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  1. Yes, quite. I would fully agree with that stance. Just put the photographers out of work. Can't stop them behaving like schoolboys on social media though I'm afraid.
  2. I'm not sure it's up to Phil Rising to do anything about it? I buy my speedway star to read about speedway not photographers having a schoolboy squabble. Just boot the offending photographers out and put someone else in their place.
  3. Won't see a better meeting than that in the UK all year. Bloody superb.
  4. Cracking match. Hope EastEnders was good for the boycotters.
  5. CB252

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Poles quaking in their boots anticipating the second coming of British Speedway. But it's ok because we can produce individual world champions and they can't. Seriously though, is there any scope to turn this into a track more suited to a modern speedway bike, or have all the alterations that can be made already been made?
  6. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    Conversely, if the FIM and the organisers of the GP were to start rewarding World Championship competitors with the prize money they deserve, rather than just expecting them to ride for a pittance 'because it's the World Championship' they could also go a long way to alleviating the conflict of interest. The Ekstraliga is currently a better organised product with better sponsors and better TV contracts and pays the top riders a wage they deserve. Also, how do you see the Polish stranglehold being broken? And why should they be concerned about producing individual World Champions? We've produced one, but he rides there, not here, and swells their crowds.
  7. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    He did although not sure of the year. In the 1988 ICF, Nielsen and Gundersen infamously nearly fell over each other trying not to win a three man run off (with Per Jonsson) for second place.
  8. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    Vaculik possibly based on what I've seen of him this season.
  9. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    These are the win stats for previous meetings. Warsaw 2018: A - 8, C - 7, B - 5, D - 3. Warsaw 2017: C - 7, A and D - 6, B - 4. Warsaw 2016: C - 11, A and D - 5, B - 2. Warsaw 2015: D - 5, A - 3, B and C - 2 each. Riders will probably try to avoid a draw number that gives them two gate 4's. Two gate 3's wouldn't be a bad shout and number 10 will probably get picked early. 10 was always a popular starting number in World Finals, and clever riders often used to try and engineer their finishing position in the Inter Continental final once they'd qualified to gain an advantageous draw number in the World Final.
  10. And you can apply the exact same statement to League racing in this country, which has already been tainted by riders riding for multiple clubs, thus potentially hindering their own contracted team later in the season. The penny is finally dropping for the handful of people still watching the sport over here. Save your money and take a couple of trips to Poland a year and do a couple of GPs. Much better for your health and sanity.
  11. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    I don't think there's a test of loyalty. The riders will be frustrated by it no doubt, but appearing in a couple of Ekstraliga meetings will probably earn them more money than they will earn in an entire GP season if the published SGP earnings from 2017 are accurate. So they can't really afford to take a stand against Ekstraliga scheduling meetings for whenever they so wish.
  12. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    But will Woffinden and Zmarzlik be hindered by their absence from practice / qualification and the fastest riders on Friday choosing their preferred draw number?
  13. CB252

    Warsaw 2019

    Unclear at the moment. I would say no, although I expect them both to try. Janowski has announced he won't ride in Swedish League for a month regardless of whether he rides on Saturday. I think Doyle has a greater chance of riding and scoring some points than Janowski at this stage.
  14. Anyone need convincing that the British variant of speedway is the most embarrassing sport on the planet? Look no further folks.
  15. Both Ekstraliga meetings tomorrow have been postponed.

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