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  1. marko

    TV new deal?

    It could indeed but at the same time you can look at it and say, well now we really have to up our game to get people to come and pay to watch it in person rather than sitting back and taking fans for granted, The whole it’s on TV debate no longer holds any water as look at the play offs finals over the years, played on a Week night, school the next day, live on TV and yet still the places have been packed out, fans will come if it matters enough and you make it come across as a must see in person event, for the rest of the campaign, it’s not and that’s why terraces are near empty.
  2. marko

    Speedway's future IMO

    Individuals used to be good but then promoters butchered them by only running them with 12 riders and over 15 heats and of those twelve riders 8 or 9 were home team squad riders with 3 or 4 very average away riders to make up the numbers, it’s no wonder fans stopped going, it wasn’t long after this started happening I refused to go to such meetings.
  3. marko

    TV new deal?

    I would prefer the more raw type of footage you get with premiere sports showing of the Elitesiren, minimal hype just show the action and have the basic commentary, if there was an option for switching off the comms on sky and by sport I would, not that I always hate that, just that I prefer to listen to the raw sounds of the bikes and atmospherics.
  4. I think every promoter and co promoter should have been at Swindon last night as a group and for someone to sit them down and say “look at this! This is what you have to aim for every week, every match should matter, every match should have the fans feel it’s a must see event”
  5. marko


    That’s what TV tried to do, Hence the play offs, we must have everything go down to the wire no matter how contrived. Speedway is a sport, sometimes the wins will be big and not very interesting for the neutral which theoretically is what your tv audience should be.
  6. Another example of the play offs attracting big crowds but where were those fans earlier in the season? glory hunters? shame on them.
  7. Doesn’t matter how many fixtures or when really if people will not turn up to watch, it’s ok having these great crowds for the play off finals but where are those fans in the months before hand? Can’t tell me Swindon have been getting crowds like tonight all season long! Same for all clubs in this same scenario and look at my own club Lakeside, packed out for the final meeting. Where was all those fans when we needed them? People need to start backing their clubs properly and not just when they feel like it.
  8. I don’t mind fans of other teams commenting on other matches but leave your own teams out of it, no club is bigger than the sport itself and that includes Poole, I am sure if my own team had not closed and had been in the Elite League, we might have been up there challenging but we were not, it’s dead and history, just move on, for most of you, your teams will have another crack at it next season, mine won’t, we might be lucky if we see the Hammers riding in some meaningless NL select event.
  9. Working last night so had the luxury of being able to fast forward through all the chatter and BS, not a good meeting for the Witches, reminded me of Lakeside whenever the TV was there, all of a sudden the outside run would disappear and bang, home advantage taken a hit. Swindon are the better team though, regardless of the league table, they are imo the strongest team in the league by far, excellence balance of squad. I wont bother watching the second leg, its all over as meaningful contest now, Swindon will enjoy it and rightfully so but it wont be one for the neutrals.
  10. I doubt you will see many Wolves fans at Swindon tomorrow.
  11. I do feel a little sorry for the Wolves fans, you spend all season willing your team to get into the top four, have to wait weeks for the final meetings, and then you get served this!
  12. Well Troy, how did that work out for you?
  13. Not really the night for leg trailing Kyle although I know its his style.
  14. Not pretty but what can you do, the weather is not going to get any better over the next twenty days, you can't just call everything off and hope for better weather at this time of year.
  15. I remember when I first went to speedway in the late 80s how it was unusual to see less than 23-25 home meetings each season, now your lucky if you get half that.

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