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  1. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    So Paco Castagna is the next to sign.He can't be as bad as the last Itai we had in Crapenesse
  2. zlata prilba

    REDCAR 2019

    Well if you look at Ben's facebook page he got down as works for Birmingham Speedway or maybe he hasn't updated his profile for few years
  3. zlata prilba

    Eastbourne 2018

    Think Scott Nicholls must be in with a shout of a team place now he has moved house to Brighton
  4. zlata prilba

    Sheffield 2019

    Think you can count Shanes out of the Tiger's team next season due to his longtrack/grasstrack commitments on a Sunday be happy to see him back at Birmingham tho unless we move to a Sunday
  5. zlata prilba

    Leicester 2019

    Lewis Kerr maybe in with a shout for team place.
  6. zlata prilba

    Panthers up for sale.

    Unless he snapped up both Boro and Ippo
  7. zlata prilba

    2019 NL Season

    My take will be Brum and Eastbourne going up replacing Lakeside and Berwick and Leicester gong championship as well we shall see what occurs
  8. zlata prilba

    Zlata Prilba 2019

    Well I wouldn't exactly get out of bed to go and watch Stichauer and Franc strut there stuff in the qualification round in the ZP and go home as like most Czech folk..
  9. zlata prilba

    Zlata Prilba 2019

    Seems to be a bit odd to hold it the day after the Torun GP next year as the date has been announced today on zlataprilba.cz site.
  10. I see BVs French Frog still sulking from losing the longtrack title to Smolinski yesterday
  11. Could be busy afternoon flicking channels with the Czech Golden Hat on at the same time
  12. zlata prilba

    Celebrity fans

    If you like punk rock GBH singer Colin can be seen on bends 1+2 at Perry Barr
  13. Will needs to chill his excitement down a tad

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