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  1. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    From what I understand Eurosport will have worldwide rights to British Speedway so will broadcast it on their channels across Europe. Hence why some Polish sponsors are interested in Sponsorship as can guarantee to get your company name on a Poole or Kings Lynn racesuit or an advertising banner on the track would be a lot cheaper than you would pay at Leszno or Wroclaw for the same thing. 2020 does seem a strange year for Eurosport to take on Speedway as they have a busy summer of sports rights with it being an Olympic Year and I know they are still bidding on other rights including some European football
  2. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    Method From what I have been told by colleagues at BT they were very interested in keeping British Speedway but Eurosport put in a higher bid and could offer pan Europe coverage which the BSPA liked as they hope to attract some Polish sponsors as well. I just hope that everyone realises where Speedway sits in Eurosport priorities well down the list behind Cycling,Tennis,Athletics,Football,Swimming ,Snooker and Olympics also they only have two channels to show it on so will be interesting to see their scheduling
  3. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    To answer some of the questions about streaming Speedway from tracks when Bet 365 did the meetings each one was costing them over £500 per meeting and cost over £2,500 per track to setup. The I Follow system that is in place for football league cost over £30,000 per club to setup Some of the old Speedway infrastructure is still in place but has been taken out of some stadiums and is not really up to standard now. The rollout of 5G mobile networks over the next few years will really bring down the cost of remote production and enable smaller sports more options with streaming.
  4. flagrag

    REDCAR 2019

    THJ I would count Josh Pickering out of guesting against Leicester.
  5. FromAFar- Not sure there is much in it Berwick to Leicester for Doolan or East Sussex to Leicester for Ed K. Although I did hear that the beer was rather good at the Longtrack in Germany last night
  6. flagrag

    Big decisions in November.

    As it stands at the moment Leicester are planning on staying in the Championship and riders at that level have already been spoken to. Sheffield will depend on the new owners and how they feel about top level racing, But the lure of a 5year tv deal may swing them as it has at Somerset. Like most clubs Glasgow have been encouraged but the owners don’t think crowds would support it in the week and logistical not perfect with Belle Vue being nearest rivals .
  7. flagrag

    Leicester 2019

    Eddie Kennett is riding in world Long Track on Saturday so Eastbourne have Rory guesting and they can have a guest if they wish on Sunday. Leicester’s guest will be announced very soon and is a bit of a track specialist at Eastbourne.
  8. Not sure if this is correct but there was reports going round after the meeting that Craig had his SCB hearing this afternoon before the meeting and that may have been the reason for his performance. What I do know was that SCB chairman Jim Lawrence was in attendance along with other SCB appeal members Mick Bates and Rob Godfrey as was the SCB administrator so there may well have been some truth in these reports. If correct I expect a statement in the morning as obviously he will not be at Wolverhampton for Kings Lynn on Monday night.
  9. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    Philiprising- Eurosport will be showing the Olympics in the UK in 2020 it’s only because of the protected rights legislation here that they have to allow a free to air broadcaster share the coverage. They also have a number of high profile snooker tournaments during the summer and as I previously indicated like with the SGP and British Speedway they are chasing after other rights some a lot bigger than Speedway including some football not UK but major European league as well as other high profile sports. So with just two channels my worry is that Speedway will get bumped on a regular occasion and viewers will end up with recorded replay. We shall have to see how it all works out the main thing is keeping the sport on British TV for fans and sponsors
  10. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    It is very interesting to get the various thoughts on this matter from the I don’t want any tv meetings group ,Then you have the Let’s stick with BT e.g I am happy with what I am getting now group , Then the Let’s see what Eurosport are prepared to offer & get rid of Pearson and Tatum squad and then finally the bring it back on Sky sports with Tony Millard and Jonathan Green & Suzi Perry this of course cant happen sadly. It appears that this is not fully decided yet and the good thing for British Speedway is that there is a couple of offers available to the sport. I just hope that they are being advised by the correct people who know broadcasting. My worry with Eurosport although pan Europe is that they are bidding on other rights as well so Speedway’s a filler in case can’t get anything better and in 2020 they will not want to know Speedway during July and August due to the Olympics which they already have to broadcast .
  11. flagrag

    TV new deal?

  12. flagrag

    TV new deal?

    I really do hope that the BSPA see sense and do not allow Eurosport to get the British Speedway broadcast rights as it will be a budget production gone will be your UHD coverage with multiple camera angles they will look at doing a more remote production with around 4 cameras and commentary done from London to save costs. As much as it pains me to say it but BT sport have done a good job in broadcasting Speedway since taking over with new innovation and fresh sense of broadcasting
  13. flagrag

    Leicester 2019

    Leicester have got to make sure that they position the team to have the best chance in the play offs and the Shield final. Sometimes decisions have to be made which may not be popular with all fans. But be assured Stewart and the Bates family know how important this end of season is to the club and it’s fans.
  14. flagrag

    Poole 2019

    When THJ came over here for Kings Lynn he couldn’t be bothered and was riding a MDL riders bikes and just brought random engine over with him he didn’t even bring back protector and gloves. This year i understand he his bringing complete bikes,toolkit and mechanic with him so should be better
  15. flagrag

    Sheffield 2019

    Leicester need to make a double swap anyway as it’s pretty much definite that Richie will not be returning this year and this may be a chance to strengthen the middle & bottom end of the team up. Would Sheffield fans have been happy to have Kemp then see Nicol at Leicester ?

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