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  1. I think to be fair Steve both ties are dead rubber which is normally par for the course when it comes to semi finals, after the formalities of next week it will on to the real business of hopefully a classic finale.
  2. Seems odd to me that you have a fan from another club who claims to know what is going on yet fans from the club the rider rides for doesn't know. I am always very sceptical when people say they are "in the know" but wont say anything, in such cases I call BS
  3. Panthers in the driving seat and its theirs to lose, even at Arena this would be a tough ask to pull back but at Rye it will be hard enough to win the leg, never the mind the tie. If indeed BWD does not ride and can only be replaced by a NL rider it will be a leveller but I don't want to see that, I want to see two teams at full strength or as close as possible to it, it was a massive blow not having Kyle, Nick and Zach for the first leg, I think we could have been looking at a seriously tasty second leg had that been the case.
  4. After all the rain we have had today, I doubt it will take much Sunday to put paid to events.
  5. No one deserves to win, wins have to be earnt, same in any sport.
  6. I will be doing a rain dance tomorrow, its hard enough without Kyle but to have Zach and Nick out too is to big an ask.
  7. I would guess a doubler header the following Saturday taking on Panthers twice in different competitions, at least this time the Hammers will be no more tired in the second match than the Panthers.
  8. To a degree though when two clubs are successful in several competitions at the same time, the likelihood is they will meet a few times too, the shield I think was drawn out of a hat, the koc the same and although Panthers choose to race us again in the play offs, aside from the repetitive nature, it makes sense travel wise and they know they can do well at Rye. The play offs the biggies and so you could say the shield and koc could be used a practice sessions but with something on the line.
  9. Facing the same club four times in a row has got to be a record that will never be broken.
  10. There is actually a weather warning now issued for Sunday, it’s more about strong winds than anything else, another event happening Sunday is an air show at Duxford, that’s likely to be serverly affected by the weather, unlike speedway though you have to buy tickets in advance and there is no refund. what is the situation at Rye regards available dates?
  11. We have no choice but to use R/R for Newman. As for Zach I have looked at the green sheet averages and there isn't much choice out there, the best pick for the home leg could be Broc Nicol, Theo Pijper would also fit and is a very experienced rider and would be a good pick for Peterborough, I have no idea on his history at Rye.
  12. marko

    Lakeside memories

    I started going at the end of 1988, introduced by a pal at school and until I passed my driving test I had to rely on parents to take us there, most of those early years you had the strange thing of paying on entry before you parked the car, this caused a real problem at one stage as I had very unreliable drivers electric window on my old Renault 21, we always used to joke about the state of the road leading up to the car park which was really bad until they resurfaced it many years later. Never counted how many times I went to Arena Essex but some rough maths would suggest it would be around about 450 times I reckon over the 30 years. Most enjoyable years were 1991, 1993 and 2003, the worst years were 1996, 2005 and 2006
  13. Horrible crash, that split second where you see he was going to clip the back wheel AJ but could do nothing about it.
  14. It was a race at Arena Essex in 1993 involving Brian Karger, Josh Larsen and Belle Vue's Jason Lyons, Jason went between both Hammers to go from third to first then Brian took back first place and Josh pipped Jason to the line to regain the 5-1 for the Hammers

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