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  1. Sorry Wright should be excluded for that
  2. Agree with you there Steve
  3. Not much difference to watching a GP racing wise..
  4. Don't think I'm too worried about watching this meeting now as team GB will probably consist of Harris , Cook and Lambert injuries permitting...
  5. zlata prilba

    Belle Vue v Poole Monday 1/7/19 BT Sports

    Well on Brums fans forum Arnio don't think it's broken just badly bruised and is flying in tmrw
  6. Conveniently the Aussie cry baby managed to win ht13 tho
  7. zlata prilba

    Wolves 2019

    Oops forgot the Dingles had 2 named Morris in the team it is Ashley that been released..
  8. zlata prilba

    Wolves 2019

    Morris announced just on his Twitter page he has been released
  9. Don't see the point in putting Zagar in hts 14/15 even tho Czestohowa have been woeful this afternoon
  10. zlata prilba

    Championship fours

    Pizza Express wouldn't give him time off. Apparently he been recalled back to Italy by Italian Authorities which had been known for a few weeks now.
  11. Blimy is Lagutas bike running on fossil fuel christ almost half a lap in front of Holder in that race
  12. Still working for me on the link you put Up. meeting still not re started yet
  13. Anyone put up decent link up for the extra League match mine is hit and miss at the moment
  14. zlata prilba

    Swedish Elitserien week 11 Tuesday 16th July

    Be interesting how many they get in there next home meting after this pitful performance tonight
  15. Got his eye on tmrws GP probably

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