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  1. cyclone

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Well Grobauer rode for Landshut @ Rawicz on Saturday in the 2nd leg of the Play - Offs semis & completed his 4 programmed rides Here's a link:- https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/126488/metalika-recycling-kolejarz-rawicz-trans-mf-landshut-devils
  2. At the turnstile on entry, was asked if I wished to donate to the SRBF, which I did.
  3. Damming quote on FB after tonight's match from soon to be retired & former Birmingham rider, Aaron Summers:- "track is the worst I've ridden in the UK and I use to love Birmingham being 1 of my home tracks was like a billiard table then. Now you need a mx bike to ride it"
  4. cyclone

    Glasgow 2021

    Well Nowak looked decent amongst some quality riders tonight. When he eventually comes in at Glasgow as a reserve, will be no surprise if he starts scoring heavily from the outset and have up to 7 rides per meeting. It might have been a testing time for the Tigers between Sedgmen leaving & not having Nowak available immediately, but this could be a case of short term pain for long term gain, when the Play Offs start
  5. And Birmingham will be thinking the same as they are there after us. Sure at the time, medical advice was 6 weeks before considering riding again.
  6. Announced as Archie Freeman tonight. Assuming guests henceforth, Bickley, Kinsley, & Edwards have lower GSAs than the retired Greaves. Seems Rising Stars are eligible with Freeman for Greaves tonight?
  7. Well if true, it must be to replace Lawson and at last they've belatedly got rid of someone whose machinery must rank as the poorest prepared in the CL. It will be a blessing not have to endure him regularly being underpowered or failing to complete races because of mechanical issues. Sure "Oor Wullie" has got trackcraft, but it was pointless if he was always piloting a lawnmower
  8. cyclone

    Eastbourne 2020

    There have been amended GSAs issued previously at short notice, so it is a possibility that a revision as suggested by Gambo could still be published by 28th August.
  9. cyclone

    Eastbourne 2020

    If correct, some heavy duty recalculations need to be expedited if the cut off date for team changes is still 28th August
  10. cyclone

    Eastbourne 2020

    Possibly Kerr for Ostergaard & Brennan for Wells would fit under current GSAs
  11. If Crang cannot beat Terry-Daley (who does a nice impression of a nodding toy dog @ the starting line btw ), and score an actual point, then it's time to look elsewhere or give Rothery a chance instead.
  12. cyclone

    Redcar vs Poole 20/08/21

    Having watched the live stream of the Danish League match yesterday, Basso was impressive, and top scored for Fjelsted with 13. With Ben Cook also successfully returning after injury, Pirates must now be favourites to do the double.
  13. Note you did not answer the questions re the bowser, nor expecting paying customers to meekly continue turning up and endure dust clouds. If you were there, were the comments on Live Updates about the track conditions exaggerated or inaccurate?
  14. Quote on Live Updates proceeding ht13 :- "Water bowers is driving round but its not on" What happened to the monies raised by the Go Fund Me appeal which I thought was intended to repair/replace damaged track equipment? Perhaps either Rogers or Mason can explain why it appears they still do not have a functioning bowser. Given the feedback from those who attended about extreme dust conditions, how can the Brum Promotion expect to retain, never mind attract additional customers. Obviously it's a personal choice whether to attend future meetings, but I certainly would not be inclined to part with my money to endure dust clouds as part of the "entertainment package"!
  15. cyclone

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Belatedly there is now a tribute by Paul Bellamy:- https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/9156/bellamy-pays-tribute-to-rising Only briefly met him when staying in same hotel in Udine for last Italian GP, and he updated us on what had happened in the UK on the Friday. Although the internet is now widely used for instant news & results, you cannot beat the Speedway Star for quality news & articles which I have always enjoyed reading at my leisure, and PR was at the helm in maintaining it's high standard for our benefit.

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