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  1. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Neither is Eastbourne
  2. guitar_art

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Tobias Thomsen to Birmingham as a full asset
  3. guitar_art

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    When you check out the BSPA site and go to the Championship 2019 Team line ups page you discover two things. Firstly Eastbourne and Birmingham are not listed and, at the top of the page, the following statement : - NOTE: New teams entering the Championship in the 2019 season will be added to this list when they have completed the official entry criteria and logged it with the BSPA Head Office. I have to wonder if one of the entry criteria required is to have a certain amount of Assetts. This would explain choosing Paco over Danyon who I sincerely hope will ride for us again another season.
  4. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    I agree that another season in the NL could be beneficial for Leon. However his high average might prevent this from happening (with the low team building limit set.) But another season in the NL would not stop him becoming a championship rider and if he cant get a NL ride I think we owe him the chance. (anyway I have a feeling that he will end up at Berwick.)
  5. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    Thank you to the NL. You saved our Bacon when we were at our lowest ebb. I have to be honest and say that when we first joined I was a bit of a 'higher league' snob. But I was wrong and I will always keep an eye on this league as new riders are coming through. Watching the progress of raw but talented riders has been something that I shall miss. So thanks Zach Waj, Liam Flint, Tom Bacon, Jack smith, JPB, Danyon Hume and Tom Bacon. Forgot to say I shall also miss beating Cradley.
  6. guitar_art

    2019 NL Season

    Read it again. Its not a quote by Alex Harkess
  7. guitar_art

    Outstanding Fixture

    That is a misrepresentation of the facts. The meeting was called off by the ref after a Buxton rider tested the track and was not able (in the refs opinion.) to ride safely. Another Birmingham rider (Leon Flint) was due to test the track but the ref had seen enough. I have spoken to some of the Birmingham riders since the incident and they have all confirmed that they were prepared to ride if needed. In any case it was a trophy meeting and not a league meeting.
  8. I find it interesting that some are saying this meeting was an affront to supporters when it was at the suggestion of a supporter that the three team format was used.
  9. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    Its fairly simple why these matches have to be run. And its all mathematical. Teams and riders averages will be lop sided and potentially unfair if the same number of matches isn't run. Of course this doesn't stop averages being lop sided when a particular riders season is finished early due to injury or being sacked! The simple truth is that clubs should finish before the cut off date and except in exceptional circumstances there is no excuse for not doing so. People have suggested that if a club does not complete a fixture then the points should go to the other club. I think this would be unfair particularly if a club got points at a club that they would, in normal circumstances, not have a hope of getting. There are two paths that I can see that may be fairer. The most obvious one being if a club does not complete its fixtures then ALL fixtures at that club should be expunged from the final reckoning. This would be the fairest way but I don't think that people would like it. Particularly if at a club that all of a sudden goes for fourth to fifth place. Perhaps then the best way forward would be for the offending club to have points deducted. Although that wouldnt have troubled Buxton overmuch this year! For gods sake get your flipping fixtures in!!!!!!
  10. guitar_art


    I think Tom Bacon would have the beating off him if HE was fit
  11. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    He was not able to post in the brumies site as his account was suspended. He has also apologised to me personally via pm on this site. Havent been able to reply yet.
  12. guitar_art

    Birmingham 2018

    Have to respectfully disagree. If there is someone better than Greenwood available, then by all means sign him. (Incidentally when is the cut off for making signings?) But Danyon is fourth in the averages which means only one of our top three (Leon Flint.) can take his ride with the rest being shared our between Walker and the reserves. I would suggest that Dan Greenwood would score higher than them. It would be unfair to expect him to score as high as Danyon. We're stuck between a rock and a hard place But, to be honest, none of this is important. Danyon is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and I am devestated for him. Get well soon mate.

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