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  1. .. And who will ever forget the moment Ellery Hanley led the All Blacks to the Grand Slam.. I'd had a few bloody Mary's that day too.
  2. falcace

    'the Donald' Trump

    Crazy though isn't it? Beaten by seven million against (let's be honest) not the strongest Democratic candidate, responsible for a riot and attempted coup, tax avoidance, multiple crimes. They are backing a lost cause. The Republicans had their chance last January to impeach, take the short-term hit and move on. They will regret it and America suffers for it.
  3. falcace

    'the Donald' Trump

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”- John Quincy Adams “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” John F Kennedy “We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it.” – Barack Obama “They’re not here to hurt me.” – Donald Trump
  4. falcace


    Agree. Barely legible. As a commentator, absolutely iconic.
  5. falcace


    One of those areas in which the yanks do it so much better than us.... I give you.... "Cowboy" Cook "Sudden" Sam "Showtime" Bobby Ott As opposed to...erm... Havvy Woffy Wiggy
  6. Yes, all confirmed, a defective cog or two. First the "Swoosh" and cue the rant. It's not the first time you've raced over the hill pitchfork in hand utterly missing the point is it? Perhaps there's a reason for that.... Apologies on "demented", that was the wrong word. "Malfunctioning" would be more appropriate. Anyway, wishing you an enjoyable rest of LGBTQ Pride Month. Back to the grown ups, be good to hear from anyone who can put together a coherent argument why the country should continue to tolerate the corrupt, incompetent Government we find ourselves with. Or are we going to continue with the collective pretence in the style of the Emporer's New Clothes?
  7. Ok. Reason for asking is the frequently literal interpretation....it seems irony, sarcasm, nuance, humour often pass you by. Now obviously (to most), I raise muslims as an example as a humourous way of highlighting your default move of attacking popular right wing targets whenever this incompetent Government is held to account. That passes you by and you begin spitting out the insults...again, a default response. Hence the question. But I think I have my answer anyway now.
  8. An honest question for you. Are you or have you ever been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum?
  9. Muslims too. Don't forget them. If you are going to point the finger somewhere else (for the gazillionth time) whilst this Brexit Government (yet again) prove their incompetence, cruelty and lack of compassion, you might as well complete the full set as you rant on and on. Perhaps Diane Abbott too? Go the full house. It's like listening to a demented right wing robot.
  10. falcace

    Backtrack & Classic Magazines

    Yes, definitely been completely redeveloped, but still on the same footprint.
  11. falcace

    Backtrack & Classic Magazines

    You (and others) might be interested to see some pics I got from Slaski at the weekend. It's obviously a very different modern stadium to the one that hosted many World Finals. But it still teems with history....the cable cars running by the stadium were something that rung a bell with me. There are also several homages to speedway's history in the stadium, though interestingly, very little about PC's, Ivan Mauger's or Hans Nielsen's wins...most of it was around Jerzy Szczakiel's win.
  12. Keep it up. You might yet get a cabinet post
  13. It's a sad state of affairs....and it is an inevitable slow motion car crash set in motion at the last election. No10 is now where Trump's White House was. It exists little more than to serve and protect a privileged egotistical twerp so incredibly out of his depth. Beyond that we have a cabinet utterly devoid of talent, only in post due to their loyalty to Johnson and willingness to go along with a damaging Brexit. At no other time would we have the likes of Raab, Truss, Patel, Dorries in high office....clueless, incompetent and yes, in many cases, corrupt. The reason there is no obvious candidate to replace Johnson is that talent was deliberately swept out at the last election, the criteria for being a Tory candidate being a willingness to vote for a half-baked deal, in which the baker hadn't even read the ingredients. Where are the Ken Clarkes, Amber Rudds, Rory Stewarts, Jeremy Hunts? Marginalised in favour of a bunch of dunces. None are my cup of tea to be honest, but they have a competence, pragmatism and intelligence that is badly needed right now. There is a cost of living crisis, ordinary, hard-working families cannot get on in life. What do we have? Politicians talking about pounds and ounces, obsessing over trans rights and other minorities, avoiding tax whilst raising taxes for working folk, breaking the law, privatising Channel 4, neutering the BBC, badly under resourcing the NHS, watching porn in the commons or making sexual assaults outside it and they now roll out to blame the left and media. Depending on where you are on the political spectrum, you'll not be a fan of Thatcher, Blair, Major or Brown, but most would agree they always strove to do what is in the national interest. This leader and the yes men and women around him work in their own self interest and little else. It's shameful, it's Trumpesque, it's dangerous and - never mind opponents - any rational Tory can see that. The country can't go on like this.
  14. falcace

    Fave Progs

    Surely no-one can beat Zielona Gora's use of a prominent Disney star...they are literally taking the Mickey
  15. falcace

    Fave Progs

    Good ones. There's also something quality about the 81 World Final programme. I also really, really liked the cover for the 1984 Exeter Speedway programme....I'm not entirely convinced they got the full approval of Bruce Penhall Still very nicely done though.

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