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  1. Poole 2018

    To be fair i’m sure Poole will announce the last 2 when they r good and ready so they get max press coverage. Most of us at Belle Vue have known our team for weeks now but the names r being drop fed at 1 or 2 a week to try and get decent coverage in the local press.
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Great signing on that average given how good he is at the NSS. Needs to step it up away from home though & if he does he should be putting at least a point on his average for me.
  3. Belle Vue 2018

    Rumoured to be young Aussie Jye Etheridge that has also signed up for Berwick for 2018. Seems to have been steady away in the 3 rounds of the Aussie Champs so far although not seen much of him personally. Averaged just over 5 for Berwick last year.
  4. Leicester Lions 2018

    Play off contenders without doubt. Enjoyed my trips there last season as track was much better than when i’d been previously. Good to see them really competitive again. Whilst I was initially disappointed re the lack of top riders again, I think this might be the most evenly balanced set of teams i’ve seen in some years.
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    No excuse that. U can log on to the internet & social media in other countries ya know!!!!! Lemon has tweeted about Aus Championships whilst over there & to be honest, I find it staggering that nobody from the club has commented on the Drozdz signing despite it being all over the internet for over 48 hrs now?? They really do need to sort out how they promote the club in the media as it’s pretty terrible. Poor for us fans to find out Jack Smith not returning from him and his Mum and finding out we have signed Drozdz and Fricke from a Polish club!! Regarding our Number 7, personally I would have gone with Todd Kurtz or Jan Graversen - some good English league experience there. Just noticed another potential target for No 7, Joe Jacobs has announced his retirement due to being unable to find a club in either division. Sad for another young British rider to have to call it quits. We really should be looking after our own more.
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Yep - very poor isn’t it?? Perhaps they may now get off their behinds and start announcing some riders!! They should realize in this day and age that news gets leaked on social media if you mess about for too long!!!!
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Yeah, Wroclaw and Leszno both had 2 decent rsvs last season and was probably one of the reasons why they ended up being in the Grand Final. Smektala and Drabik were the main guys for them and are World U21 stars. Always unlikely the teams would want these 2 guys riding in England as they are too important to them. Drodz and Kubera were always going to be on our radar more as they aren’t quite as good as yet. In time though hopefully!!!!!
  8. Belle Vue 2018

    Only way we were gonna find anything out!!!!
  9. Belle Vue 2018

    If that was our starting 7 then i’m sure all us Aces fans would be ecstatic with it. Mind u, just can’t see Lebedevs riding over here and even if he did, could we afford him given we are allegedly on a tight budget for riders?????
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    Can’t see that happening?? Why would Lebedevs be 4.50 when Pieszczek is confirmed at 6.50 and Lebedevs had a much better season culminating in him winning the SEC as well as starring for the Polish Ekstraliga runners up and Swedish Champions??? if he was 4.50 every club in the UK would have made him an offer surely??
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    Pieszczek rode in main body of an Ekstraliga team though which is why he is 6.50. if we signed someone like that then there would have been no point getting rid of Smith on a 2.00 average to replace him with someone on a 2.50 average (if there is anyone??) as Smith would do a better job especially as he will be riding for the Colts again. Rumour is we want more strength at rsv so I would guess we would want probably a 4.00 rider at rsv leaving 5.00 for the assessed foreign guy so seems likely the rider will only have ridden in 2nd division, maybe a rsv at Division 1 level??
  12. Leicester Lions 2018

    Speedway Star saying Hans has signed for you guys although nothing official from the club or him yet??
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    No thanks. One of the slowest riders round the NSS. Did ok for us last time at away tracks but was poor at home, similar to Nicholls was. With the 7 points or so that we should have left (providing the 6 from last year are back) we can sign far better riders than that.
  14. Belle Vue 2018

    Can’t imagine a Belle Vue team without Cooky in it, especially as his average will be a bit lower for team building purposes also. Would have loved Zagar back on his last proper average but not on the new assessed one of 9.00. Presumed KL would be getting NKI or Lindgren as their No1 and would be surprised if they opted for Zagar??
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    Have we signed anyone yet?!?!?!?