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  1. Tungate pathetic tonight
  2. zlata prilba

    Celebrity fans

    If you like punk rock GBH singer Colin can be seen on bends 1+2 at Perry Barr
  3. Will needs to chill his excitement down a tad
  4. Milik and Fricke absolutely dire for Wroclaw tonight..
  5. My Premier Sports Channel has live Polish Meeting on at 15.30 today I'm presuming it ZG v Tarnow.
  6. I would be inclined to ban the rider from a GP or 2 the €2000 fine he got would probably be stumped up by his sponsor I bet
  7. Hoping that Laguta gets in top 8 instead of some has been like Zagar
  8. zlata prilba

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Blimy is Kurtz slipping the ref one that's twice he got away with rolling at the start
  9. Think he may aswell pack up and go home..Least Pepe is up
  10. Team riding don't exist in that race from Janowski
  11. Finally it looks like curtains for Zagar alas unless he sneaks into the top 8 of GP standings
  12. This is awful so far
  13. Fantastic pass by Drabik in final from 3rd
  14. Lord help if this old bag gets to ref a GP

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