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  1. No problem there; personally I've always regarded 16-year-old Kyle's 2018 spot as an extended training session to gain Championship experience and learn the circuits he doesn't visit with the Colts. It should all stand him in good stead for 2019 with Workington, I hope. Young, talented and local -- what's not to like? The Comets management have consistently declared that winning or losing as a club is up to the other six and that Kyle (who only takes up two points in the team building anyway) is there to learn, so fair play to them for that. As captain, Proctor (and what a joy it is to see his current form) has already declared that a big part of his job is to help the less experienced riders. Actually, all that would still apply even if you reversed the Alwalton scoreline -- if a team is built for strength in depth, as with Workington, and doesn't perform you don't start narrowing your eyes and taking sidelong looks at the British two-pointer. What are we, Poole?
  2. If this thread hasn’t doubled in length by tonight, following Woffy’s announcement, I’d be surprised!
  3. Poole 2018

    As opposed to Shanes, who is of course from...oh, hang on.
  4. Poole 2018

    Like that would be a surprise!
  5. Personally I wouldn't necessarily have thought stronger, although the structure of the team should certainly mean it's feasible to cover either of the top two from R/R reasonably well. My worry about RR high up the team is always that it gives you one fewer option for heat 15. But with all these second-tier matches taking place tonight, a guest is obviously not practical, so fingers crossed!
  6. Poole 2018

    I can see the thinking, as a short-term move that may bring a few more points from that reserve slot. Then it will be a matter of working out the permutations once the averages have kicked in, at which point Shanes might well be back. Of course, missing those top-flight matches will hardly help him in the interim while being dropped is not exactly a confidence booster either. And, as alluded to elsewhere, it's a bit harsh when a top-heavy team fails (so far) to perform and it's the two-pointer whose neck feels the axe.
  7. From what I remember, quite the contrary! Injury wrecked what looked like being his best season, can't recall what year off the top of my head. Always liked Ty, passionate rider and a very funny, dry sense of humour. Pleased to see him making a good start to the current campaign.
  8. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Etheridge rides, yes.
  9. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    And eight from three completed rides in the following day's final, snapping a chain in the other one. Good stuff.
  10. New shale

    Cheers Glyn, always helpful to get an insight. Hope it works out for you. I know there’s usually a certain amount of knockabout on a Poole thread, but the better the surface, the better for the spectator and the sport in general.
  11. Workington 2018 .

    Assessment tomorrow. If it's then surgery, that would take place on Thursday.
  12. Makes it easier for the riders to communicate with fans. Edit: Apologies, gmuncie, couldn't resist!
  13. Are the weather gods trying to tell you something, Geoff? Like take up marbles?
  14. Wolves 2018

    Just had a quick run through Wolves’ away matches in the regular season last year. If I’m correct (I did rattle through it a bit), Thorssell rode 13 of them and finished ahead of the home No.1 at some point in eight matches. Not every time they met, and not all race wins, but pretty decent going all the same. I very much take the point that riding at No.1 (for the pressure almost as much as the harder outings) is a different kettle of fish, mind.
  15. Surprising amount of animosity knocking around for a match both sides will presumably look back on with some satisfaction. Poole should be happy with the win in what were evidently unusual conditions (I wasn’t there) and with new riders in the side. They should improve at home when the signings settle, while Kurtz has obviously excelled. The Aces made a decent fist of it while clearly weakened by the absence of Cook and Worrall — Fricke and Bewley evidently the stand-outs for them. So plus points for both sides to ponder.