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  1. Click bait looking for attention lol
  2. It is fine building a team of racers but no league is ever won without a top class rider who gates for fun
  3. Having been there tonight a scunthorpe side outwith the very impressive Ryan Douglas not good enough to beat a Glasgow side with young Ace improving week on week . Scorpions don't lose at home I was told before hand.
  4. This is utter deflection from a very good Glasgow performance and TBH the team barring injury is the best in the league
  5. alta

    Glasgow 2023

    If The Tigers don't win the league with this side I be amazed . Huge home wins on the cards
  6. Let's be honest I as a glasgow fan of too many yearsI have forgotten, history tells us a win at Poole is just never on the agenda.Probably exceeded expectations in my view last night.Track conditions have bound to be different over the years so it is really irrelevant result always the same home win
  7. alta

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    An outstanding speedway meeting on a smooth track. Fair does to Poole for an away team to ride the high line was exceptional. Suggest Glasgow riders should be practising behind closed doors how to do it otherwise trouble ahead. Young riders excelling .Older ones especially Ulrich possibly taking too much on
  8. My goodness the commentator has no idea re cussing has flint in heat 2 and ollie Allen doesn't correct both should be binned to give this any creditablility
  9. alta

    Glasgow 2022

    Very decent scores at Armadale. Vital in the course of the season. Massive Poole win there last season. Major contribution to the point the reason of the score was D.Hume
  10. I suspect a large Glasgow home win and be able to defend at Poole. After all Edinburgh have got good riders for Ashfield and in last couple of matches not near it. Not sure that Poole quite at the Edinburgh level at Ashfield
  11. British speedway fans jeez oh if we were counting in old money pre decimal would be moaning if a farthing was too much
  12. We couldn't win the league with a right on top of his game in Craig Cook , a flying Rasmus Jensen and a seriously decent rider in Claus Vissing so spot on re this team no chance
  13. Not surprised Glasgow lost in the slightest, the margin is too much for any thoughts of success, another loss tomorrow for sure and not infeasible on Sunday as well .Hoping for miracles from a new lad to prevent a sorry end to the season

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