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  1. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FU40OIESDwlU&h=ATM_y9wCJL704k1vGSqQw4EXouywkFflBJnyUFEK1MDYe5Ogr_FBIq-Yx_Yb5NU2YeZKSIEOmvo1i3KSuJpnm_Dv2WOSAmpML83U-IsA-E4yoDUd2oseNbNC Don't you remember this in the 70s Steve? I love it .!
  2. Woo hoo. Nice round of applause for me (Andy) there.
  3. Poole 2018

    Personal issues are personal. Nothing to do with any fan. No point in speculating. Some people think they are owed an explanation into every riders or managers decisions and private lives. I don't expect any of us would like our dirty washing aired in public. Read last week's Speedway Star if you need to catch up on Chris' issues. That's public enough I would imagine.
  4. Rained hard today at Leicester for the Bees match but they got through it. Rain tomorrow for the area so doubt they will be able to get the track in shape for Poole match.
  5. Hey Steve, what about that Kasprzak rider then? Should we sign him for this year???? hahahahahas
  6. He obviously was out cold you could see the way he just flopped. Horrible
  7. Polish speedway is so lively...and that's how it's coming through on tv let alone being there. We used to get crowds like that at Inter-continental Final meetings and the like. Great atmosphere. Shame British speedway isn't the same anymore.
  8. Ok so found freesports on their website and now i see it is on. According to the listings it now say Super Enduro started 15 minutes ago...
  9. Not watching on TV as free sports has gone.