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  1. Fourentee

    University Challenge 2019/20

    Your 20 the other night was impressive, mind. I got Lang (Metropolis is on the cover of a Be-Bop Deluxe album I have) and Douglas, no idea on Newton and Delibes.
  2. Fourentee

    University Challenge 2019/20

    Sixteen after a slow start. Was stuck on two for what seemed an age.
  3. Fourentee

    University Challenge 2019/20

    Eighteen tonight, but seven of those were football and pop!
  4. Fourentee

    University Challenge 2019/20

    Fourteen tonight, to my astonishment. Got all the pop group cities wrong, Sheffield for Leeds, Edinburgh for Glasgow, etc.
  5. Fourentee

    Commentator of the Year

    Well done, Dave! Heads down over the winter and shoot for the treble.
  6. Fourentee

    Your claim to fame

    Played in goal on the winning side in one of the last matches at Maine Road (Manchester Evening News 1 Express & Star 4). Kevin Keegan and Dennis Tueart watched from the sidelines for a while, a fact noted by one of our better players. He drifted over to their touchline and attempted a Cruyff-esque turn under their noses, lost his footing and went face-first into the turf, much to their amusement. About 10 minutes from time I heard some weird metallic sounds behind me and turned to find the groundstaff, on stepladders, already loosening the nets ready for a quick finish! Good night and the MEN guys made us very welcome.
  7. Needless to say, Mrs Fourentee is not a forum member. I'm brave from a position of safety...
  8. Oh, just defy her -- be a tiger, Halifax!
  9. Steve Lawson at Workington brought back a coffee cup full last year! I believe he had it analysed and then sourced its domestic equivalent. Certainly a lot of praise for the Derwent Park circuit last season.
  10. There's also an excellent series of radio adaptations starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. They pop up from time to time on Radio Four Extra.
  11. Have you tried any of Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May series? Two elderly detectives in London. Beautifully written, in a variety of styles, very dry and humorous.
  12. Just finished ML Rio’s ‘If We Were Villains’, a novel about a group of seven Shakespeare drama students in an American college. One is killed; Oliver (from whose perspective the book is written) serves 10 years over the death and agrees, upon being released from prison, to tell the (now entering retirement) investigating detective what really happened... While there’s an obvious debt to Donna Tartt’s ‘The Secret History’, the story really convinces on all levels and I was sprinting through the final chapters! Thoroughly recommended.
  13. Forgot to mention Mick Herron’s fictional Slough House series, about the British intelligence agents who mess up. Their cunning and outrageous boss Jackson Lamb is a wonderful creation.
  14. Fourentee


    I'm a huge admirer of Graham Parker's output but also love a couple of covers he did with The Rumour -- Hold Back the Night (The Trammps) and, especially, I Want You Back (The Jackson Five).

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