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  1. ianmartin

    Have Ipswich Made A Big Mistake

    Ipswich have made the correct decision. I hope all 'Witches' Supporters enjoy their Speedway in the Premier League next Season.
  2. You MUST be joking.
  3. ianmartin

    Tactical Ride

    Doesn't make it RIGHT though. ......................and for heavens sake don't mention Duckworth-Lewis.
  4. ianmartin

    Sack The Statto At Sky Sports

    Well said hyderd.
  5. ianmartin

    Help Us Save Birmingham Speedway... Please

    It depends on the wording. Stress the importance of finance coming in to the City from visiting Supporters - not a lot granted - but in these somewhat difficult financial times every little helps. The City's reputation in the wider Speedway Community and the fact that this is a family Sport. All these and other things might just help to sway the Council in favour of Birmingham Speedway.
  6. ianmartin

    Help Us Save Birmingham Speedway... Please

    I have put my Comments in to the Council at Birmingham on the Planning Form - are you now saying I should not have done. Please clarify.
  7. ianmartin

    Tactical Ride

    I'll refrain from commenting on the Tactical Ride. Oh no I won't!!! - Tactical Rides should be ditched. Unfair, rewards failure and as already said - makes it difficult to explain a SERIOUS Sport to newcomers. Should I perhaps say - a Sport that is TRYING to be serious - as the World Cup is coming up with the 'JOKER'.
  8. ianmartin

    Race Card Sgp

    Thank you very much Danish Webmaster.
  9. ianmartin

    World Finals Of The 70s

    Barry Briggs has been a Hero to me since I first got interested in Speedway 46 years ago. The man is a true Legend of the Sport. I have been fortunate enough to have met him on a number of occasions over the last five or six years. He is still my Hero. He had time to talk to me, allowed me to have my photograph taken with him and was at all times a perfect Gentleman in the true sense of the word. So he used some industrial language on a DVD - So what - a warning was given. Speedway is a tough Sport and Riders have to be tough to take part in it. A few swear words won't tarnish my memories of 'Briggo' - in fact it could be said that he is showing an obvious passion for the Sport. Finally - 'Briggo' has my total admiration for what he is attempting to do for our disabled Speedway Riders - it is good to see that even at his age - 'Briggo' has not yet settled for his pipe and slippers.
  10. ianmartin

    Vic Harding

    Yes - as a Sunderland 'Stars' Supporter - I would like to thank you for reminding us too. Vic was very highly thought of up here in the North East. His name still comes up regularly. He was a great Rider and a truly lovely bloke. He is much missed by the friends and Supporters here in Sunderland. Vic - R.I.P. +
  11. As there is not a Topic here on the Classic Speedway Section for Forum users to suggest Riders who they would like to read about - I thought I would start one. I was prompted to do this after I had returned home from a Long Eaton Reunion. Whilst there I met a very interesting former Rider called Ken Vale - I would love to read more about him. Ken Sharples is another who springs to mind. Any possibility Tony.
  12. ianmartin

    Issue 9

    Full of GREAT stuff this Magazine. Enjoyed the Alf Hagon Interview. Bengt Jansson - I was convinced that he was told not to try to beat Fundin. A jolly good read this.
  13. ianmartin

    Issue 38

    Another excellent Edition. I though the Kelvin Tatum piece was terrific. I would have liked to have known though, which Public School Kevin attended. Unless I missed it - It didn't say. Looking forward to the next copy of BackTrack dropping through my letterbox.
  14. ianmartin

    Are You In The Armed Forces?

    I agree Sandie - a super gesture absolutely ruined by the motives expressed in the Quote. When will the BSPA stop making these faux pas. When will they start considering their words before making ill thought out announcements.
  15. I have just finished watching the Lakeside v Wolverhampton Meeting on the Television. The Referee had FOUR important decisions to make and got three of them DEAD WRONG. Absolutely disgraceful considering that he had the benefit of Television Replays. Same again at the Grand Prix last Saturday Andreas Jonsson gets excluded after having been fetched off by Gollob. Who put Jonsson out of the race - they didn't like to say it on Television - a 'Polish' Referee (no bias there then) who ALSO had the benefit of Television Replays. Oh, and I forgot - who won the Grand?? Prix - Gollob - a 'Pole'. It stinks!!! Unless Speedway gets it house in order with Referees we are going to become the laughing stock of the Sporting World. Bit like Football really.

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