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  1. guitar_art

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    As a celebration of the Speedway Tavern being ten years old we are starting a little early tonight (7.30) and I hope that our choice of guests will wet the appetite. Bruce Cribb and Phil Herne
  2. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    As a celebration of the Speedway Tavern being ten years old we are starting a little early tonight (7.30) and I hope that our choice of guests will wet the appetite. Bruce Cribb and Phil Herne
  3. As a celebration of the Speedway Tavern being ten years old we are starting a little early tonight (7.30) and I hope that our choice of guests will wet the appetite. Bruce Cribb and Phil Herne
  4. guitar_art

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Just to put some facts onto the speculation about the track. Unfortunatley the day before the main tractor had broken down. My guess is that the track would have been even better prepared had this not been so. ~Even so it produced some good racing.
  5. guitar_art

    Birmingham v Somerset

    Oh dear. Please get your facts straight. I said that adolf hitler would have enjiyed and used social media to his advantage. I said that right at the beginning of the show and before i mentioned my opinion of the remarks made about Chris Harris I never likened anyone particularly anyone connected to speedway to adolf Hitler. And the only reason i am bothering to point this out is because it's good publicity for the show ( thank you for that.)
  6. guitar_art

    Birmingham v Somerset

    No i did not. How dare you. My comments were in relation to the disgusting remarks made about Chris Harris.
  7. The following is a reaction to last week's show. From Ian Jordan Director of Speedway at Eastbourne "Hi Guys - despite being born and bred in Stourbridge (Matthews dad will know me from OLdbury Cycle Speedway days) - I have found myself as Director of Eastbourne Speedway (long story). I occasionally catch your show and heard last night about complaints re some who have booked hotels before match v Brummies on 3 August was cancelled last week. To be perfectly honest it ended up being outside of our control as we could not find a date in July that Glasgow would accept and asked BSPA to give us an extension - BSPA then gave us no option but to ride v Glasgow on 3 August - we can't refund hotel fees but if anyone would like to contact me I'd be happy to arrange FREE ENTRY to anyone affected at rearranged match whenever that is - least we can do...ianjordan@eastbourne-speedway.com (PS Laurence was 100% accurate in what he said re call off by the way no issues there) Best Wishes..Ian" The Speedway Tavern have had permission to publish this. Thanks
  8. guitar_art

    Brummies v Bears

    Lawrence Rogers on tonights Speedway Tavern. Find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/speedwaybanter/
  9. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    There is really no need to get dizzy following the bikes round and round. Point yourself towards one corner and you have a view of about three quarters of the track just by turning your head. You then flip your head to your other shoulder to recatch the action.
  10. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Seems that you need to find some other source to listen to.
  11. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    There has been plenty of promotion on Facebook and Twitter. We have never put anything on the main site until the day before.
  12. Just to pick up on a couple of points. As has been said I dont work for Birmingham. I am a volunteer. Its wrong to say that I never criticise Birmingham riders. I have done so previously on my radio program and have even this year mentioned concern for Ulrich and some other riders. However I always think very hard before critisising riders and it is never my default position. I have heard people say that as long as a rider is very obviously trying hard then as a supporter we cant ask for anything more. I think its been obvious that Ulrich and Zach have been trying. However its also been obvious that Zach isnt himself and i am glad he has made a decision to think of his own state of mind first. Its going to be interesting now to see how the management reacts to this latest development. Something I think I should add about criticism. Laurence Rogers has come in for (IMO) some very harsh criticism based on percieved past performance as far as i can see. I spoke to several Birmingham riders last year and to a man they where nothing but complimentary about Mr Rogers. One rider in particular was angry about some of the things that had been said on the various social media platforms. Who was that rider? Well I'm not saying as it was said in confidence. I will say that it is a very respected rider.
  13. Some have made comments about Zach and I just thought I would point out that at times Zach has been the only rider for us to cheer on. He has top scored for us on three different occasions
  14. These two comments annoyed me at the time they were made so decided to wait until I commented on them. Given we are trying to attract people to come to speedway I dont think that these comments were particularly useful. Also they were wildly inaccurate. In fact when I arrived at the track at 6:30 the track was being watered! Did these and other comments have an effect on the crowd? I have no way of knowing and if Im honest maybe not in this instance. However one thing I know for certain. They will not have helped.
  15. In light of recent developments at Brum we will be having Laurence Rogers on the show tonight. I know this flies in the face of recent criticism. I.E being to west mids orientated but it is topical right now. Incidentally last weeks show was pretty good mainly because we had so much involvment from our audience so we were able to cover a lot of ground. Many thanks for that.

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