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  1. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Over zealous security guards at Brum confescated some poor old biddys packet of humbugs coz they classed it as food.Lord help when some little scroat comes through the entrance chomping on a packet of peppa pig sweets or has a pk of midget gems nowadays
  2. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    We'll probably end up having a past team re union and sign Wolbert and JPB
  3. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Forget Roynon he gone to Redcar
  4. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Think Smoli and Riss will have too many commitments in Europe as I think his German team got promoted to Polish league Div 1 a long with long track etc for weekend meetings over here
  5. zlata prilba

    Jason Doyle

    Maybe Glasgow will move up and he'll end up there
  6. zlata prilba

    Kent kings are no more ??

    That's why I fear for future of Birmingham and Newcastle as they all have the same landlord and somthing tells me they are not a speedway friendly outfit
  7. Even better now that there is a metro to the stadium rather than waiting for the tram back at the end of the meeting
  8. zlata prilba


    Sorry too hear of his passing today of his injuries sustained last weekend
  9. Bet when the GP entourage get there hands on the track for the SON it be sh¥t at the weekend
  10. Could easily have been Dudeks 2nd win at the GH he was was well in the lead 4 years ago and his bike conked out.
  11. Dudek 1st Doyle 2nd Lahti 3rd
  12. zlata prilba


    Indeed I knew the whole family it must be hard to his Dad Archie whose 90 years old with Pratty yesterday the bad news just keeps coming.
  13. zlata prilba

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Paco made a good recovery from man flu to ride in Czech Golden Helmet today along with Bomber
  14. Best rider of the GP series for me deserved it
  15. zlata prilba

    Birmingham v Edinburgh ko cup

    Dillon Ruml in for Castagna and Dan Giles replaces Jason Edwards
  16. Isn't this meeting at Glasgow re arranged from August when it was rained off. So imagine there was no spare date to re arrange this meeting before the cut off date
  17. zlata prilba

    Speedway shambles

    Possibly but any track that pays rent to landlords are in danger for me with rising costs here n there all mounts up.
  18. zlata prilba

    Speedway shambles

    You could put Poole in that bracket too
  19. Imagine Doyle be a definite starter with his JAWA frame deal this year..
  20. Trouble is in Poland I get the impression that riders chase back wheels. All got fast equipment and take chances
  21. Gorzow have chance on pulling this off if Michelsen isn't in the right frame of mind after last night's tangle with Lindgren
  22. Italian Championship I believe. This meeting was re arranged so not a lot you can do with if riders have pre booked other commitments
  23. Big mistake from Jensen in ht14 has cost Gdansk big time.. Not the ideal occasion for Kulakow to have an off day
  24. Trouble is Mr centre of attention MacGregor has done it on a regular basis for years..

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