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  1. shaza71

    Speedway In Crisis

    Going back to uprights is not the answer, there is too much cost involved and that just defeats the object of cutting costs, there are far cheaper ways to slow the bikes down ,the hard bit would to convince the top riders
  2. shaza71

    Single Engine Type

    Dean machine aka old fooker lol :-)
  3. shaza71

    Tim Webster

    There are 2 other buxton riders that travel the same distance (ryan blacklock and richard andrews) on the same 10p per mile £10 per point. Tim must of known all this before he signed for buxton and asked to be captain ?
  4. shaza71

    Mildenhall 2012

    but tai was kept at reserve by peter morrish when the rules said he should of been in the main part of the team, but hey rules are only rules
  5. shaza71

    New Silencer Design

    well they were for mr kings buisness plan

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