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  1. Any of our Polish friends on here who can give some advice?? Half a dozen or so of us are planning to come over for this one - can you pay on the gate on the day?? I have read all about this voucher nonsense but surely they won’t turn fans away on the day as I can’t see it selling out?? I know Tomek is a god in Bydgoszcz but no meeting ever seems to sell out totally over there, even the recent play off matches so I presume there will be some available places on the day, even if it’s the expensive seats only that are left??
  2. Big clear out needed for 2019. Bewley and Max a must, maybe Cooky and rest can go for me. Get to play offs and they collapse like a pack of cards
  3. Track very poor 2nite, far too grippy so just one line about 2 feet from the fence. Move off that and u r screwed. Best meetings this season have always been when track slickens off in 2nd half of meeting and there are plenty of lines for passing - like the classic heat 13’s v Somerset. Gate and sit on the fence 2nite and it’s all over sadly
  4. Suspected broken wrist so looks like his season is done. Presume we’ll get Batch in - loves the NSS and hates Kings Lynn!!!!
  5. Wow, what a fantastic meeting, one of the best i’ve seen this season from Polska. Magnificent display of team riding in heat 15 from Tai and Magic to block out Freddie and leave him pointless. Tai really does have some track craft. Hope Phil Morris was watching the track and it’s prepped just the same for the GP in 2019 as that will be some weekend if it’s anything like that
  6. Hope the track is like this for the GP next year. Loads of racing lines and plenty of great action so far
  7. Great call that mate - I agree 100%. Would love to see GB hosting a round next year now we seem to be getting on board with it. Probs more chance of the NSS getting a round than they have of getting a GP.
  8. Yet another big stadium that looks fantastic but produces crap racing, very similar to Wroclaw. As bad as that garbage from Krsko last week sadly
  9. Bradford Ace

    Belle Vue 2018

    Doesn’t matter if we have 6 or 7 riders, we won’t beat Kings Lynn over 2 legs so everyone who is complaining can rest easy!!! They have beaten us 4 times out of 4 this season and in all those meetings we had Dan Bewley so without him i’m afraid we haven’t a cat in hell’s chance!!!!! All their team fly at the NSS, they are just too strong for us sadly this season
  10. Yeah, no idea what Dobrucki is doing?? How many rides can a reserve have though, is it 6 or 7?? Can’t believe he’s let the Number 7 have 3 rides, just when they had got back in the tie??
  11. Very impressive. All the new ones are great but this looks like the sort of one that would be crying out for a GP. Maybe if/when Warsaw’s agreement is next up. it is a temp track after all but looks to be laid a lot better than say Cardiff for example.
  12. Certainly a big wide fast track!!! Been a few passes but all coming out of the bends on the inside - doesn’t seem an outside line at all yet - maybe that will come when track beds in a bit?? Looks like they have done a cracking job with the stadium
  13. Probably Gorzow as been there a lot of years now. Wouldn’t be that fussed to see end of Warsaw either as went this year and racing was crap. Should be Torun, Czestochowa and then Leszno/Bydgoszcz for racing purposes although no doubt they will stick with Warsaw as it’s a big stadium
  14. Gotta be the best race track in the world has Czestochowa, the racing is off the planet!!!!! It is an absolute travesty that it doesn’t get any big meetings there, particularly a GP. Get rid of these crap temp tracks at dumps like Horsens and get a GP here and one at the NSS and you watch what an awesome GP season it would be.
  15. Bradford Ace

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    Yeah, Chugunov had a smash and has suspected broken leg. Blow for him as he qualified for World U21 Final as well

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