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  1. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    NL fours cancelled due to football and England playing last group game. There was also two clubs that had rider availability issues so made sense to change the date.
  2. flagrag

    Bt Sport Coverage

    From what I have been informed Natalie,Kelvin,Nigel and Brando all do the British League Racing for the love of the sport and provide their services very cheap and well below market value as they understand how important tv coverage is to British clubs with attracting sponsors and new supporters
  3. flagrag

    Poole 2018

    After the Vaculik situation I think there is zero chance of Gorzow letting any of their Polish riders ride in the U.K. let alone Wozniak who has really upped his game this year
  4. Don’t forget quite a bit of car parking will be unavailable due to the tv outside broadcast trucks and tv studios being situated on exit to turn 4
  5. flagrag

    Poole 2018

    Don’t think Erik Riss is that interested in Premiership racing at the moment as has a busy calendar on the continent inc Poland plus I understand his GF is coming over from Australia and has planned trips around Europe with her sightseeing
  6. flagrag

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Although I wasn’t there myself I have been told by two separate people that the track looked like it had been heavily watered at some point and well packed down with little sign of the surface being aired or attempts to dry it out. It may well be that was done earlier and then heavy packed down again I am sure if able to Glyn will come on here to confirm facts
  7. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The crowds at Leicester this year have been good in general but sooner or later they are going to start getting home defeats with home the team performs. To me the team is one decent rider away from being a good team but it’s so difficult to make that move at the moment and once some riders sitting out of U.K. do want to do meetings it’s too late
  8. Iainb Not sure what meeting you watched last night there was two or three top races including heat 15
  9. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I think today has confirmed that Leicester are not strong enough and need to look how they can get stronger, keep giving teams points by not winning by enough at home and so far away have been very disappointing. There are a couple of moves that could happen but need to get the right riders The problem being as other clubs are finding is to make changes that improve you is difficult as riders don’t want to come or Polish clubs won’t let them come Pawel P is a good example would love to ride in UK but Torun will not allow him to even though they are giving him sometimes 1 ride.
  10. It’s fully understandable that many fans are very unhappy with the line ups for tonight but it has to be remembered that Leicester tried very hard to get the date of this fixture changed even as late as the 1st leg but KL would not have it. I cant see there being a very large crowd tonight so financially could be very bad for the club if poor crowd
  11. Leicester will have RR for Anderson and Wells for King as his arm was very painful after a couple of rides tonight so has pulled out of Kings Lynn tomorrow
  12. As far as I know Leicester are going with RR for K Bjerre and Schlein for Hans and awaiting confirmation whether King will be fit which should be known tomorrow as making a decision whether he rides in British semi on Tuesday at Leicester. As another poster has said KL should be having Cook but other guests are hard to find due to other meetings and most Danes unavailable plus some riders who have the night off don’t want a guest booking as already have U.K. Monday and Sweden Tuesday
  13. Tellboy from what I hear from the Leicester club they have offered to change the date a few times and even tried again on Monday but with no success. So Leicester will run with Guest for Anderson and RR for Bjerre so all riders can take a ride
  14. Leicester wanted to go to Kings Lynn obviously with a full strength side as want to progress in the cup however the date is upto to the home club to arrange. Maybe the KL promotion feel that Leicester are at more of a disadvantage than themselves
  15. I have a feeling that both teams have a number of riders missing with both Bjerre and Anderson missing for Leicester along with Iverson,Kasper Anderson and MPT all in the Danish League. Just hope that both fans are kept up to date with replacements

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