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  1. There was also an interview with Paul Ackroyd about this weekends Ben fund. It can be watched again at : -
  2. guitar_art

    Speedway Tavern

    Can now confirm that Danny King will also be taking part.
  3. Members 228 558 posts Report post Posted just now The Speedway Tavern is back this Tuesday 8pm. On facebook and http://sports-radio.co.uk/ Tuesday's show is shaping up nicely. So far we have confirmed Paul Ackroyd from the speedway riders benevolent fund to talk about the upcoming Ben fund bonanza at Leicester. We also have a certain Mr Ben Barker on the show. Also to talk about the Ben fund but also about his upcoming benefit meeting. We have more to be announced before Tuesday, just waiting on confirmation. Love to see as many of you taking part on the shout box with your question as possible.
  4. guitar_art

    Sell me your team to Support

    So what I think you should do is to try and visit each championship track at least once this year and make your mind up from that. You could even come onto 'The Speedway Tavern' and review each track for us as you sample them. Would be an interesting excercise to get the view of a nuetral as each fan usually believes that there own track is the best. Even sparrows fans!
  5. guitar_art

    Most unfortunate team

    In 2008 Birmingham had a team that was many peoples pick to walk the premier league. With the likes of Kyle Legault, Adam Roynon, Phil Morris, Jason Lyons I think that was a reasonable prediction. However 13 injuries in that season put paid to that and the team (from memory) finished one of the bottom. Not a lot of luck there.
  6. guitar_art

    Eastbourne 2019

    For the record Andy Grahame WAS number one for Birmingham for at least one of the seasons that Hans Nielson rode for us. Something he is still proud about.
  7. guitar_art

    Somerset 2019

    Birmingham for one
  8. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I love, absolutely love, that so many are writing us off. Are they right to do so? I have no idea, its gonna be an interesting season finding out. In 2012 we had a similar looking team. That team finished 3rd in the Elite league in 2013 We had a similar looking team. That team finished 1st in the Elite league. Both seasons we were written off in a similar way. Now I am not predicting the same for us this year. I leave the predicting to those with far more knowledge and bigger (crystal) balls than me.
  9. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Neither is Eastbourne
  10. guitar_art

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Tobias Thomsen to Birmingham as a full asset
  11. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    When you check out the BSPA site and go to the Championship 2019 Team line ups page you discover two things. Firstly Eastbourne and Birmingham are not listed and, at the top of the page, the following statement : - NOTE: New teams entering the Championship in the 2019 season will be added to this list when they have completed the official entry criteria and logged it with the BSPA Head Office. I have to wonder if one of the entry criteria required is to have a certain amount of Assetts. This would explain choosing Paco over Danyon who I sincerely hope will ride for us again another season.
  12. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    I agree that another season in the NL could be beneficial for Leon. However his high average might prevent this from happening (with the low team building limit set.) But another season in the NL would not stop him becoming a championship rider and if he cant get a NL ride I think we owe him the chance. (anyway I have a feeling that he will end up at Berwick.)
  13. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    Thank you to the NL. You saved our Bacon when we were at our lowest ebb. I have to be honest and say that when we first joined I was a bit of a 'higher league' snob. But I was wrong and I will always keep an eye on this league as new riders are coming through. Watching the progress of raw but talented riders has been something that I shall miss. So thanks Zach Waj, Liam Flint, Tom Bacon, Jack smith, JPB, Danyon Hume and Tom Bacon. Forgot to say I shall also miss beating Cradley.

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