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  1. Race Nights

    First clash, rich Lawson, good Friday, Somerset or lakeside two meetings.
  2. Race Nights

    And premiership shouldn't have good Friday, but as Poland often run Easter Monday it will be interesting to see what happens.
  3. Poole 2018

    No he's not Mike, and he's a bottler, saw that in the sec.
  4. Agm

    Agree providing we keep minimum two brits per side. (Biased yes)😊
  5. Agm

    He'll get what is offered same as any job, if he don't like he doesn't get the job, you seem to have real problem with riders wages at the end of the day most riders are sensible otherwise they don't get a job.
  6. Guests

    Should be allowed irr even if already on rr, or you use a championship rider as a guest if two out before tapes up. Imo
  7. Agm

    And the majority of riders 🙄
  8. Poole 2018

    Why is the season too long, same as it's been for as long ad I remember, weather can be as bad in June July so no problem there, have said on another thread p's me off riders going home before the official end of season 31/10.
  9. Riders Fuel.

    Any kind of sponsorship is appreciated by the majority of riders. How much do you think they get paid? No it is not freely distributed in the UK as it is in Poland.
  10. Holidays, going home all really p's me off. British league is until 31st October that's what you sign up for.
  11. I think you can for 1 or 2 years before deciding, i.e. Mike golding (poole/rebels),Gary patchett (Swindon/brum)As for the meetings we were told it's 9th and 11th. Await confirmation especially as Sheffield meet Ipswich 12th and 13th in the cup semi's.
  12. And I suppose it beats having same team back on consecutive weeks.
  13. Thought they may have swapped the cup dates around.