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  1. tocha

    Richie Worrall statement

    I thought it an odd coincidence as well.
  2. Injuries mainly. Those I know of include Dan Thompson, Jordan Jenkins, Alfie Bowtell, Connor Coles plus Steve Boxall suspended.
  3. tocha

    Torun 2023

    Programme started nearly 15 minutes ago. So far we've heard from Abi and Scott but no sign of Tatum or Louis yet.
  4. So we are now left with strange situation whereby a rider whose club is not in the play-offs but can guest for more than one club that is. However, if a guest rising star is required he has to be selected from the list as long as he is not already in current 1 -7.
  5. tocha

    Ipswich 2023

    Emil 10.10 Jason 9.12 Danny 7.05 (2.5% reduction) Keynan 4.00 An other 5.00 Dan 3.61 (2.5% reduction) Total 38.88
  6. Seems a strange state of affairs the a rider who has already turned out as a guest for one team in the semis (Ipswich) can now ride for another in the final. I can't find anything in the regs. to prevent this happening though.
  7. Exactly. It could be, for example, that he has planned his schedule this week and now anticipates the fixture being re-run on Friday meaning a rush to get to Poland for Saturday. He could even have booked a flight for Friday.
  8. tocha

    Swedish league 2024 signings, news Etc

    Is anyone actually able to watch this on viaplay at the moment because it doesn't appear on their schedule at all now.
  9. tocha

    Swedish league 2024 signings, news Etc

    Viaplay transmission seems to have disappeared altogether now.
  10. tocha

    Swedish league 2024 signings, news Etc

    Has meeting been delayed? Viaplay showing ice hockey.
  11. Unlikely I would have thought. Scott Nicholls is due be on duty with Discovery+ for the Torun SGP.
  12. Charles's scores at Foxhall this season 9 and 8. RR last Thursday 3.
  13. Jason made the final but his bike packed up just after he had taken the lead. Slight scare as he fell on the first attempt to run it but reinstated - 1st bend bunching.
  14. Jordan Jenkins and Henry Atkins were/are in the line-up.
  15. NDLRC now postponed due to poor weather forecast.

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