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  1. falcace

    The Colston Statue

    If a statue is not honouring someone, then what is it doing there? Some would rather these monuments to honour career slave traders are retained, some would rather they were not.
  2. falcace

    The Colston Statue

    Nice research. I'd like to think that we in the UK are more forward-looking than undemocratic nations like Algeria. Then again, there obviously plenty of backward-looking folk in today's Britain who would rather retain monuments to career slave traders. Either you are for honouring slave traders or you are against it. It really is that simple.
  3. falcace

    60 most difficult sports....

    Yep, there's a ridiculous number of Olympic champions from the Rift Valley. Genetics is definitely a factor. But you also cannot underestimate the drive and quiet determination of these Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. Success is also life changing, whereas a lot of British runners, it is a lot of graft and the rewards are relatively minimal in our society. Unless, of course, you really make it big like Mo or Paula. Back to genetics... Usain Bolt is/was blessed and other lesser beings cannot ever hope to beat him no matter how hard they train. I've heard it linked to the slave trade, where ultimately only the fittest and strongest survived the brutality. Which ultimately meant the fittest bred with the fittest and hence the Caribbean has an abundance of "superhumans".
  4. falcace

    60 most difficult sports....

    I think cycling really is the preserve of white westerners from broadly affluent backgrounds. Sorry to say, people like me. I think if you hothouse some elite Kenyan and Ethiopian endurance runners, they would eventually prove themselves superior athletes. Its a fun list, totally subjective. But for me it has to come down to sports that are global, require high levels of skill, athleticism and mental fortitude. Boxing is a fair shout, so is running (not all athletics), but I'd probably go for tennis.
  5. falcace

    The Colston Statue

    Perhaps there should be some statues of those North African pirates? Anyone agree?
  6. Agree. It's a barren wasteland of political talent. Starmer is very credible and competent and put him in a head-to-head election with Boris Johnson - particularly in a TV debate - and he will only be elevated by the comparison in the eyes of the public. But, beyond Yvette Cooper and Ed Milliband, there is a dearth of talent. Compare it to the team behind Blair and Brown and it looks like that Labour Cabinet's work experience students. On the opposite side, this is the most talent free, morally and intellectual bereft Government in my lifetime. Truss, Raab, Pritel, Dorries......I don't think any of them could competently manage a MacDonald's, never mind run the country. Of course it all comes back to Brexit and a purge of those who wouldn't vote for Boris's crappy deal or couldn't go along with the charade any more like Rudd or Hammond. Hence there are a swathe of people sitting in Tory benches who are frankly clueless.
  7. falcace

    Wimbledon Memories

    A regular run for me in SE London used to take me past Speedway Dry Cleaners in New Cross. I assume very close to where the old speedway used to be? Some nice memories here from Plough Lane. I only went to the speedway once for a 4TT in 1990 and then for Stock Car World Champs 2-3 years later and finally to the dogs about 10-12 years ago. Sorry to say the old place just grew more and more dilapidated. I had the same feeling the last time I went to Brandon too.
  8. falcace

    Nigel Boocock -world Champion?

    A World Final at Exeter? Can you imagine? A dear old place which I hold in great affection, but I'm glad the World Final never declined to the point it was at the County Ground Despite being a big Mort fan, I have to reluctantly agree with this. He could not get out of the gate consistently enough. The whole of the 1983 World Final is on YouTube....every race. On paper, it was quite an open field - until Muller wheeled his jet engine into the pits and had direction over track conditions, but I digress - and I would have Mort in the 8 or so riders good enough to win it that day. At the interval, he was doing pretty well on 6 points. But 4 of those were earned from the back. You just can't win World Finals earning 2/3 of your points that way. No one can....and he tailed off after the interval. Even had a World Final been held at Hyde Road, I still doubt it. It was great when he won the BLRC, but things out of his control helped him that day too. And if it had been a World Final at Belle Vue, with every rider peaking with the best machinery geared up to that day, all having prepared in practice, then I think his odds lengthen. Brilliant rider of course - as I am sure Nigel Boocock was - but there is a difference between being brilliant and being the best.
  9. "My Allison"? Erm, ok (**Red lights flashing**)
  10. falcace

    Ivan Mauger Farewell Series 85

    Funny I remember the series being bigger than that..I was much younger though. I'll file it away with curly wurlys and monster munch.
  11. falcace

    Well Done Tony Blair

    Au contraire Rodney. Au contraire. I welcome the open mindedness to objectively debate, re-evaluate and re-assess history. And I'm pleased many posters on this thread do too. It's wonderful to see the unity and for people to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Black Lives Matter movement in the open minded spirit of re-assessing history too. I forgot to buy the Daily Mail today...I assume they went big on the front page with the acquittal of the protesters who toppled the Edward Colston statue? I also thought you "didn't care what I said or thought"? Perhaps 2022 could be a year of enlightenment after all
  12. falcace

    Well Done Tony Blair

    I do hope none of those calling for Tony Blair to be stripped of his knighthood are the same people who go on about so-called cancel culture. That would be embarrassingly two faced for them.
  13. falcace

    'the Donald' Trump

    He knows the best people.
  14. falcace

    Collins' vs Pedersen's

    Shouldn't laugh really. He might have had a better chance without that unprecedented pedigree. No pressure eh? I think (hopefully someone else can confirm?) that Steve had a decent night for Cradley one night at Hyde Road, winning a race.
  15. falcace

    Collins' vs Pedersen's

    I wouldn't ask anyone outside to debate that. The anorak in me likes the age ranking order alongside their biggest achievements... Peter - 1st World Final Les - 1st Intercontinental Final Phil - 1st Overseas Final Neil - 3rd Commonwealth Final Steve - 1st, erm, in a GB Junior Grasstrack Final? But I can't help the nagging suspicion that Les's purple patch in 82 which resulted in the Intercontinental title and finishing 2nd in the World Final (and let's be honest, he really should have won it), owed a fair bit to having a the fastest bike. For whatever reason, that Jawa was ticking over brilliantly. Faster than Penhall's Eddie Bull-tuned Weslake, faster than anyone else. Les never reached those heights again, he was never an automatic for England and only ever averaged 8 at best in the BL. Loved watching him though. One of my favourite moments was seeing live the opening race of the Edinburgh - Glasgow KO Cup Final in 94? It was packed at Powderhall and Les brought the house down by rounding both Robert Nagy and Mick Powell on the last bend to win.

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