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  1. Finally got last weeks SS, only a week and one day late and at the same time got this weeks SS, just a day late, makes me wonder how long last weeks has been sitting in the sorting office?
  2. I still have not got last weeks, yet alone this week’s copy, not SS fault, Royal Mail is shocking, had no post since middle of last week.
  3. Wednesday the 27th and I still don't have last week copy yet, will give another day, Royal Mail where I am are so utter rubbishe
  4. Anyone else still not got their copy? Royal Mail is shocking this time of year.
  5. Lakeside 2018

    With the old traditional tactical subs returning you will really want someone who has their eye on the ball, and possibly used to working with that system, under the tactical rides system, anyone could have been a manager and I mean anyone! just pick a rider for double points once a meeting if that, with the original system of tactical subs a manager must also be extremely good at man management because now your going to be telling certain riders again to "sit this next one out". Jim Lynch would be a good choice, always had time for him, he comes across as very genuine.
  6. Simple answer- Speedway was once all the rage, very popular, well known and cool to be part of. Times changed, things evolved but the sport did not. I can still enjoy aspects of the sport but you are not going to get youngsters wanting to go to run down stadia that plays old music and stand with a bunch with a bunch of oap's, LOOK, most people know of the "Inbetweeners" imagine how an episode would play out if they went to Speedway! "Why have you even brought us here Neil? this is embarrassing, don't you dare mention it to anyone else at the school we came here, this is so totally not cool"
  7. Swindon 2018

    honestly really surprised Swindon have not learnt from the last time he was with them, Rosco must suffer from short term memory loss.
  8. Lakeside 2018

    Even better, it strengthens our case that no matter what averages our seven are said to be on, any other team could have made an attempt to sign them on those "disputed" averages. Ps Did Jason ever sign a prelim contract with us or does he become and Eastbourne asset?
  9. Lakeside 2018

    The MC is made up of 5 I think but I presume when it comes to deciding the method for calculating averages, that was taken and agreed via all promoters who attended the AGM? But on the topic of averages, Lakeside only own Ben Morley, so any other team could have signed the others within reason on what might be termed as attractive figures, we are not a club known for spending above our means, it’s a pretty tight ship which is why it’s still running and why I think you can rule out us throwing money at this.
  10. Lakeside 2018

    What fair and proper rules have Lakeside broken?
  11. Lakeside 2018

    I don’t get this supporter obsession with the rule book, it’s too complicated and not worth the time and effort going over, that’s the promoter or team managers job, only they have the power to challenge or enforce a rule.
  12. Lakeside 2018

    That’s a very reasonable price, a nice round 20 including program.
  13. Lakeside 2018

    Good and bad racing at Arena down the years, like most tracks I guess. Won't knock the EOS showground though, if we get a new track, one modelled like that would not be bad. Most important though is to have a track where the fans can be closer to the action and there is a much better perception of speed.
  14. Lakeside 2018

    The Hurry situation, he was given an average, someone or some people complained, it was reassessed accordingly. Should same happen now I expect they would simply drop Ben for a two pointer, maybe a hot prospect like a Tom Brennan, really not concerned at this stage, we will have a very strong team regardless.
  15. Lakeside 2018

    Jon Cook does not need to justify to opposition fans that his team is legal, if you have a problem, then ask your own promotion about it, then buy some wood, build a bridge, and get over it.