to new markets. Broadcasters worldwide are desperate for professional live sport content now and I strongly believe countries that are motorsport mad that previously have shown no interest in Speedway like Italy,Spain,Germany etc would take the Polish league as long as it was priced reasonably.
  14. flagrag

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    The question has already been asked about ExtraLiga on UK tv but PZM , their media agents and N+ are all not interested in providing an English feed or even a clean feed with no comms so unless a last minute change of heart will be the usual internet sources
  15. flagrag

    Cardiff 2020

    That’s very interesting that they are still continuing to sell tickets for an event that has already been cancelled with the WRFU for July. Further evidence today with Welsh FA finishing all league football as no crowds going to be allowed in Wales until September. I don’t think anybody knows why BSI do not want to formally cancel this the only assumption that can be made is that they are trying to make decisions about the whole series for 2020

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