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  1. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Could hear the bikes from the back garden. Torture
  2. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Added to ignore list
  3. Shadders

    Stuart Robson

    Having it pre season
  4. Shadders

    Stuart Robson

    I fear this season will be a washout. Maybe a curtailed season starting in July.
  5. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Blocked this moron, but he’s appeared again. What’s the deal here? Blocking him again, idiot
  6. Shadders

    Rye House 2020

    Good to hear he’s still going strong. Wish him all the best from Sarah and me. I’m a Bandits season pass holder these days, purely a financial decision, but will always be a Rocket at heart. Hopefully I’ll be able to get down s couple of times a season should the Rockets return
  7. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    I think he was a Newcastle guest when I saw the Bandits race there last year. He didn’t do too badly.
  8. Shadders

    Ronnie Russell

    I remember him battling with the speedway authorities to get Rasmussen and Schroeck into the National League.
  9. Shadders

    Ronnie Russell

    I like him even more now
  10. Shadders

    Ronnie Russell

    Reflecting on the Ronnie Russell years at Rye House... Pretty poor results wise, but at least we made a KOC Final. Highlight was Jens Rasmussen winning the 1988 Grand Slam at Oxford. One of my favourite days supporting the Rockets. Never spoke to the guy, but grew to appreciate his efforts keeping the club going in difficult times
  11. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Sensible. He could do with the practice round there. Maybe the rumours of him signing for Armadale were wide of the mark
  12. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Berwick Rangers must need the speedway rent more than ever now they’re languishing in the non leagues. Can’t imagine football attendances average much above 500
  13. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    Kevin Doolan on standby should Jye Etheridge not be fit for the start of the season?
  14. Shadders

    bandits 2020

    I think they’re usually out in late Jan/early Feb
  15. Shadders

    SGB Championship 2020 Confirmed Signings

    Bradley Wilson Dean on an 8.75 average. Is that a joke?

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