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  1. flagrag

    Leicester v Newcastle 9/4/22

    BWD was awful tonight and did not seem at all interested in racing. I have not seen him for a few years but looks like has put quite a bit of weight, his bikes looked poor as had bright covers but then using Peterborough mudguards from his last season over here . As expected Congrave is very out of depth reminded me of Jedd List that came over for Scunthorpe,Newcastle would be better off with a NL rider. It was good to see Paul Starke putting up a little fight
  2. Arthur Sissis was the rider that Sheffield had and like Darcy he is a natural on a motorcycle and could have been very good at Speedway if he had been more focused. Both him and his family knew he was good but he always has road racing as well as Speedway and at one point was tipped to be a Moto GP rider but is now racing in the Aussie Superbike series. His Speedway equipment was never that good quality and having Sheffield as a home track shows his lack of speed and then he was a bit unlucky picking up few injuries
  3. It is my understanding that some of the GPs will be shown live on Eurosport in the UK along with highlights and other features on Quest. This is being done for two reasons firstly they know it is very unlikely that significant numbers would sign up to watch online using Discovery Player that is confirmed by the amount of subscribers that Premier Sport get for their Polish & Swedish league coverage. Secondly from a technical perspective Eurosport that is broadcast on Sky is on a satellite transponder that is on a tight UK footprint so is very difficult to receive outside of UK ,where as the Polish and most European versions can be viewed pretty much anywhere in Europe. There will of course people that will do screen Scraping to re-broadcast on the internet and I fully expect the BSN Championship coverage will done as well
  4. Not sure if Josh is having second thoughts now about returning to racing as he didn’t seem very committed on Saturday and he wasn’t riding his usual lines around Leicester
  5. It’s not just Danish riders that Birmingham are having a problem signing due to fixture clashes. They had another rider lined up to return to the UK for them but the deal was stopped by authorities due to him missing a number of weekend away fixtures due to meetings abroad.
  6. Birmingham have their team it’s just waiting for them to announce it or will it just be a case of come to Leicester on Saturday to find out ? Some of these issues have been caused by a rider having their arm twisted to ride for Birmingham as No1 then trying to back track saying if you can get anyone else I will drop out as they are not fussed about starting in Championship in 2022
  7. The same Plymouth team that tried to get a Birmingham signing to change his mind to ride at Plymouth when Eddie K said it wasn’t going to work out for him
  8. flagrag

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I did find it strange last week that he was keen to practice at Leicester and had new bikes built here in the UK so this is probably the reason why
  9. Brady Kurtz as Number 1 ?
  10. If a young Australian wonder if it may be Fraser Bowes although if he wanted to do the UK would have thought Glasgow would have signed him up. I noticed he has been out in Spain training with Lublin so assume part of their squad in 2022
  11. They have some good knowledgeable Speedway people involved there and I am sure that they will not let Mr Rogers pull the wool over their eyes. Dave Rowe is a good honest guy who loves his Speedway and is master of stats of Speedway and I met Gary Drinkwater and his wife Lorraine when they were involved at Coventry. Nigel Tolley is a very astute businessman and has made himself very good money by sound investments so don’t see him getting involved at Birmingham without doing his due diligence
  12. flagrag

    Belle Vue 2022

    It would be excellent if British racing can get Tai back in the league for the full season and hopefully additional sponsorship can be found to make the deal happen. Tai and his family are having a new custom built house built at present in the UK as his daughter is due to start school in September so he will be UK based when he can. My understanding is that Tai did let Wolves know of his intentions to return to UK and what sort of deal he was looking for, They decided against it as did another Northern PL club but BV believe that they can raise some additional sponsorship and that he would attract extra fans . BV fits in well to Tai’s schedule as can fly in on Monday from Wrocław his UK full time mechanic is based in North Derbyshire so close by as well
  13. flagrag

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    I understand it was the opportunity to ride at the Leicester practice sessions that convinced Vinnie and his dad to join Leicester for 2022. With regards to other riders on that low average Leicester will have two 3point reserves to start the season and there really isn’t many more that are up to NL standard yet From the clubs point of view I do remember Stewart Dickson seeing him ride at Leicester for Kent and being very impressed with his raw talent and hopefully with some guidance can become more settled if not the Air Fence repair company are going to have a busy year from Leicester meetings also it has to be remembered if he is found to be out of his depth then Max James becomes an option in July
  14. flagrag

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    There still is a question though whether signing for a NL club does this make the rider an asset of that club or not especially when the rider is U16 like Ben Trigger,Max James and Max Perry I know there was some confusion last season with a couple of riders as the NL is considered non professional training league and previously riders like Charles Wright, Craig Cook when they rode NL they only became an asset of a club when they rode CL or PL
  15. I don’t think that will be the last time that Lions fans will be getting confused which Max it is in 2022

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