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  1. tocha


    Not unlike those committee meetings in the Vicar of Dibley I would imagine:
  2. tocha

    Rye House 2018

    I was referring to Lakeside's fixtures not Workington's.
  3. tocha

    Rye House 2018

    So far the match at home to Sheffield on 13th July has been removed from the BSPA fixture list as has the KOC meeting against Peterborough on the 27th. All remaining fixtures are still in place.
  4. It seemed rather strange management from Workington. Only Proctor and Campton were in the points but no tactical substitution used and I expected Campton to have his full seven outings. He may have declined I suppose as only just back from injury but a case in point was heat 9, Workington off 1 and 3 with programmed riders Klindt and Bickley which would have been an ideal opportunity for TS (Proctor) and change of reserve
  5. tocha

    Rye House 2018

    New averages out wef 1st June. KK moves to one, 7.78 whilst Scott and Bomber retain heatleader spots. Assuming Robbo returns soon Ed will drop down to reserve. There is little room for further manoeuvre at reserve as the side totals 40.22 with the exclusion of Clegg. Tom Brennan could be a possible target
  6. We have the opportunity to go top of the Championship tomorrow but face tough opposition. New greensheets take effect placing Zach in the main 1 - 5 whilst the injured Ben moves down to reserve meaning a guest will be required and the right choice has to be made. Mason Campton has returned from injury and in his first meeting back scored 10 + 1 from the reserve berth at Sheffield. Ty Proctor is in great form just now and, of course, we shall have to contend with Dan Bewley. A lot may depend upon which Rene Bach and/or Nicolai Klindt turns up.
  7. tocha

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    If this is normal service bring it on Redcar 37 Lakeside 53
  8. This could be a tough test for the Hammers made slightly easier by the absence of Ricky Wells who is riding in the SGP Challenge. Ed Kennett, who has been in poor form for Rye House, replaces him. Our heat leaders will have to maintain their top form for this backed up by solid displays from Ben and Kyle. Pleased to see Zach had a better meeting for Swindon last Thursday. Meeting preview on Hammers website.
  9. tocha

    Rye House 2018

    Kennett has to go and Ricky Wells brought back asap before someone else signs him up.
  10. Poole have signed Richie Worrall as a temporary replacement for Holder now that KIldemand's stint is over. Apparently they wouldn't have been able to keep 'the killer' as he would have missed nine fixtures due to Danish commitments. He comes straight into the side tomorrow
  11. Not a great deal unless at ground level and, even then, you can still see the top half of the riders whilst on the opposite straight. There have been slight spectator improvements. The trailer stand which was on the home straight has been moved to bends 1 and 2 whilst in its place more scaffolding has been erected providing spectator seating.
  12. tocha

    Rye House 2018

    I think NJB would miss too many Wednesday fixtures due to his riding commitments in Denmark. He may even have to miss the home leg KOC match against Swindon on 23rd May although it is possible that his 28 day stint might have expired by then anyway.
  13. Then perhaps he shouldn't have taken the guest booking for Ipswich last Friday
  14. Any Witches fans still harbouring thoughts of going to Lakeside tomorrow need to be aware that the A12 northbound will be closed for road repairs. Tomorrow is scheduled to be the last night for works and as I came back this evening closure extended to junction 26 for Colchester and would have been from junction 19, Boreham interchange. Probable diversion A130/A131 then A120.
  15. tocha

    Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    He certainly will. I wonder who of our reserves will score the single point lol.

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