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  1. Romford dog stadium is being completely redone, both stands are/will be demolished and will be rebuilt, amazing thing though is that despite all the work going on the dog track is still in use. It would be a cracking little place to have speedway but will never happen, too much housing. But I have one idea, there is land just outside Chelmsford which is used for Grass track a few times a year, I wonder if that could be made into a speedway stadium? not really any housing around and its right next to Hylands Park which holds festivals and the like, which is far more noisy than our sport.
  2. marko

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Poor choice of guest and poor team selection nearly cost them
  3. marko

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    I didn't rate Witches at the start of the season but the way Heeps and Allen have been going have made a big difference, Bellego and Pieszczek will probably drop to reserve but the form of Harris must be a concern, you need someone to go out and win the big races at least once in a while.
  4. marko

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    at last a decent race, lets to if Harris can work the outside now?
  5. marko

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Witches missing Allen badly tonight, I know that's something of an understatement
  6. Interesting to read that there could be some development in the future use of Rye House as a speedway venue again, although this is very much on hold at present, I do believe in my own mind that speedway will return there at some point as long as the track remains in situ. Meanwhile over the border here in Essex, everything has gone quite, the previous limited company running the speedway has gone bankrupt, no word from Stuart Douglas former owner on why he decided to no longer keep putting money in or why riders like Kim Nillsen were never paid moneys that had been owed to them for some time, Jon Cook is back at Eastbourne and if you had been living on the moon for the past decade or so, would never have had an inkling he had been part of the Essex club, no word also on any news on the development of the former site, we have seen a statement that some of the people behind the scenes at Lakeside want to start a new club under the banner of Thurrock but whether that is purely a pipe dream no one knows, but to me it feels like the club has been quickly forgotten.
  7. marko

    Premiership Play-offs 2019

    Not much of a pay day if the team who finishes top gets knocked out in the semi final stage
  8. marko

    AGM November 2018

    I cant believe BT Sport will continue to show a league of only 7 clubs and that over half of those teams will be in the end of season play offs to win the league, might as well just toss a coin now and get it over and done with.
  9. marko

    lakeside 2019

    I feel same as Liam, the match against Glasgow was the real goodbye, I will still watch the sport on the tv every now and then but live no thanks, it’s Arena Essex Hammers or nothing at all, that’s my team.
  10. marko

    AGM November 2018

    Spot on, if your not in their bubble they do not want to know. It says it all that you can come into the bubble, put a fair amount of money on the table and still you will not have a voice for a year or so. The BSPA is like a family Christmas, they get together once a year, pretend everything is great and then spend the next 12 months bickering.
  11. marko

    lakeside 2019

    I have seen pictures of the final banger meeting, the Firecracker was always popular and the place was rammed, they even had to turn people away! I am sure the four wheeled fans were thinking the same we were for the Glasgow match, if only a few more of these Johnny come lately's turned up on a regular basis this place would not be facing closure.
  12. marko

    lakeside 2019

    Pretty much anything that has leached into the ground that should not be there, in the case of Arena your talking about various oils etc, over 30 years of bashed up cars depositing oils and fuel all over the place, you could probably put and oil well in the back car park where the bangers and stocks used to park. I am not totally in the know when it comes to those things but when Stratford was going through it’s massive regeneration ahead of the Olympic park being built that sort of thing was a massive issue, of course It was never going to stop the project.
  13. marko

    lakeside 2019

    I heard at the Lakeside meeting at Arena the devs were keen to get their hands on the site because of the sheer amount of pollution that needs to be removed from the ground, and that it was potentially a lot worse than they thought it would be, all this plays into motor sports hands, because for every penny that has to be spent on clearing the ground to make it into a area that can be built on, takes away there end profit, and hopefully viability. Would love it if speedway could carry on for the time being at the stadium, and hopefully for less rent than they have been paying the family who did own it, and who simply took the piss out of it and crapped on their fathers/grandfathers legacy, Chick would turn in his grave if he could see what they done.
  14. marko

    lakeside 2019

    Yeah but there is a certain integrity about it, its like someone trying palm you off with what you know is a fake rolex and insisting its the real thing, as opposed to someone saying hey, this isn't what your looking for but it will do the job and you will be happy and look around at how many others are wearing these, they know what it is and they are happy too. Probably that's a crap analogy but you get my point, there is no pretending to be something they are not.
  15. marko

    lakeside 2019

    If it’s at Rye it should be Rye House Rockets, if you try and appeal to two sets of fans you end up appealing to neither. We saw in 2017 a swing of fans go to Rye instead of Arena as they wanted to see a higher level of racing, that could still happen again especially if you have the odd rider or two with previous Hammers connections. The Hammers are done, at least for the time being, no point in losing another track in the process of trying to keep two sets of fans happy.

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