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  1. Yeah crowd wasn't anything better than it has been this season, its a real worry if a winning side cannot attract even reasonable crowds.
  2. Both sides using rider replacement, I better bring my sleeping bag
  3. Yay Saturday night speedway, I can use the M25 tonight. If we are as suggested above using the same six it will be interesting to see how Jakobsen goes, he was quick last week with Berwick when he got out in front, very good guest for Zach. Alfie really seems to be kicking on now, more rides in the NL has worked a treat.
  4. Dan Bewley showing once again he can't do it on the small tracks? or I am being too harsh on the lad?
  5. marko

    Lakeside 2018

    Anyone know what has happened to the Lakeside Hammers fans forum? It is no longer available, it’s not an official one so I doubt it could have been shut down because people have been complaining about the lousy presentation.
  6. I don’t have an issue with the type of music being played, although Queens bohemian rapsidy isn’t really a song with a tempo fit for a sport like speedway but I digress, just the fact we hear almost exactly the same songs every meeting, it’s just lazy really.
  7. The injuries to riders account for part of the overrun and no one begrudges the time dedicated to that, its the rest that upsets us, Lakeside never start at the time they promise, they clearly state parade at 19:45 tapes up 20:00, more likely its Parade at 20:00 then another heat or two of the juniors and then finally getting underway. There track grading takes an age because whilst they have two tractors for grading and watering, one man it seems wants to do both so we all have to wait whilst he does a few laps on one before switching tractors and then does a few laps on that, if you had both out at the same time you could get double done in the time, or the same amount done in half the time. After the big delay in heat seven with having to take Kyle away and get him properly checked over, the announcer (can't recall his name) mentioned that we will now try and get on with the meeting, we didn't, it was allowed to continue to drag, with more delays for track grading and not even done when there was a natural gap for when riders had two on the trot, the announcer seemed to think so long as music was playing (the same music we have every week) everyone would just hang around till the end of time.
  8. I heard they were waiting for another ambulance? I thought the rules were you needed two ambulances in attendance at speedway meetings? Also I am not aware of the full rules but how was Berwick allowed to have Jakobsen at five with an average that was 5th overall in their team?
  9. Yes the length of time it took to complete the meeting was very much an exception and some things are out of anyone’s control, but my other points stand.
  10. Finally glad to get home after that ordeal, same old Lakeside, unless the ref is trying to push things on, its just drags and drags, they make no effort to keep the action flowing, the tractor man insists on driving on both tractors rather than saving time and having two guys going around at the same time, and given tonight there was not exactly a load of dirt to water and grade I don't really know what they were trying to achieve, plus we have literally got the same music played each and every week, and I mean the same! enough already! play something different than R.E.M and Frankie goes to Hollywood etc. oh and interviews where we can understand what is being said would be nice. Jon was hoping for a bumper crowd next Saturday, I think that's just gone for a burton, a lot of people were not happy, over two and half hours to run 15 races is a joke. Like I said in the early meetings, this is a very good team but the club make no effort with the race night experience.
  11. Crap crowd tonight and it's only going to get worse, 70 mins and we have only ran 7 races, no wonder people are drifting away in numbers, injuries can't be helped but this is pathetic.
  12. No Zach Wajtknecht for Hammers as he is on international duty with GB U21's so it will be rider replacement for him with I presume, Kyle, Ben and Alfie taking his rides, busy night for Ben.
  13. Whilst Dan has a long way to go especially around "trick tracks" such as a Lakeside, clearly on the more open faster circuits the kid is exceptionally quick, possibly helped by his small size and lack of extra weight, I would love to see him as a Grand Prix wild card on one of the pacey tracks to see just how much he could shake things up, I actually think he would be a stronger rider currently than his team mate Craig Cook in the series. Robert Lambert is flying at the moment and his confidence must be sky high, deserved winner.
  14. After this event I am left wondering how Manchester City were able to win the 38 game league season by so many points and not have to face either Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur in a winner takes all final at Wembley? Oh hang, Football still has some credibility about it when it comes to winning a marathon event.
  15. "that's the nature of the sport" Yes, Nige, a bloody farce, made for television.

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