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  1. This was the best match of the season with plenty of quality racing & passing from Nicholls & Wells in particular. Scotty is such a class act and showed how to ride a "technical track" and gave Erik Riss a lesson on inside passing three times in four clashes. With Lunna offering good support, and MPT coming to the party late on, Panthers deserved their one match point. For the Monarchs the main plus point tonight was a vastly improved performance from Joel Andersson, whom I was told was given advice prior to the start on how to ride the Dale by a former exponent. I feel that Max Ruml would benefit from some after match on track coaching from either Wells/Erik Riss or Joel's tutor also, as imo, there is a talented rider urgently needing guidance to realise his potential.
  2. First of all Tigers thoroughly deserved their victory, with both sides throwing away points to each other. Must admit the racing was mainly processional, apart from when riders got into problems on some areas of the track. Hopefully the track preparation will improve as the surface recovers from the weather ravages of the opening month, otherwise they need to bring back Alan Bridgett pronto. Even the performance of the referee, Stuart Wilson, was like the Monarchs, below par, when he correctly stopped ht 10 when third placed Vissing fell on bend 3 and fourth placed Starke laid down. However obviously he is unaware of the new ruling that for the re-run, Starke should have started on 15m in such circumstances. Whilst I recognise that it's early days, the abject performances of Joel Andersson so far, even for a newcomer, is a cause for concern. By all means give him 4 home & 4 away in Official fixtures, but if there is no significant improvement, then let's seek someone else (Kasper Lykke Nielsen or Frederik Jacobsen or Oleg Mikhailov or Patrick Hansen?) as prolonging the agony will do no favours for the rider or the fans. To end on a positive note, rather than slit my wrists now , Max Ruml impressed again with a further improved performance.
  3. Hard to tell how the Monarchs will perform as the 3/4 of Mark Riss & Joel Andersson appear to be the possible Achilles Heel, given their starting averages are both less than Worky's now injured Campton. BDW could well be a potential matchwinner for the Comets, all of whom, apart from Bickley, have had more track time at Armadale than Ruml & Andersson, with the latter possibly still feeling the after effects of his horrendous ht 14 crash last Friday.
  4. Berwickbandits2018

    Are they affiliated to the Freemasons by any chance?
  5. Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    I have in my collection a programme for Hamburg Motordrome which I reckon is 15th September, 1929 & the first name on the list of riders is Ginger Lees.
  6. On the International Forum, I noticed Racers & Royals has listed Chris Harris at no.5 in the Pila side to race at Rybnik on Saturday
  7. Glasgow 2018

    No they haven't - ask Richie Worrall!
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    Thanks , see it now but it's not prominently displayed and you have to dig down to find it. Also noted that there's a 50p booking fee per transaction, so if only purchasing 1 adult ticket online, the total cost will be £18.
  9. Edinburgh 2018

    Cannot find PATG prices listed on Official website, mind you if they're the highest in the UK, this might be intended. They've also bumped the progy price up from £2.80 to three quid - imo this is too expensive & will probably encourage more to bring their own pre-printed score sheets. Think whoever is responsible is trying to "persuade" occasional punters to book online/obtain a blue card instead. Also noticed that Sam Masters is still listed as Team Captain under club info. - tut tut.
  10. Glasgow 2018

    Saw him in action at Sittingbourne in September and was very impressed by him. Has a classic effortless style and thought he would have been snapped up by Scunny for their no.7 this Season. Having also seen JPB riding, personally I would have chosen JT ahead of him. Think the Tigs have just improved their prospects for 2018 with this signing.
  11. Time for a reality check for those who believe that noise is not a problem in the environment that Speedway operates in the UK. If some believe that the background noise is such an intrinsic factor in the Sport, then if Speedway is to continue in areas with residential housing nearby, the only option to keep both the sound addicts and the local residents happy would be to build/alter stadia to be totally enclosed with all-encompassing roofs. This would probably be too costly to do in the first place, but would have the added bonus of preventing cancellations due to rain. The other alternative is that Speedway circuits have to relocate to remote sites, and assuming there is no protected wildlife in the vicinity. If this was the case, then I wonder how a viable support could be attracted to travel to such locations. Continuing to ignore other alternatives, such as quieter bikes, is more likely to the last nail in the coffin, if we wish to retain the Sport within, or near to population centers.
  12. It's the crowd that should create both the level of atmosphere & noise in a stadium, rather than relying on an artificial surrounding created by exhausts which travels well outside the venue. Major sports such as football can create plenty atmosphere without relying upon artificial means of noise. In fact if we had quiet bikes, the comments shouted from the terraces could enhance the atmosphere, rather than be drowned out by the noise from the bikes.
  13. Who said they might like it? If you had bothered to properly read what I stated namely """If electric bikes can match or better the level entertainment of the current conventional Speedway". My point was that it's what we watch that is important, not the background noise, which causes more problems with the surrounding neighborhood for existing and proposed tracks. So if a form of Speedway engine/silencer was developed that minimised noise but did not impact on the quality of racing, would you still be against it? I am aware that electric speedway bikes have not so far matched conventional machines, but they are a far quieter alternative. Still if it's the noise that turns you on, turn your deaf aid up a bit more
  14. The main reason I watch Speedway is the visual spectacle, not the background noise. As far as noise is concerned I'm sure the riders and their pit crews would welcome having to dispense with ear defenders when warming up the bikes. If electric bikes can match or better the level entertainment of the current conventional Speedway, and given the removal of one of the main sources of objection by NIMBYs, namely excessive noise, then it make sense to go down this route, unless of course if you still yearn for the reintroduction of dynosaurs
  15. Although this subject has been briefly discussed in the Edinburgh 2018 thread, as this does not relate to actual team building, and in view of its long term importance to the future existence of The Monarchs, I have therefore created this new topic on this specific subject. Local Armadale Cllr Stuart Borrowman on Facebook on 28 January at 07:19 posted the following:- Council officials are minded to approve the application for 2.7ha of housing at Armadale Stadium. Officers say the capacity issues at Armadale PS(Primary School) have eased and the stadium is not classified by SportScotland as an outdoor sports facility and "doesn't have the appearance or function of open space." However Contact has been made with sportscotland on this issue and their response was :- “sportscotland is aware of the planning application and the potential loss of this facility. We do appreciate that this would impact on the current users of this facility, however sportscotland is not a statutory consultee in this instance, and therefore has no formal remit to comment on the planning application. We don’t define what is or is not a stadium, that is done by planning legislation, sportscotland don’t have a recognition criteria for stadia.” Furthermore on sportscotland website the Master List of Sporting Activities and Governing Bodies Recognised by the Sports Councils ( https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/2846/list-of-uk-recognised-ngbs-and-sport-list-october-2017.pdf ) at the bottom of page 3, Speedway is recognised by sportscotland under the auspices of the Scottish Auto Cycle Union As the above conflicts with Councillor Borrowman’s public statement re sportscotland, perhaps resident West Lothian Speedway fans could either contact both Mr Borrowman and West Lothian Planning Department, or their local Councillor, to ascertain the source of the misleading statement.