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  1. I made a rare visit to Poole last night as was down in Southampton for work so thought I would go along to cheer on the Lions even though I knew we were to be turned over. There was some quite good racing but as others have said track was bit slick to un predictable rainfall forecast. I can assure it was not Nicholls or Hans that wanted the meeting off more like a man who has a long surname that would be good in a game of Scrabble. From my view the ref was to blame though and do not rate Mr Robinson at all he should have been more strict with the riders and demanded more track work to be done also why did he allow the club to have the long interval
  2. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes Leicester can keep Wright but can also assess options with new averages becoming effective today which sees around a little more to play with so if there was a better rider available for around 6.90 which not sure there is
  3. Well let’s try and get this thread back on track. To answer the question of Mr Shovlar and Big Al. At Leicester there are no money issues at all in fact crowds have been good and most supporters are still behind the team despite bad results and displays. The team changes made were not done in any form of cost cutting measure as there was at least two clubs chasing Nicholls and another team after Auty . As has been described before Bjerre was not performing as a heat leader and KP was released purely down to amount of away meetings Leicester had left where he will struggle more than at home. The promotion are aware that current team may not be as strong as they thought but have Charles Wright’s 28 day deal due to expire soon and with new averages can review again at that point to see if anything better that can be done
  4. Lisa Collette- Also the rider that has scored the extra points will want paying for them as well. As I said hopefully this can all be clarified in the morning and not left for Ref to sort out at the track. It is an especially complex situation as Josh is riding on a Polish license so PZM have denied his start permission to ride in UK which then opens a problem with riders insurance. Leicester had this problem a few seasons ago when Wozniak wanted to ride for Leicester and PZM wouldn’t issue his start permit as his club Wroclaw wanted him to practice he physically could not ride for the Lions without the correct paperwork. Relations are not the best between PZM and SCB after the Chris Harris situation earlier this year so don’t know which way this will go as it’s UK priority but rider is on license of second country
  5. I have heard tonight that Leicester are getting clarity on the Josh G situation so that the correct action is taken. If he doesn’t ride then it should be a NL replacement. I just hope this can be sorted before the meeting as do want a situation where Leicester ride under protest and then a ruling is made where RR points get deducted
  6. Hans will be at Leicester as UK have priority on Monday night and DMU have issued his start permission for UK so if rides in Poland will likely get a ban in both UK and Denmark Josh G is a different matter as he is riding on a Polish license but as others have said RR could work well for Poole
  7. Worst case scenario next year football wise would be a Cardiff vs Swansea match, Although I don’t think the Police would let that happen depending on which league they are in they may allow a 3pm kick off on this Saturday
  8. It won’t be a problem with BT just may get pushed down the schedule a bit in the UK and abroad. I know WRU may want to stage some friendlies possibly 1 or two games but am surprised there are no free weekends during June,July or August as only 1 or 2 concerts already planned during them months. I think there is more to this decision to run Cardiff so late in the season we shall have to wait and see but do expect the football season will have an effect on the event.
  9. Also another thing is Speedway is likely to be less higher placed with broadcasters so on BT will not be on BT sport 1 and won’t get UHD coverage which I hear was brilliant last night. This is of course unless this is an international break weekend for football, it does seem a strange decision and will be interesting to hear the official thinking behind this date. I suspect it’s due to stadium availability but could this possibly be the final round in 2019 so champion will be crowned and will there be an English GP earlier in the season as well ?
  10. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Some of the team changes that have just been made at Leicester are just because of averages not fitting for example James Sargeant he would have been kept instead of Mountain but his average is too high. From what I have heard the rationale behind KP going to be replaced by Auty is the amount of away meetings to be completed where it is believed Auty will score . Another consideration was if the club had not replaced Krystian today and he rode at Swindon his average would have gone up as his official average would be higher than his current assessed one due to some previous high scores at home. With Bjere his performance has not been up to the expectations especially in the big heat 13 and 15 situations. The changes may not work but after the last two meetings they needed to try something
  11. flagrag

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with the track last night hence the track record being broken 3 times the racing was very fast and Kings Lynn riders loved it. It was the poor performance of some of the Lions riders that was the problem you really cannot have your No1 scoring 5 at home on regular basis,Kurtz can only ride Leicester when it’s slick and KP has lost his confidence and looks dangerous now. i can foresee some changes before Monday depending on averages but a very difficult game as trying to find riders is problematic. If you looked before the meeting you could see the track was well watered and now has quite a bit more dirt on it with more added each week. With regards to watering during the meeting it can only be done if both teams agree and referee says ok which often they don’t as they have their agenda to get meetings completed as quickly as possible. As seen at all tracks to water it you need to give it an extensive grading as can’t water the concrete and at this time of the year it dries out so fast. As far as I am aware at present there is no trouble with sourcing water at Leicester
  12. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Happy Hunter - Nothing to worry about the gantry and score board already belonged to the Bates family and the costs of installation was done by stadium sponsors Paul Chapman and Sons
  13. The starts are ripped up every week at Leicester before the meeting and riders like it as gives them extra drive. Unsure why but meeting referee Mick Bates informed the track curator that he didn’t want to starts to be ripped up or any more water adding. Sometimes in these TV meetings they run the track and starts slicker than normal so less chance of incidents and meeting delays.
  14. Most tracks that have two ambulances will have one paramedic and there is only medical officer allowed on the SCB paperwork. There was this issue at Leicester for a tv meeting there was two ambulances and two paramedics but the injured rider was given morphine so the signed in official had do paperwork and sign patient over to second paramedic while waiting for county ambulance
  15. Even if there had been two ambulances at Kings Lynn tonight it would have made no difference at all with the delay as the track paramedic had given Lewis strong pain killing medication so had to accompany him to hospital to hand him over to the Doctors anyway

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