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  1. Probably Gorzow as been there a lot of years now. Wouldn’t be that fussed to see end of Warsaw either as went this year and racing was crap. Should be Torun, Czestochowa and then Leszno/Bydgoszcz for racing purposes although no doubt they will stick with Warsaw as it’s a big stadium
  2. Gotta be the best race track in the world has Czestochowa, the racing is off the planet!!!!! It is an absolute travesty that it doesn’t get any big meetings there, particularly a GP. Get rid of these crap temp tracks at dumps like Horsens and get a GP here and one at the NSS and you watch what an awesome GP season it would be.
  3. Bradford Ace

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    Yeah, Chugunov had a smash and has suspected broken leg. Blow for him as he qualified for World U21 Final as well
  4. Anyone else having Kodi problems?? Been on holiday for a week and have come back and can’t get Goldvod tv working at all?? Got Polish msg while I was away which when translated tells me to Update the plug in which I think I have done but still getting nothing at all?? When I try log in on my phone or laptop it lets me in but then when I try and load a channel to watch it just won’t connect?? Anyone got any advice???
  5. Absolutely buzzing for Dan Bewley, he really has gone to another level this year from a Premiership reserve to where he is now. Thought Lambert would cruise through and he has done and has to be one of the strong favourites to win it now. Big shame that Leszno meeting is day after Cardiff GP. Gonna be a stressful weekend travelling wise but hopefully the 2 young Brits will take it in their stride. Means i’ll probably miss Cardiff now as really wanna see Dan The Man fly round Leszno!!!
  6. Lambert deserves it to be honest. Bewley & Garrity as track rsvs for Cardiff. Come on Super Dan though!!!
  7. Yeah, they were obviously crap but only Dan and Batch were unbeaten so some effort on his debut!!!! Even Woryna dropped points and he’s super quick round there. Not sure Dan has even ridden a Polish track before his practice there this week??? They can’t help but be impressed, just hope he gets a few meetings there now they have got Lebedevs on loan??
  8. How does this dump get this meeting & a GP?? With all the top tracks about in Europe it really is an absolute travesty.
  9. Just caught up with Czestochowa v Torun and yet again, wow, what a meeting. The track is bloody brilliant and it is an absolute travesty that there isn’t a GP there. Cant we just replace the Aussie GP with one there instead?!?!? Who cares if that means 4 GP’s in Poland, it’s the standard of racing that counts and you don’t get any better. And to think they persist in taking GP’s to garbage tracks like Prague and Teterow. GP venues need a total revamp for me with Czestochowa and Belle Vue at the top of the list for the future.
  10. Anyone know when the draws/announcements are made for the U21 individual qualifiers??? Cant seem to find any information??
  11. Wroclaw track definitely looking a lot better than it was last year. Riders going far wider now and getting some grip unlike last season when they never left the white line. decent meeting so far
  12. Yeah N sport works like a dream now for me once i upgraded to Sky Fibre max a couple of weeks ago. Dunno what it is with Polstat, but can’t get it work at all on any platform???
  13. Tried that & exactly the same!!!! Really odd as every other Polish channel works like a dream!!! oh well, Ekstraliga on soon anyway!!!
  14. Anyone got any other links to the Rybnik meeting?? Don’t know what it is with Polstat sports but the channel just will not work for me whatever I do. Upgraded to Sky Fibre max the other week so been watching all the Ekstraliga meetings in HD via Goldvod tv and picture is amazing with barely any buffering. But Polstat Sports just freezes after 10 seconds when I try it and it’s even the same with the link above on my mobile and laptop. Driving me insane!!!!!
  15. Looking forward to this one a lot. Great racetrack and interested to see if anyone can get near Lindgren!! Got his work cut out tonight to get the better of the Leszno top 5, not to mention the best reserve pair in the league.

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