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  1. Sounds right. It's included in both Prem and BT packs on Sky, and neither on Virgin by the looks of things. Only in SD I think, but not the end of the world occasionally if it ensures a live broadcast.
  2. Box Nation is also available via the BT Sport app for anyone with access to that. Looks like it's a paid add on for virgin customers.
  3. Premier always prioritise a live offering. They wont leave a live Nascar race, a sport which has thousands more fans than speedway incidentally, to show a recording of a speedway meeting. Likewise, they won't leave a live speedway meeting, even if it's running an hour behind, as can often happen in the Swedish league. Premier doesn't run solely for the benefit of the speedway fan. They broadcast popular sport as well. They won't be able to show every match when there's a stack of live football to be caught up on. The NHL will also recommence soon which will further tighten the schedule. Anyhow, this weekend the Friday meetings are on Freesports and Prem 1 respectively. On Sunday it looks like they are making use of Box Nation (sky 427) and showing both meetings live according to the sky planner weather permitting.
  4. It does make me laugh that people think that, just because they've signed up to 3 months free on Premier, that they will remove popular sports from their schedule to show a speedway meeting at the drop of a hat.
  5. I don't think you can replace a reserve with a TS though as managers never seem to do it.
  6. Anyone know if the plan to change the heat format/gate positions to make life easier on number 10s and number 2s was implemented over the winter?
  7. Sounds like Janowski and Drabik are in a raft of trouble for missing this meeting with dodgy sick notes. Particularly Janowski, who was caught enjoying himself when he should have been at home nursing acute bronchitis according to his sick note. Expect to see neither of them anywhere near the Polish side next year and Janowski to be stripped of the captaincy.
  8. To be fair, RoW sides have been a bit stronger than this over the past few years of these tests. Imagine a lot of riders didn't want the work at this time of year.
  9. The current scoring system ensured that we had three riders still in with a shot going down to the last few heats this year. Closest we've got to replicating the drama of a one off Final for a while. In round one you'd have had Madsen squeezing into the semis on 8 points and walking away with 25 at the end of the night. That sort of swing can badly distort who the best rider is over a 10 round series. They should leave it alone. No issue with the other changes.
  10. Lol, Troy's gone on strike. Gone into trundle mode. This is classic British Speedway.
  11. I struggle to believe that some idiot fans defend the actions of Cook and Lambert in scenarios like this. The same sickening cretins that massage the riders egos and suck up to them on social media probably, trying to act all pally with them. Yes, it's a meaningless meeting in the grander scheme, but it is an official meeting that needs completing. Can we look forward to Man City's top boys failing to turn up to their last league game of the season if Liverpool have already won it by then? Letting the riders get away with crap like this is a big part of the problem over here and why we remain a joke. Imagine a Pole pulling this stunt at home. PZM would just suspend them.
  12. CB252

    Premiership Semi-Finals

    If those 7 meetings were packed with the top riders in the world, organised professionally and sponsored to the hilt by major national companies making it a product to be proud of, I suspect, for some, the answer would be a resounding yes.
  13. CB252


    He's talking rubbish. Doyle only has Swindon meetings and a couple of GPs left. He's done in Poland and Sweden. Probably his quietest spell of the season.
  14. I walked in with a rucksack full of food and drink and it wasn't even checked. I kind of wish I'd been stopped and refused entry as it would have saved me from the three and bit hours of torture that followed.

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