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  1. flagrag

    Leicester v Redcar BCS 30.03.19

    I have to agree the track lighting at Leicester is in need of an upgrade and was always one of the most difficult tracks to broadcast from for both Sky & BT. The lights have lost some of their lumen which is to be expected as coming up to 10 years old they also need to be taken in on the bends as following the track alterations they do cover the inside line very well especially on bend 3&4
  2. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    What I find interesting it’s the same promotors trying to implement this rule on sponsor logos that refused to put Sky Sports logo on team suits and bike covers unless extra money was given yet were quite happy to already take the league sponsorship money and tv rights money.
  3. I believe the Witches were offered victory parade on Saturday but declined as Bomber was needed for BSPA press duties and Danny King wanted to go out for a practice so the management said No.
  4. flagrag

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I was at the show ground last night for the Boxing and the track looked good although obviously still quite a lot more work to do but the actual surface looked different with more clay added and less brick dust
  5. flagrag

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nicholls instead of Proctor anyone?
  6. flagrag

    Leicester NL 2019

    Thompson Twins and an ex Tiger looks like the starting point for the Leicester NL team.
  7. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2019

    I said a couple of weeks ago that the decision that Leicester have made would please some fans with Saturday night racing and dropping to a weakened Championship It will be interesting to see what the crowds are like on Saturdays in the 2nd division as part of the reason Mr Hemsley took the club up was falling crowds on Saturday night and also rider availability
  8. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Pete used to attend Leicester Speedway and do some odd jobs like litter collecting and cutting the grass in the week. However he was permanently barred from the stadium due to being abusive to stewards and away supporters he seemed very opinionated in his views. From what I personally saw there was no signs of his wrong doing while at the Speedway and goes to show how shocking some people’s personalities and lives can be.
  9. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    Crump99- This year even among the promoters there has been lots of talks and views on how to move the sport forward in the UK some of which are quite radical. Some promotions want to strip the Championship back to cut costs so NL standard reserves and no top riders like Nick Morris,Craig Cook,Ricky Wells,Danny King,Scott Nicholls etc so number ones become your MPT,Garrity,Summers In the Premiership you have clubs that want no doubling up others want more. Some want more meetings others don’t So until it is agreed at the AGM what the league format is going to be and what other teams are going to be in the leagues some clubs are unsure which way to go. As I have explained previously Peterborough have issues over Sunday racing with stadium availability and rider availability too.
  10. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    The most important thing is Peterborough are running and subject to the BSPA members acceptance of the new ownership Ged and Neil can make the best decisions for the club depending on the outcome of the league structure talks.
  11. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2019

    LionsMan66- Plans are well advanced for 2019 just need the official confirmation from AGM on League structure and limits then final bits of jigsaw can be finished. One of the first priorities will be confirming the clubs number 1 and they can then build around that
  12. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    Noodles- Possibly in an ideal world where stadium availability and rider availability was not an issue I am sure a lot of clubs would like to run on a Sunday afternoon but Peterborough don’t have that option so it is a case of run Championship on a Tuesday or Thursday night the best option is Premiership on Monday
  13. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    Obviously nothing is confirmed until after the conference and all promotions know what the format of the league is going to be they can then make the best decision for their club. In Peterborough case as it was told to me last week Championship on a Sunday was no longer an option due to general lack of dates especially if 2 or 3 more clubs join the league. There is also concerns over rider availability for both home and away riders as if they vote on less doubling up riders like King,Nicholls,Schlein,Morris,Wells,Bewley etc will choose the Premiership and go back to riding in Polish 1st and 2nd division to maintain their earnings. I know many of these clubs like Pila,Ostrow,Opole and others are already trying to get these riders to sign up for them
  14. flagrag

    Panthers up for sale.

    I have heard that showground availability is one of the reasons that Peterborough are going up as very few clashes mid week where as they already know that there are 5 Sunday’s from March until May that the stadium is not available. It also makes sense with local matches against Kings Lynn and Ipswich plus possibly Leicester depending on decisions with the level of racing in Championship
  15. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2019

    It’s interesting to read other Leicester fans comments about the possibility of dropping down to the Championship. The question I would like to ask would you still support the club and a move down a league if the Championship was at a lower level than what it is now. For example no Nick Morris,Danny King,Craig Cook,Ricky Wells,Scott Nicholls,Rory Schlien etc but instead riders like MPT,Ben Barker,Aaron Summers,Charles Wright are your number ones with National League standard riders like Connor Mountain,Tom Brennan,Jordan Jenkins being at reserve and no2 in the team ?

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