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  1. Friday & Saturday look fine
  2. There may be a slight increase in regular attendance, but not enough to make it sustainable at £10 a pop. Need to make the racing more entertaining, because in truth it’s been pretty dull overall in recent years.
  3. That’ll go down well with the locals who’ve paid a tenner. Do you seriously believe that offering away fans free admission would be cost effective? There will be enough Monarchs fans there at a tenner a pop.
  4. You can’t charge visiting fans less than home fans.
  5. Not as simple as that. With the Bandits financial situation the use of club assets is paramount. Gappmaier is usually pretty solid at home, but away from home (Sheffield apart) he’s usually worse than useless. Etheridge is clearly still carrying an injury. Coty Garcia and NBJ were way down on their last Brough Park scores. Too much pressure on Aaron Summers tonight, but young Leon rode above what was expected of him. The Diamonds were just too sharp. Nothing wrong with the track, in fact I’ve seen it a lot heavier in the past with most riders struggling.
  6. Starke at 3, Gappmaier at 4, is that correct?
  7. Shadders

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    You missed Worrall knocking Summers chain off in the opening heat with the Bandits on a 5-1? Advantage Newcastle after that result. Write the Bandits off at your peril, but they won’t be the pushover they were in the Championship Shield meeting at Brough in April.
  8. Shadders

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Yep. Jon Armstrong and Paul Burnett spring to mind
  9. Shadders

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Can’t remember if it was last year or 2017 when the average age of the Stoke side was touching 30
  10. Shadders

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    Difficult to call unless the line ups are known. Guest or RR for Doolan? Will Garcia be fit? How will Newcastle’s new signing do? (2 from 3 on his last visit in 2016)
  11. Shadders

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Support by putting money into the club in the form of admission to the stadium, but not a fan.
  12. Shadders

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    You’ll need one at Newcastle. They won’t be nearly as bad as they were in April and you ain’t getting much from Dany, Jye and Leon.
  13. Shadders

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Not sure how up to date the green sheets are. They have KD at 4th in the Bandits averages. Etheridge, Gappamier and the reserves eligible to take an RR. Seriously weakens the Bandits and must make Newcastle favourites to progress in the KOC
  14. Shadders

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Depends what you mean by an “average fan”. I guess the vast majority of Bandits fans that attend home meetings are only interested in what happens between 7 & 9 on a Saturday evening.

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