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  1. Birmingham 2018

    Heat 10 http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/16461/birmingham-cradley-ch-05-2017 Heat 14 http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/16678/birmingham-buxton-nl-24-2017 Heat 3 http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/16870/birmingham-lakeside-nl-21-2017 Heat 5 http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/16913/birmingham-plymouth-nlkoc-28-2017 Now I know that this doesn't constitute overwhelming evidence and I am sure there is more evidence out there as i dindn't look at the whole site. (I got fed up and decided it was time to find a life!) But it does disprove the "Never passes" and "Only white lines" nay sayers out there. As I say I have a great feeling that Mr Bacon is going to prove people wrong. Gonna be fun finding out.
  2. Birmingham 2018

    I don't agree with several of the points made about Tom Bacon. I think he WILL up his average. I understand the points made about him white lining but its not true that he made no passes last year (Certainly for Brum.) and he has started to use other lines. He is looking to learn and improve the whole time. I think he will suprise people next year. (Injuries permitting.)
  3. The Big Red B

  4. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Your chance to ask him tonight as he is our special guest on the speedway tavern http://sports-radio.co.uk/ This has been made so much more difficult for clubs to go up the leagues when NL clubs are no longer able to have assetts.
  5. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    On tonights show (Speedway Tavern.) We will be talking about the SGP Final. But we also have a special guest on the show tonight to talk about next weeks farewell meeting. Ryan Guest. So if you have any questions please join us. (Questions about the new promoters will not be answered for obvious reasons.)
  6. Speedway Tavern

    On tomorrows (Thursday) show we will have a special guest on to talk about the battle to revive the Reading Racers. We will chat about the Premiership Play offs and the upcoming Tony Mole Farewell meeting.
  7. BIRMINGHAM will renew their rivalry with Coventry in the Tony Mole Farewell meeting on Wednesday, October 11 at Perry Barr (7.30). The Surestop Brummies were set to face Cradley, but a depleted Heathens squad has prompted the switch of opponents. Popular trio Adam Ellis, Ben Barker and Adam Roynon have already been confirmed for the fixture in what boss Graham Drury is anticipating will be a keenly contested clash. Said Drury: “Cradley have got injuries and rider absences galore just lately so we had a quick think and we thought why not get Coventry to Perry Barr. “Tony Mole has got a terrific record of saving clubs and with Coventry currently without a track we thought it would be quite an ironic choice of opponents so to speak. “It’s a great shame what’s going on at Brandon of late and their fans deserve better. “We’ll be keeping some of our National League lads from this year in our line-up but we’re also going to bring in a few familiar faces from the higher leagues too. “It’s going to be a special occasion and with the line-ups we’re trying to assemble it should turn out to be a cracking night of speedway as well. “If supporters do have any suggestions, realistic suggestions I should add, of who they’d like to see back at Perry Barr on that night, then both Birmingham and Coventry fans can feel free to let us know on social media and we’ll see what we can do!”
  8. In My View By Phil Rising

    On tonight's speedway tavern add well add talking about play offs we address going to discuss how speedway moves forward from the mess ít is in using the speedway star articles add a starting point for the discussion. Of course we want to here your views. You can participate by phone (we phone you)or via the shoutbox, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to participate by phoned please Message me privately.
  9. Brummies V Bellevue Wed 23rd Aug

    I'm not going to get into the general nastiness on here about R/R and so-on. Except to say that any fault here lies with the rules and there application not with individual clubs. What I would like to say though, and something that seems to have been forgotten, What a cracker of a meeting with the result in doubt until the very end. Great nights entertainment and I wish there were more meetings like them. No quarter asked or given and at the end of the meeting most Brummies stayed to give generous applause to the victors. Something that some 'fans' from another club in a land not far away could learn from. (But probably won't.)
  10. Speedway Tavern

    On tonights show, amongst other things, we have a James Chatting live interview. Nice to be able to get the view of someone just starting his speedway career.
  11. Speedway Tavern

    Was just about to post that we have JPB on the show tonight. You beat me to it. srbradio.com
  12. Speedway Tavern

    Speedway Tavern tonight 8pm Please join in. sports-radio.co.uk
  13. Speedway Tavern

    Finally some speedway to talk about. sports-radio.co.uk and on facebook. Many things to talk about tonight including the sugestion I have just read on Twitter that we should change our captain.
  14. Speedway Tavern

    Sorry red and yellow. Was stuck on the m6 last night do didn't see your post. Speedway tavern will return next week when hopefully there will Have been some speedway to talk about!