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  1. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Happy Hunter- Nothing to worry about the new bulbs and light pollution as the light will be more focused on the track so less light will be escaping the stadium than previously as well as being better for the environment as less electricity will be used .
  2. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Happy Hunter - I don’t believe planning permission amendments are required as plans do not involve moving the poles or increasing height. It will include new brighter bulbs and changing the angles as they are still set in position for the original track when built .
  3. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    There is no doubt that 2020 will be a learning session for the Thompson twins and some meetings will be better than others. However they were beating rider like Flint,Bickley,Jenkins,Lawlor,Kemp,Palin on a regular basis both home and away. The one thing that they do need to is toughen up a bit on track and stand their ground this is something I am sure that their winter training will be focused on.
  4. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    As featured in the press release Leicester Lions will not start their home official fixtures until the Thompson twins are eligible to ride. There will be Cubs meetings and a challenge match. Now that Newcastle have been confirmed their participation the league fixtures can be planned and if there is a substantial amount of away fixtures before mid April then short term options will be looked at depends on which clubs want to ride Leicester and when
  5. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Both Joe and Dan are academically very clever lads and they do not need to do Speedway they do it because they love the sport. The last I heard was they were going to continue into further education after their GCSEs in May as they want a good background when their Speedway careers have finished. They come from a very stable and supportive family who are investing into the twins Speedway even in 2019 they had good sponsorship and expect they will obtain more for next year to improve equipment for Championship racing. As has previously been stated they have had lots of advice and guidance with Tai and Rory Schlein which I am sure that will continue next year and I know Tai is keen to get them out to Wroclaw to have practice sessions with the Polish juniors and in the sparring matches once they are 16. Stewart is correct in his statement the way that the 2020 Lions team has been built there is little pressure on them and unless one of them really hits heat leader form they will remain at reserve
  6. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Team is all sorted and so far just one person has got it correct. Certainly will have an Australian feel to it
  7. flagrag


    My understanding was that the BSPA Directors were not satisfied with the business plan that Plymouth put forward and that couldn’t guarantee the required bond would be lodged by 31/12 Also for the Chairmanship some clubs wanted Damian Bates to do it but with his business interests couldn’t commit to it.
  8. flagrag


    When you say production do you mean company to produce the coverage for Eurosport or OB provider ? If it’s the latter I am not at all surprised as they have such a bad reputation of trying to get OB facilities on the cheap and then being slow to pay the bills. As I have previously said Eurosport are best to just operating on the basis of taking world feeds and then broadcasting them like they do with Cycling,Tennis and Snooker. When they are the host broadcaster they have a poor track record a recent Darts event is a prime example outbid BT sport to an event and it went from UHD 9 camera production in 2018 to a 3 camera basic HD with no slo mo as simply wouldn’t pay the required fees in 2019. Skidder- Do we really want coverage like we had for Skybet a few years ago ? To attract and keep sponsors it needs to look good and be well produced
  9. flagrag


    I presume from that comment that means Saint Media who have previously done UK and SGP coverage don’t want to do it. I wonder if it’s the usual Eurosport way not wanting to pay the money to get the product to air. I have a feeling that we may be going to see a downgrade product on screen to what we have previously had. Do hope that I am wrong and that Eurosport are prepared for this and can offer higher quality coverage and not budget basic coverage.
  10. flagrag

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Nothing to do with Poland but think you will find them riding their Speedway away from the South Coast in 2020
  11. flagrag

    Leicester Lions 2020

    BrizHeathen- I do hope that you and the family will be a regular at Beaumont Park in 2020 and I do think it will be a good move for your boy. As confirmed at the Leicester end of season presentation team plans are well advanced with some familiar faces set to return along with some new exciting riders to join the club. Let’s remember it’s a long winter so fans and management are still enjoying the success of 2019
  12. flagrag

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Don’t think you will find that Douglas or Morris will be available to Poole in 2020 unless some last minute changes happen.
  13. flagrag

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    From afar- Question is do you run in a Premiership with 4 teams around 1hr away So possibly 8 local derbies home and away but then have increased operating costs and midweek racing. The alternative is to run in a weakened Championship with a lower points limit with no real local meetings
  14. flagrag

    Glasgow 2020

    Steve the Lion spot on linking up with his best mate Josh Pickering it’s a shame as at one point they were looking like both being Leicester bound for 2020
  15. The Thompson twins case is an interesting one as others have said they don’t 16 until late April so which clubs sign them will have to go with other 3pt riders to start the season. Also both of the twins are very intelligent with one wanting to be a Vet at some point in his life. The family are keen for them to get good formal qualifications at school so ideally they were looking at doing NL only in 2020 until exams were over in June but with the future of that league in doubt this may not be an option. Both Joe & Dan are very skilful motorcyclists and can have a good future in Speedway and I know Tai is going to help them further later in the winter once he is back and is keen to get them out to Poland at Wroclaw practising once 16 to practice with the Wroclaw juniors

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