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  1. Shadders

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    The Berwick public won’t like this. No local derbies, a probable increase in admission prices and the fact that the local council won’t allow regular midweek meetings. It’ll kill the club off
  2. Shadders

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Unless Berwick are running on Saturdays this ain’t happening
  3. Shadders

    Poole Pirates 2020

    First speedway meeting I ever attended. Rye House Rockets 38 Poole Wildcats 40 September 1985 Names I remember from that side. Steve Schofield, David Biles, Stan Bear, Kevin Smith. I think it was either Poole or Ellesmere Port who won the National League that year
  4. Shadders

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    He doesn’t threaten when behind at home either
  5. I got my 26 quids worth. A very entertaining evening
  6. Would be a good season opener. Friday at Edinburgh, Saturday at Berwick, Sunday at Glasgow.
  7. That’ll be handy. The missus and me off work that week
  8. I can’t remember if we had reserves. All but one or two of my meeting programmes were dumped when we moved up here. There were rather a lot!!
  9. It was 6 rider teams back in the day
  10. Used to enjoy the 3TT’s at Rye House in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Always a bumper crowd with the likes of Hackney/Arena Essex/Peterborough/Mildenhall. It was run over the Easter and late Summer Bank Holiday weekends
  11. He seems to have come into top form since David Howe has been spannering for him
  12. Very good atmosphere for the Glasgow part of the meeting. Watching from the third bend I couldn’t be certain there was contact, but people who had a better view said otherwise.

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