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  1. Despite the optimistic propaganda appearing on the Monarchs website, on the basis of the poor performance of four of the Monarchs team on Friday, imo, the Monarchs will get thrashed by 20+ today at the EWR. Unless Wells suddenly gets in the groove and Andersson recovers from being "unwell" on Friday , it may well be Pickering & Heeps who will provide the main scoring for the Monarchs. Given Sedgmen had a couple of meetings already under his belt before Friday, he looks like a rider who is on a downward spiral. Re Lawson, it appears he has not made any significant investment in upgrading his uncompetitive 2018 kit, which was evident on Friday as he continued to lose ground to others on the straights. Given his father also is still mechanicing for him, I doubt if he is really treating riding Speedway seriously
  2. cyclone

    Play off contenders

    Workington Sheffield Somerset Scunthorpe
  3. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2019

    Well based on the final NL Green Sheets for 2018 , Ruddick was 6.67 compared to Glasgow's Joe Lawlor on 6.61 I realise that averages can be misleading, but unless you were watching Ruddick riding everywhere, week in, week out, rather than trust your assumption, I'll wait & see how he actually does. Certainly HalifaxTiger on this forum rates him and he probably attended more 2018 UK domestic meetings than anyone else on the BSF.
  4. cyclone

    Newcastle 2019

    Victor Palovaara intimated that he was keen to return to the Championship in 2019, after his short stint with Edinburgh. As far as I can see, he has not been contracted to any Polish club in 2019. Given he was decent with the Diamonds previously, might be worth a punt again.
  5. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2019

    Depends upon whether we gets a decent bike & mechanic, or else he will be plumbing the depths of unreliability again
  6. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2019

    very interesting. I believe that if a loaned rider then subsequently double/ups/down to a club in a different league, the initial club now using his services will then be entitled to a loan fee from the second club. Can you tell us if the same loan fee bands will apply? If they're the same bands, then Glasgow will have done a shrewd bit of business if a PL club now takes Cookie on.
  7. cyclone

    Newcastle 2019

    But would smaller points money cover their costs? IMO the cost of bikes & maintaining them has spiralled and as far as I can see, the only folk making money out of speedway in the UK are equipment retailers & engine tuners etc. If it was to become an amateur league in which riding became a hobby, then fans must accept that the kit used would have to be less expensive to buy & maintain.
  8. cyclone

    2nd leg play off final

    Wrong way round, Edinburgh won the 2010 league with 74 pts to 2nd place Newcastle's 58. Newcastle beat Sheffield in the 2010 Play - Off Final 101 - 89, and then lost the PROMOTION/ RELEGATION RACE-OFF to Ipswich 76 - 110 The magnificent Edinburgh team of 2014 went one better, as in addition to winning the League Play-Off, KO Cup, & League Cup, they also topped the League table with 74 pts, followed by Somerset on 67.
  9. cyclone

    2nd leg play off final

    Well done to the Comets, who are worthy winners and whom I fully expect to join the select band of treble trophy winners tomorrow. Appropriate that the two sides that have had their scheduled Friday home fixtures messed up by the powers that be, more than anyone else, should contest the Championship Play-Off Final.
  10. cyclone

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Congrats to Worky (and my local pal Barry who might now break into a smile ). TBH after watching them dismantle my own team in the semi, I was not surprised that they would post another 60 plus score, albeit with a "weaker" team this time round. IMO it will be an upset if they now do not complete the treble. BTW did they get the BSPA Vice Chairman to present the Cup ?
  11. Howarth would fit in & could replace Bewley at home instead. Then with r/r for Proctor, the remaining six riders could share out his rides & if required, you could use Bickley in a tough r/r heat (ht13?), thereby allowing Campton to take 2 of KB's scheduled rides
  12. Both clubs have now confirmed that the 2nd leg, which replaces the then postponed leg of 30th April, will now be the final fixture at the Dale for 2018, on Friday. Tigers already hold a ten point lead from the first leg and imo will be favourites to retain the Trophy. Line ups will now doubt be confirmed in due course, but would expect guests to replace Greaves , & Andersson will be required, and either a guest or r/r for Cookie. It has also been publicised that all tickets bought for the original scheduling of this meeting are still valid.
  13. Having been there yesterday, and I for one, never underestimated that Worky could overturn the deficit last night, as I fully expected Klindt, Bach & Proctor to fully reverse their Friday performances, together with an excellent choice of guest in Allen. Quite simply, Comets were all fully on their A game, and would have blown away whoever the opposition were. Unfortunately for the Monarchs, we were the lambs to the slaughter Congratulations to Worky, and on this form they may well win their first Championship title, together with the Shield & KO Cup of course. Good luck and lets hope more locals come through the turnstiles to fully support their magnificent team.
  14. After the opening four heats, it looked like Monarchs would be toiling to build a decent first leg lead, and even after eight heats they had only built up an 8 point advantage. However they won every one of the remaining seven heats to add a further 20 point advantage to end up with a 28 point lead to defend at Derwent Park today. It might appear that this should be enough to progress to the Final, but it would be premature to write-off Worky yet, given that guest Jake Allen could be a game changer for the home side and the enigma that is Nicolai Klindt, could well go from zero to hero! Re yesterday's match, it did not appear that the track was overly grippy, and Jensen's third to last victory in ht1 indicated that the visitors should have been able to compete with the home big guns. Why Comets suddenly slumped in the second half of the match was a mystery, even allowing for the withdrawal of Bach, who had not been outstanding in his two rides anyway. If Bach is unfit to take his place tonight, I reckon he is currently no. 4 in the averages which would mean Allen, Jensen, & the reserves (probably Campton gaining 2 extra rides along the way), covering his rides, so this should not weaken the home side. Interesting scenario is that Bach becomes no 1 for October, so if he is still unfit, then the Comets would be able to use a guest & r/r permutation for Bach & Bewley in their Play-Off semi with Glasgow.

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