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  1. Woffinden got away with one in Sweden. He didn't here. Given the line up in heat 16, highly likely he'd have finished last anyway. Needs to draw a line under it and regroup for the next one. Sure he has plenty in hand to hold on to the lead.
  2. Wasn't it an English referee that failed to exclude Woffinden for having both wheels over the white line in Malilla? Swings and roundabouts. Awful GP and one which needs culling from the calendar.
  3. Got to laugh at your average British Speedway fan. Cook shouldn't have been allowed to ride in the meeting because having a worse rider in it would have somehow made it a better event apparently?! As phil the ace suggested, that's the best big meeting seen at Sheffield for a good few years and Cook played a major part in that. Cracking evenings entertainment.
  4. CB252


    I didn't comment on Lakeside's apparent 'free' use of Nick Morris, I was more concerned with his vow to make life difficult for everyone around him as a response to perceived injustices. It's unprofessional, counter productive and solves nothing, as well as making him sound like an idiot. He's moaning about laying in bed that he was at least partly responsible for making. My club and stadium (Coventry) is on the recently deceased list, so I'm losing interest in the sport hourly to be fair. I happen to think that Coventry's demise is a massive factor in all this coming to a head. The day British Speedway's heart stopped beating.
  5. CB252


    Conversely, I find reprehensible Russell's comments a total embarassment that typify why I'm currently so ashamed to have wasted so much of my life on this sport. It's the 'us and them' mentality that has brought the sport in this country to the brink of despair. 'If they think they're going to get away with it, they're not'. I mean, what sort of quote is that to be coming out with?
  6. http://www.swindonrobins.co/news.php?extend.3124 This is possibly one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen relating to British Speedway, and that's saying something. From the cringeworthy garden shed production of the video to the awful amateurish interviewer, the apparent hen party going on in the background and that's before you get to the interview itself. British Speedway is absolutely dead in the water and needs putting out of its misery if this is the best it can do. Utterly disgraceful, and whoever decided that video was fit for an official website should be shot immediately.
  7. Aggregate scores after 42 heats. Top team goes to final, 2nd and 3rd to a semi final. Winner of 2nd v 3rd goes into the final. Champions decided purely on result of last heat regardless of points scored in the first 42 heats.
  8. CB252

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    You think that people not supporting a guy who has allegedly alligned himself with the developers that want to build on Brandon is 'cutting off your nose to spite your face'? Interesting. Regardless of your love for the club or sport, why would you chose to give such a person your money? I haven't been to any of the 'home' meetings. I know people that have, and they have confirmed all bar a couple of them have been utter rubbish. Leicester's crap anyway, but a slick, dusty track on Sunday afternoon doesn't appeal to most people anyway. Some people claim that the NL is a breath of fresh air. It isn't. That's why not many people watch it. Riding at Leicester is not a long term plan for the survival of the club. It's a pointless excercise unless it's being done in conjunction with the campaign group's excellent efforts to save the stadium, which it isn't.
  9. Lucky we've got a few anoraks left that follow the sport in this country that care about the shambolic way it's presented and the disgusting state of the stadiums we're watching it in eh? Applying the rules is a basic necessity of any serious sport surely? Hope some of these riders that don't make a fortune riding on the continent have other qualifications to fall back on because speedway will be semi pro at best in the UK in a few years.
  10. They don't enforce 12.11 either. A set of 4 Helmets (or helmet covers) on which advertising is not permitted, other than the manufacturer’s name, in these colours: Red, Blue, White and Yellow / Black; the RAL Reference Numbers being: 3020, 5017, 9010 and 1023 respectively. Riders are constantly failing to turn out in yellow and black in favour of yellow, which is a completely different colour with a different ref no. Again, people will say it doesn't matter but failure to apply such rules regarding appearance makes the British arm of the sport look a disorganised mess. Presentation of the sport in Sweden and Poland, and application of the rules, knocks ours into a cocked hat.
  11. CB252

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    It'll be the Kenneth Bjerre that looks just like Chris Harris. The great British Speedway farce rumbles on.
  12. CB252

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Bacause, apart from a handful, the stadiums have the appearance of rubbish dumps. Was at Swindon last night and there is debris and junk laying around all over the place down the back straight and around the 3rd bend round to the pits.
  13. When was that amended. If so, what's the point of yellow and black existing as it isn't used anywhere else in the world? Edited to add, the SCB regulations confirm that Yellow is NOT premitted. Both Yellow and Yellow and Black were permitted a few years back but they tightened it up to improve identification. They are clearly now not bothering to enforce it. Also, the crowd was about 1500 tops, which is still good in these laughably dire times for British Speedway.
  14. Dire, soul destroying bore of a meeting this far. Only talking point is the fact that we don't enforce helmet colour rules in this country. Doyle winning heat 12 in a yellow helmet. Must have forgotten his yellow and black helmet cover.
  15. CB252

    Poole 2018

    Even if he wanted to come here, doubt Leszno would allow it. They don't pay their star riders hundreds of thousands of zlotys to have them come over here and get injured on our awful tracks.

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