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  1. If Essex ever gets another track it has to be modelled on this one, to the nearest inch, same shale, same track curators
  2. Our tracks by and large are a bit like the roads in our towns and citys, they haven't changed for years and they no longer fit for purpose of modern day situations.
  3. Great racing, Great crowd, its everything the sport should be every time, all the time.
  4. The clue is in the phrasing Panthers89, he said he would like to ride it, not race it lol
  5. Most the female interviewers haven't got a clue, but you have to understand its box ticking exercise.
  6. More passing in the first four heats than we normally see in 15 heats on your typical Monday night meeting, regardless of the venue.
  7. I would love to know what their secret is? they are an Island club and potential crowd base must be pretty limited, yet they are still able to run pretty much every week, often with the matches being fairly meaningless in the terms of what fans will support in modern day speedway, yet they not only remain viable, but are apparently flourishing. IOW must be the only club left who still runs a fixture list that is comparable to a 1980s National League club.
  8. Pinny summed it up best when he mentioned Cook is a bit like Stonehewer, exceptional rider at div 2 level, good rider at div 1 level but not world class level and most of the time will struggle when against a field of established world class riders, that however is still a level a lot of riders will never get near too, some riders will never be more than a div 2 reserve. Its impossible to compare like for like era's but you have to wonder how some riders would have gone had they been around in the 80s when doubling up was not an option, personally putting aside the argument of the amount of rides and viability to only race one league, I have always felt it holds a rider back.
  9. Danny Ayres what a credit to our sport, I wonder how he would have done in the days of cinder track racing.
  10. Side view I would have excluded Wright, but when I saw the rear camera view it showed Paul drifting right over and his momentum carried him across and into Charles, and so Paul should have been the one to go. Trouble is some of these ref's have never ridden a bike before, they don't understand.
  11. marko

    eagles v rebels sat 27 july

    Re: Alfie, It was exactly the same for us at Lakeside lol The kid is a plucky trier but has such an awkward style and looks like he and the bike could part company at any moment.
  12. Having seen some recent footage of the site, (Arena Essex) hardly anything has changed and certainly nothing has changed that would have prevented speedway for continuing, it’s makes me feel even sadder that the site is just sitting there doing nothing, when it could have been used for one more season and kept the whole exposure of the club going.
  13. Another example of a promoter being stuck in the bubble and any fans view is instantly played down as rubbish no matter what, what would we know? We are just fans.
  14. Trouble is Rosco is in the speedway bubble and what do people in the bubble do when they are not sure what to do? they go back to what they know worked in the past even if it means 10-15 years in the past.

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