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  1. A soul destroying, festering sore of a meeting. That one was enough to kill your enthusiasm for a season before it even starts. After watching lots of fast, vibrant, modern speedway from Poland so far this year on the TV, this one was like a trip back in time to the seventies. And Monmore is generally one of the better tracks to visit in the Premiership!!
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    Concerned, but not surprised. He'll do exactly as Przedpelski did. Make his comeback in Poland but never quite make it back here. Gorzow pay Vaculik thousands to have him come over here and get injured riding in our tinpot junk league in a meeting which shouldn't have started. No wonder they're livid as they can't just use a rider from another team to replace him. Wouldn't surprise me if Grudziadz tightened the leash on Pieszczek either. Drozdz already riding elsewhere but not for Belle Vue as he's too injured.
  3. Poole 2018

    Hans Nielsen knocks them both into a cocked hat. Forget individual world titles, of which Nielsen was robbed of about half a dozen, his machine like brilliance at league level is unrivalled. 1986 season dropping just three points and going unbeaten away from home. Brilliant team rider, the best gater ever, able to pass (sometimes with brute force!). Tony was good, but as good as Hans? Not a chance.
  4. Coventry 2017

    Either way, no one wants to travel to a crap track to watch a cheap crap team, put together by a crap promotion.
  5. Coventry 2017

    He added: “A standalone stadium either at Brandon or elsewhere has never been commercially viable and will never be commercially viable for the club." Fantastic quote Mick. What an absolute bonehead. Fans, hopefully, will treat this news with the contempt it deserves. Done purely so that a promoter that everyone despises can keep his licence. Sunday afternoon NL speedway at the monorail? I'd rather stay defunct cheers.
  6. If the promoters have anything about them, they will sit down and collectively agree to freeze the pair of them out of the sport in the UK next year. And Sedgmen. That's all fans want to hear. Stop going along with the lie. We all know they've gone home early. Just tell us we'll never have to see them again and we'll be happy.
  7. A fittingly farcical end to the worst season in British Speedway's history.
  8. As he's confirmed as riding in the Aussie GP, I'll say no!
  9. Yep shocking!😂 I swear Wallinger couldn't even turn a bike last time I saw him. Smol way better than I thought he'd be on borrowed bikes and Morris and Sarj riding better than I've seen all year. Good meeting to be fair. Forgotten how good a race track Brum can be. I just can't bring myself to attend for NL meetings.
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    No he wouldn't. Tai used an actual average obtained during a woeful season for Wolves in 2014. No re-assessment took place. Can't believe people are still banging on about it.
  11. Teams look woefully imbalanced. Bees have Smolonski but Brummie's then have the next 4 half decent riders in the meeting on their side in Barker, Skornicki, Starke and Lambert. Will be a cricket score if it's on.
  12. Somerset 2018

    Would Rebels fans favour Monday or Thursday as their race night? Which would offer the best chance of the club remaining solvent.
  13. Stick to flogging the antiques Einstein.
  14. Nobody really goes that well at the Abbey to be honest. It's such a weird track these days. Rarely any decent racing and hard to see Bomber gating well enough to score many. At Monmore however, Bomber is easily the best visiting rider and could quite easily match Lindgren's huge score. Have to feel for Wolves though. Looks a tall order.
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    Schlein obviously. Maybe Masters. I don't see Lindgren or Thorssell riding anywhere else in the UK.