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  1. cyclone

    Redcar 2018

    Yet rode two days later in the Budesliga for Straslund & scored 11 ( 1,3,2,3,2), so where & when he did become further incapacitated?
  2. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2018

    Lidsey would not meet Visa requirements for this Season also.
  3. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2018

    Nathan Greaves Final 2017 Championship GSA for Ipswich was 4.51 According to Premier GSA for 4/6/18 his GSA for Wolves was 2.99 and his Championship GSA on 7/6/18 when joining Redcar, was 3.89 (The 4.37 figure you refer to, takes account of the Championship meetings he rode for Redcar, until his release & probably reverts to a rolling Championship match average, and is the average he joins Glasgow on) Now Premier 2.99 x 1.3 = Championship 3.89 Don't know where you got your 2017 figure from, but those I refer to were taken from the SGB website, and confirm that the 2018 Premier GSA is converted by x 1.3 (subject to a 3.00 min in certain cases) for those rejoining the Championship from the Premiership during the 2018 Season. As Clegg's Rye House GSA was 2.00, he would rejoin the Championship on a GSA no greater than 3.00
  4. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2018

    As did Aaron Summers on his Rye House average of 5.21 when signed by Somerset. This appears on the latest Premier Green Sheets, which also includes the current GSAs for Rye House, with Clegg listed as 2.00 which, using the 1.3 conversion, would be 2.60. Over to you mac101
  5. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2018

    Jack Smith? edit 3.07 so he is oot also
  6. cyclone

    Edinburgh 2018

    Does it really matter if he appears in a red & white Tigers racesuit, given that he would be wearing a Monarchs race jacket over them? Well when he had his brilliant guest performance for us when we won at Scunny late last Season, he was wearing yellow & green kevlars. Wonder what happened to them BTW does anyone know when the signing deadline for team changes is (mid July?) as I am wondering if there is sufficient time for any released riders to be signed on by another club?
  7. Teams as per Official Edinburgh website:- STAGGS BAR MONARCHS: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Mark Riss, Josh Pickering, Erik Riss (captain), Max Ruml, Joel Andersson. TRU PLANT WITCHES: Rory Schlein, rider replacement for Cameron Heeps, Nico Covatti, Matthew Wethers, Richie Worrall, Connor Mountain, Danyon Hume. IMO Ippo will be strengthened by having Armadale specialists Richie Worrall for King, Matthew Wethers for Danish newcomer Jonas Jeppesen, whilst r/r for Cameron Heeps will allow Covatti & Wethers to take 2 of his scheduled rides. Also with 2018 Scottish Open Champion, Rory Schlein leading the Witches, the visitors will fancy their chances of taking the points. It could be decided by how well both sets of reserves perform and whether Mark Riss can recapture his earlier home form (without falling off of course!)
  8. cyclone

    Glasgow 2018

    Can you, or anyone provide the reference number in the SCB Regulations to the alleged "no gp rider rule" in the Championship, or is this another BSF myth that the ill-informed are getting hot under the collar on? Regarding Glasgow requiring permission from Edinburgh to sign Craig, I believe that when a loan agreement is already in place with another club, it is that Promotion (i.e. Belle Vue) that Tigers will be dealing with and Monarchs will not be involved. The Glasgow press release did state "The changes are subject to BSPA management committee approval." which other clubs have used in the past in such situations, so allegations of being presumptuous are unfounded. FWIW I believe the majority of Edinburgh fans have no problem with Cookie being able to supplement his earnings by joining Glasgow. After all we were able to loan Palovaara from Glasgow and John Campbell thanked Tigers for their cooperation in his column in a recent programme.
  9. I have sympathy for the Berwick Promotion, inasmuch that they appear to be severely restricted in reshaping the track within the present confines of Shielfield. Before the bikes became super-fast, imo, you used witness more opportunities for passing after bend 2 of the first lap. Must admit having watched the 2nd leg of the KO Cup on 30/6, it was one of the most boring meetings I have attended in the 55 years I have been following Speedway
  10. So Speedway has to kowtow to Football. If Sunday was a no no for deluded England fans, what was wrong with Redcar hosting it on Saturday 23rd June?
  11. Were the World Cup draw, fixtures & schedules known & published in March? - I doubt it,
  12. I believe the Polish league fixtures were confirmed & published before the BSPA got around to finalising the UK schedules. The full list of Polish fixtures were published on pages 74/75 in the 31st March edition of the Speedway Star. Guess what, there were no scheduled Polish league fixture for last weekend!!, so why was the Fours not arranged for last Sunday instead
  13. As has been already stated, this arrangement has been in place for a few years now. The finish line is still in it's original position, but the starting gate was moved back, the reason being that the distance from the tapes to the first bend was considered too short, resulting in a greater likelihood of first bend pileups. I would add that all teams & riders are made aware of the this, and as most teams do a pre-meeting track walk, they should also recognise the set up. Wimbledon was the first stadium that I visited in the 1970's that had the starting gate located several yards behind the finishing line, but there may also have been other tracks who had a similar layout.
  14. Think the difference in the second half of the meeting was that Monarchs gating improved and were going into the first bend alongside the visitors. Definitely their best performance of the Season, with only three last places. I had feared that Berwick would do us at reserve, but Andersson & Ruml stepped up to the plate. Although Max Ruml only scored 4 paid 6 from 3 rides, there were two quality third places in relegating Etheridge& Doolan to last. The inclusion of Palovaara (riding a bike borrowed from Andersson ) also gave the team a better balance. I still think the overall tie is still in the balance as Bandits already won by 25pts against Newcastle four weeks ago at home, and I expect Gappmaier will probably score double figures tomorrow to atone for his zero return tonight.
  15. Even with Palovaara debuting for Monarchs (reportedly on borrowed machinery), Bandits will be favourites to progress to the semis on aggregate. IMO the weak link for Edinburgh will be the reserve pairing of Andersson & Ruml, who between them struggled to amass 2 points at Shielfield a fornight ago. Would expect Gappmaier & Pjiper at six & seven for the Bandits to heavily outscore their Monarchs counterparts, which will prove decisive in the final outcome. For Edinburgh to progress, they will probably have to produce another shock result like they did in the first round against the odds-on favourites, Glasgow, at Ashfield. Lineups now published on Official Monarchs website on 28/6, viz.: STAGGS BAR MONARCHS: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Josh Pickering, Mark Riss, Erik Riss (captain), Max Ruml, Joel Andersson. KLS BANDITS: Aaron Summers, Kevin Doolan (captain), Jye Etheridge, david Howe, Nikolai Busk Jakobsen, Dany Gappmaier, Theo Pijper.

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