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  1. topaz325

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Keyboard warriors
  2. topaz325


    Me, have some photos but on slide.
  3. topaz325

    Football 2020/21

    Watched some of the match last night, thought Chorley played quite well. Pundits/fans going nuts every other week, Liverpool lose, Chelsea on a bad run, start of the season Man united poor form sack Ole G S, Arsenal going to get relegated.....still its better than getting depressed with COVID news.
  4. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Unfinished sympathy Massive attack
  5. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Missing you John Waite
  6. topaz325


    Points limit., just re read statement ....so could be up to 41...?
  7. topaz325


    I wonder what the response will be from Glasgow , Eastbourne..
  8. Covid deniers protesting outside a hospital
  9. topaz325

    'the Donald' Trump

    https://youtu.be/tvcwMcGWf-w Strap yourself in for a nice Pie.
  10. topaz325

    Tomasz Gollob

    Great news , all the best Tomasz.
  11. topaz325


    Any news yet ?
  12. topaz325


    A very difficult situation for riders and promoters with so much uncertainty regarding the Covid virus and Brexit and all that issues it involves ( working arrangement , flights ,etc) will it be feasible for many foreign riders to continue to commute or be based in the UK. Throw in the Polish restrictions as well add in that two clubs have already threw in the towel for 2021 which all adds to the all to poor situation we are in. Many of us have been critical off the BSPA (L) in the past and most of the time with good reason but I do not envy them frying to unravel the many variables of the coming season. The management committees have been naive or just hopeful of setting start of last season racing schedules when many people were all to aware this was never going to happen. Hopefully we can all see some racing in 2021 , Glasgow, Belle Vue.....Cardiff ?
  13. topaz325

    workington ..

    What an awful 12 months he has endured.
  14. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Mountain lady Status Quo.
  15. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Down and out in paradise John Cougar Mellencamp

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