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  1. cyclone

    Belle Vue 2018

    Josh Pickering, CL 5.41, definitely worth a punt!
  2. Probably brought in a carry out of their favourite tipple from Glesca, namely Buckfast
  3. Congratulations in the following order:- 1. To the Bandits who adapted to the conditions right away & gave the home side a gating lesson over the first seven heats to build up a 16 points lead which was sufficient to ensure a final 6 point victory, despite being unable to win another heat over the remaining eight. 2. To the ref & the riders of both sides who were prepared to delay the start till 8 pm and then served up some decent races, including a memorable heat 13 contest. . Special mention to ref Willie Dishington who kept proceedings running smoothly tonight, and also at Ashfield on Tuesday, completing both meeting in under one & half hours 3. And last, but not least, to the track staff who incredibly managed to produce a decent racing strip after more than 12 hours of intermittent heavy rain beforehand, culminating in another deluge just before seven.The fact that they salvaged an apparently lost cause in less than an hour, was I believe, appreciated by those present and at least offers the Bandits the opportunity to stay in the hunt for a Play_Off place.
  4. A bit optimistic expecting to get such detail from this Forum. Suggest you trying contacting the track directly now with your query, if you are seriously considering coming, as less than 3 hours to get your @rse up here PS rain now stopped & sun coming out in Scotland's Capital city
  5. Here is link to an hour by hour forecast from yr website just now. https://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/Scotland/Armadale~2657067/hour_by_hour.html Suggest you try using this in future, as I do, as not everyone will be near the area at the moment
  6. Teams as per Official Edinburgh website:- STAGGS BAR MONARCHS: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Josh Pickering, Richie Worrall, Erik Riss (captain), William Lawson, Gino Manzares (Guest). BERWICK KLS BANDITS: Aaron Summers, David Howe (if fit), Jye Etheridge, Kevin Doolan (capt.), Nikolai Busk Jakobsen, Dany Gappmaier, Theo Pijper. Arithmetically if other upcoming fixtures were to cause either Worky or Lakeside to slip up, then either Monarchs or Bandits could sneak into the Play-Offs. However there is about much chance of this happening as me winning the Lottery If David Howe does not make it, then Etheridge & the Bandits reserves can cover his absence. With Nicol, Garcia & Stewart already booked as guests for Glasgow & Peterborough on Friday, Monarchs reserve guest choice was very limited (wonder if Carl Wilkinson was unavailable?). Some Bandits pundits seem confident that they can post their first 2018 League away win at the Dale, and certainly Pijper at reserve gives them some optimism.
  7. Glasgow coming good at the business end and signing Cookie has galvanised the rest of their team, especially Harris. Starke has also now come to the fore and is in effect a decent third heat leader. If Worky & Glasgow are kept apart in the Play-Off semis, I would expect an Northern Final, as both should be too hot for either Panthers or Hammers to handle over 2 legs. The only caveat to my prediction would be if Panthers were to grab Kemp as their guest reserve before the Tigers
  8. Good racing spectacle this evening, with Cook & Harris imperious, and Starke always seeking to team ride with his partner. Albeit Tigers were impressive, it was apparent that Monarchs are less than so when on the road, given that last week Ipswich ran Tigers a lot closer at Ashfield.. Pickering, Riss & Nicol get pass marks for the visitors, but the others, especially Worrall, will want to forgot their performances asap. Hopefully all the crucial remaining Championship fixtures can be completed this week, and I would bet on Panthers, Comets, Hammers, & Tigers being the Play-Off qualifiers. Re the booing of Cookie, I was near a small group who did so, but they were laughing at their own antics and it appeared to be more light hearted pantomime stuff than venomous, so perhaps folks should lighten up and be less po faced.
  9. SGB website has Ipswich vs Berwick on 15/9
  10. A red & white zimmer to match your concessionary bus pass holder Expect a comfortable home win with an untroubled 15 for Cookie. Also sure the Tigs will pick up at least 3 points at the weekend to ensure top four qualification. P.S. hope Connor Mountain's Sunday afternoon prang does not prevent him from guesting for you on Tuesday, as it will be interesting to how the "Real Tigers" guest reserves shape up against each other.
  11. I'm sure Scunny aficionado, Lucifer Sam can confirm to you the following paragraph from the 2018 Speedway Regulations:- 16.3.4 No Team changes will be allowed after 12TH August with the effective date being 15th August, except for riders returning to the Team after injury who must re-take their position, dictated by their MA with their replacement being released. In effect Godfrey was trying to make a change, that was not because of either injury or a rider withholding his services. If it was the action of the SCB that insisted on the reinstatement of Phillips, do you not accept that part of their remit is to ensure that the current Regulations are adhered to by all promotions, including Scunthorpe?
  12. Perhaps you should have waited until the match report was published on the website before making the above comment. FYI here is the relevant quote:- "The track was undoubtedly tricky though and several riders had difficulties, not just the visitors. The home riders like grippy conditions but the difficult thing is getting the balance right to still allow good racing." However as you regularly appear to display traits of paranoia towards any Monarchs' PR, no doubt you will find fault the above statement. Unlike your good self, I was actually at the meeting, and apart from Pickering & Worrall, in the first half of the match, the other eleven riders did struggle with what appeared to be too much grip. As the grip slackened off later on, Richard Lawson mastered the conditions and only dropped one point in his last three rides. Overall a poor spectacle and not up to the standard of good racing in previous weeks, despite the scorelines.
  13. In other words, it suited you to just to make it up
  14. Glad to see you're supporting Richie Take it you'll be doing the same on Tuesday?
  15. Teams as per Official Edinburgh website:- STAGGS BAR MONARCHS: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Josh Pickering, Richie Worrall, Erik Riss (captain), William Lawson, Joel Andersson. LAKESIDE HAMMERS: Richard Lawson (captain), rider replacement for Kyle Newman, Nick Morris, Ben Morley, Adam Ellis, Zach Wajtnecht, Alfie Bowtell. This might be a case where r/r strengthens the Hammers as Ellis, Morley & the reserves could possibly score more than Newman would be expected, and also if Hammers were to fall six behind, they might also have the option of TS in an eligible ride for Newman (Morris or Lawson?). Interesting that Ricky Wells thinks this could be Monarchs hardest home match, based on the fact that they have three riders he believes will do very well round Armadale.

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