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  1. Well, Tungate had been beaten only by Lambert whereas Fricke had twice lost to Iversen including the heat 13 5-1. So you pays your money and you takes your choice. Would normally have expected Fricke, but I wasn’t there! Have to say Lemon generally comes across as a very shrewd team manager as far as I’m concerned.
  2. Bach and Proctor declared fit to ride.
  3. Fourentee

    Workington 2018 .

    The British Statistical Plainspeaking Association? Actually this could be a thing. What should BSPA stand for? *Lights fuse and runs for cover*
  4. Fourentee

    Workington 2018 .

    Get a coffee inside you, Steve! Can't tackle stats at this time of day otherwise.
  5. Fourentee

    Workington 2018 .

    More than poor Rene can do at the moment! As you say, dislocation rather than break. Still painful. Get well soon.
  6. Fourentee

    Workington 2018 .

    No thanks. No offence to Connor, a talented young man and one who hopefully has a good future in the sport, but we've already got one of those who is, IMHO, a better prospect, four years younger and lives round the corner!
  7. Fourentee

    Parking at Wolverhampton

    On-site parking at Wolves is free and steward-directed on entrance. Hope you enjoy your visit.
  8. Fourentee

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Think your irony meter may need a reset!
  9. Fourentee

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    I'm sure it's a genuine Rollex!
  10. Fourentee

    Workington 2018 .

    1. No. 2. Therefore not applicable. 3. Next question.
  11. Right, got you. Hopefully Kyle can benefit from this season of Championship experience. Of course he wants to do well, as indeed would any young rider, especially for his local club. Fans appear to be behind him and that's always helpful.
  12. Pressure from whom? Management who say he is there to learn and develop and defeats are down to the other six? Or the skipper who said in last week's Speedway Star that he's not there to score points, but -- yes -- to learn and develop? He's still got NL this year and what amounts to a bonus season of learning other tracks without expectation. Agree with you, he'll get there. There are different routes and he'll crack it. But there's no outside pressure on him at all.
  13. Fair enough, thanks for the info. Over to Berwick management then!
  14. I wasn't at the match but in broad terms usually feel that if you have a reserve who's on it in a struggling team he should get his seven rides before heat 15. With Jye at No.2, he wouldn't have ridden in the later heats and so perhaps wouldn't be fully up to speed on how the track was riding by then. Just conjecture. Usually there are good reasons why the expected riders in heat 15 don't appear, which is not to say team managers don't get it wrong occasionally!

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