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  1. The trouble with the BBC forecast is that it cannot even agree with itself! The summary shows heavy rain for most of the day whilst its own weather map is more in line with both the Met Office and Metcheck, rain pushing away by mid-morning.
  2. There would have been the risk of damaging it yet further. Overall it makes more logical sense to have Adam and Nick riding for the same club in both legs so, as all parties seem happy with this arrangement, I cannot see the problem.
  3. There is another factor. Peterborough wont be able to call upon James Sarjeant for this match.
  4. 2016 I believe, Ipswich twice scoring 15 (includes 4 point tactical ride) and 4.
  5. So Sunday, 14th October it is then and we may now see our home season concluded on Sundays now. Workington have us visiting on the 20th as a double-header, Shield final and the outstanding league match then, depending on how we have done by next Sunday, one of their matches may become the PO final leg with the return on 21st. So we could find ourselves back at Workington the following Saturday then back here on 28th.
  6. If it is rained off, next Saturday is no good as Peterborough are already hosting Scunthorpe in the final leg of the KOC. It cannot be allowed to drag on to the 20th so they may have to consider this Sunday instead, midday start.
  7. The only date Lakeside could be blamed over was v Glasgow, 7th July, due to World Cup. There were two Friday away fixtures in June and three at home, then in July the only home match was v Sheffield on 13th. 20th was the Championship pairs then 27th v Peterborough was ruled out by the BSPA. Now we come to August managing just one again v Ipswich on the 3rd. The 10th v Peterborough and 24th v Newcastle were rained off whilst the scheduled trip to Workington on 17th cancelled at short notice by Rob Godfrey and his chums.
  8. Quite right. Should have re-checked the fixture list as the match wasn't there when I last looked.
  9. The poor weather has been on the cards since the beginning of this week. It is a pity our meeting hasn't been brought forward to tomorrow. The stadium must be available.
  10. It didn't say that in my programme notes. Instead it stated best use of the facilities available to cover their absence from the Peterborough fixture would be utilised.
  11. The regs state that no rider whose team is in the play-offs may guest. Therefore, Musielak should be okay.
  12. I am sure you are right and must have existed prior to speedway returning to Hoddesdon in around 2000. Presumably, that is why Len had a start time of 7pm and 6pm for double-headers although these were a rarity on Saturday evenings. Usually double headers, and there were many of them, were held on Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday afternoons so the curfew wasn't tested except, possibly one v Birmingham/King's Lynn which must have come close as the second meeting didn't start until gone 9pm following delays in the first.
  13. I'm surprised that go karts were still running by then as they advertise their opening times 9am -10pm. As for last Saturday, by the time the meeting was brought to a halt I'd certainly had enough!
  14. Peterborough were invited to come to the Raceway on 31st August but declined due to rider unavailability although, as far as I can see, only Grondal would have been missing due to a pre-arranged Danish fixture. Ironically, though, it would never been allowed to go ahead anyway due to three CL fixtures taking place already one, of which, involved Scunthorpe.

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