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  1. Czech Golden Helmet 2018

    Speedway be extinct by then like most of us..Nothing like a slip of the finger while writing on a mobile
  2. Next year's dates are 28/9 to 30/9 as normal including the u21 and the 70th Zlata prilba
  3. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Can only see them moving to Gillman if the GP continues down under
  4. Good to see Batchelor hasn't lost his edge 😀😀
  5. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Don't think he was planning to go to Poland this weekend four eyes as he was in Czech last weekend.. Anyway four eyes Tatum n Pearson should be at Leicester this Wednesday and Adams at BV unless Ermolenko will deputise or there again he could be at Perry Barr!!!!!
  6. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Heard that one few weeks back....
  7. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Is he Welsh btw?
  8. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    If they going to be at Perry Barr next Weds whose going to be commentating at Leicester v Sheffield on BT..
  9. World Under 21 Championship 2017 Live On Tv

    Hope he didn't spill his beer over you then
  10. Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    Throw in Roman Matousek to spice things up
  11. Probably out of puff blowing up his Ann Summers doll for the evening session bypassing the final
  12. Poole V Swindon Semi Final 1st Leg 11/9/17

    Just aswell Chris Holder isn't riding he'd a buggered off home by now by the state if the track 😀
  13. Redcar V Sheffield 8/9/17

    Barker season is over looking at his facebook page this am
  14. Yeah the same team that couldn't beat Gorzow at home last week..Expected more from Wuffy Miilik and Lebedeevs tho
  15. Certainly wasn't expecting ZG to win this at Wroclaw tonight Certainly wasn't expecting ZG to win this at Wroclaw tonight