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  1. flagrag

    Sheffield 2019

    Jenga- I was on about the 50/50 draws at Leicester that have been over £350 winnings each week. Back on subject it is clear that for whatever reason Sheffield fans and people do not like Sunday racing, so with the limited availability of the stadium and the Premiership fixed race nights the only option is for Sheffield to go up to the top division. However this is not a move that the Bates Family Are prepared to do so new promotion is required for 2020
  2. flagrag

    Sheffield 2019

    The other difference between Leicester and Sheffield is that Leicester fans support the team through the difficult times where as some Sheffield fans are only interested in winning and if they lose a meeting then stay away and criticise from home You just have to look to Sunday Leicester fans brought Josh Bates a new helmet after his recent crash and also always get very large 50/50 draws
  3. Skidder 1 - Freesports is already in HD on Virgin as far as I know it was just Sky that was missing
  4. More good news Freesport are going HD on Sky from July 15th so no more fuzzy vision which if I am honest is why I have not watched a single match this season
  5. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Josh is ok although I am sure he will feel a bit sore and knocked about in the morning and the bike is going to take some straightening by the looks of it. He was quite a lucky lad not to have injured his back again with the force he came down with.
  6. flagrag

    Photographers in British Speedway

    I am sure the two named photographers at Leicester will be spoken to again and reminded that this has to stop straight away and if they have any grievances then they should raise it with the club and Nigel Pearson
  7. flagrag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I have a feeling Perks signing will not be announced until after the weekend so that he can ride for the Lion cubs in the KO cup
  8. flagrag

    Photographers in British Speedway

    I don’t think there is any doubt that Taylor is a good young up and coming photographer who is prepared to do the miles to take his pictures all around the country. To answer some questions about why clubs keep using Taylor’s photos where possible this is due to clubs sub contracting their social media presence out to Phil Lanning media which is Taylor’s dad that is part of the reason why he is around so many tracks so clubs are getting away meetings as well as home. Also the BSPA social media output is done by Nigel Pearson whose preferred photography supplier is Lanning Media
  9. flagrag

    SoN Belle Vue

    As far as I know tonight is a BSI production so would say Steve Saint will be the director he does all the GPs and has done for years. It does like that they are using a different OB provider Timeline tonight so some of the camera crew may not have done Speedway before as they only do British GP and SON
  10. flagrag

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    I know Saturday nights are at a premium but the decision to run this night does look rather silly by Leicester. Belle Vue are one of the glamour clubs in the league with their young riders and I think they will be up towards the top of the league it would make sense to move this to another date when a full side can be tracked. Also to go up against the first GP on TV and the FA Cup final involving a Manchester team plus to a lesser extent the Eurovision song content. To me there seems lots of reasons to move this fixture to a more suitable date.
  11. flagrag

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Further good news BT sports will be broadcasting their live Premiership meetings in Ultra HD this season on BT TV and Virgin media but sadly not on Sky. So first meeting is next week Swindon vs Peterborough
  12. flagrag

    Birmingham v Leicester

    I wouldn’t worry about a restaging date for this fixture as Wednesday 12th June is already in the Lions riders schedule to be at Birmingham in KOC 2nd round which may now not be required as Birmingham lost heavily in the first leg at Eastbourne
  13. flagrag

    Leicester v Redcar BCS 30.03.19

    I have to agree the track lighting at Leicester is in need of an upgrade and was always one of the most difficult tracks to broadcast from for both Sky & BT. The lights have lost some of their lumen which is to be expected as coming up to 10 years old they also need to be taken in on the bends as following the track alterations they do cover the inside line very well especially on bend 3&4
  14. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    What I find interesting it’s the same promotors trying to implement this rule on sponsor logos that refused to put Sky Sports logo on team suits and bike covers unless extra money was given yet were quite happy to already take the league sponsorship money and tv rights money.
  15. I believe the Witches were offered victory parade on Saturday but declined as Bomber was needed for BSPA press duties and Danny King wanted to go out for a practice so the management said No.

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