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  1. tas

    Last Ever Telford

    always go to this will miss it makes the start of the speedway season
  2. yeah am hoping to go as it is just after my birthday and hoping Hans will go to defend the title
  3. Hope it will be Hans needs a good year next year and I believe he can find his form again
  4. Think i gotta go to this will be last meeting and Mikey wants to see Ben. The guys went last year and I had to work so i missed it. need to catch up again with my Ippo friends before the winter depression
  5. tas

    Stoke V Mildenhall

    Well done to the Fen Tigers last night they all rode well great team performance and hoping Jack not feeling too much pain today nothin would keep him down. Big loss for Stoke losing Lambert but I still think if he was there we still could have done it. Great travelling support as always, pleased I made the long drive. Us Tigers know how to party lol
  6. tas

    Jaybea Injured In Car Crash

    Get well soon Johnny and Phil hope you will make Mildenhall sunday
  7. tas

    Stoke V Mildenhall

    I will be there to cheer on my Tigers lets hope they win. Looking forward to it
  8. Well Sandie i stood next to Pink Pirate and it wasn't me shouting for Rory i was the one screaming for Hans but could only really get lively in his last race. Roll on next year when he makes his comeback.
  9. Yeah great to meet you too and that is what speedway is about meeting people supporting our riders and having fun. Not the best meeting for my favourite but next year he will be back. With injury and other worries pushed aside i am sure he will make it back to the top. I will keep supporting him no matter what. And who says fans can't get on lol
  10. tas

    Speedway Jigsaws - Addictive

    I beat you did it in 21.50 Love this site amd my son is autistic addicted to speedway and jigsaws so i know what he will be doing on computer
  11. tas

    Most Likeable Riders

    Hans Andersen has always beem great. Nice guy got time for fans and wrote a really nice comment in my sons book when he was having surgery. Always will make time for photos Kenni Larsen top bloke always has time for his fans. Wrote message for Mikeys book via facebook as he was riding at Newcastle then. I know these are two of my favourite riders if you ask my son Mikeys he would have lots to add.
  12. This is so annoying as my autistic son wants to go and i said we would early on in the season but this price it will be almost £100 to get in without food, travel and programmes. You would think they could give fans a thank you at the end of the season not a slap in the face. Got a good drive as well from Cambridgshire. Waiting to see who pulls out am hoping at least my fav rider is there.
  13. tas

    Most Likeable Riders

    Going back to my childhood i would have to say Terry Betts was one of the most approachable riders. I remember he was doing a collection for the riders fund in the bar at Lynn. My dad was in the bar and said my daughter would love to meet you he said he would wait and my dad came to get me. By the time we got to the bar the riders were being called back to the pits he said i have to go but told me to come to the pits next week. The next week i went to the pits and he showed me around. I then met him at Lynn again last year and told him i had met him when i was 8 and he said no way i didn't look old enough. Still a Charmer and really nice guy.
  14. Can't believe this will be the cost that means it will be £95 before petrol, food, programme etc. I am so Why do the fans have to suffer we want as much speedway to see us through the winter. Really want to go but cost puts me off. Mikey will not be happy at all

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