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  1. Strange old meeting in front of a sparse crowd on a windy night. If Scunthorpe started as they finished they’d be going home with three points. Only 4 points from NBJ’s replacement rides was a poor return. Announced that 65 of the 120 “5-1” draw numbers have already been taken up after just a few days.
  2. Met office is a little more favourable. No rain until around 10pm https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gcyt62suu#?nearestTo=Tweedmouth&date=2019-08-21
  3. Bright and sunny here at the moment. Met Office say sunny intervals for the rest of the day with a 5-10% chance of showers and 18c, falling to about 15c by tapes up. 60% chance of rain from 9pm, so the meeting should hopefully be moved along at a good pace.
  4. Why did you have to bother with that reply? Make you feel big? Troll... blocked
  5. The worst part was battling the M25/M4/M5 on a friday afternoon
  6. There were a few technical difficulties last night
  7. Updates site took them from Bandits Twitter Updates.
  8. I had many years following the Rockets, watching them getting hammered, especially at Berwick. Three trips to Somerset in 2014 62-28 66-26 72-20
  9. I agree. It was a little underwhelming. Got a bit interesting towards the end, but Eastbourne were such poor opposition it was always going to be one of those meetings. I was generally typing the results half way through the races. Hopefully Scunthorpe provide stiffer opposition on Wednesday. Thinking it’ll be RR for Nikolaj
  10. Was wondering why the post match parade truck stopped halfway down the back straight. Announced as run out of diesel
  11. Didn’t he do the same when Berwick were at Newcastle?
  12. 2012, I was up on the Northern Tour. The meeting when you lost both your reserves to injury in heat 2. No idea why Jon Cook would’ve been there
  13. Must’ve missed that. When was this said?
  14. Maybe very recently. Probably more to do with them not wanting to heavily invest in expensive jackets they may be stuck with at the end of the season.

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