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  1. Should be another close meeting against the Glasgow Tigers on Saturday night ( seems like it’s us and Glasgow in the League!) Dan Bewley misses this one because he riding on the continent , so it’s rider replacement for him which should be enough to see us take most of the points with the tigers maybe getting 1? Going to miss this one has I’m away so it will be July for my next home meeting!
  2. topaz325

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    Just seen this news, RIP Kelvin.
  3. topaz325

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    How ironic two clubs that have spent big money but both are having poor attendances recently .......Belle vue and Glasgow
  4. Best wishes Ulrich hope you are ok.
  5. topaz325

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    All sponsors are vital to promotions and more even more to riders wether it’s a few quid or many thousands.
  6. topaz325

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    Got mine last Tuesday bought via seetickets.
  7. Good meeting at Glasgow , well done Worky for keeping it close all the lads tried their best. Finally got back into Glasgow after confusion over buses ( replacement) and finished the night off with a few pints in the Drum and Monkey....oh and one or two night caps in the hotel!! Most friendly and generous fans at Glasgow Speedway.
  8. Many championship teams would like to ride on Friday, Saturday or Sunday......few seldom do.
  9. Coming up to Glasgow for this meet but it looks like the weather be maybe the winner, oh well a night out in Glasgow if it’s off
  10. At least we are debating about fighting for Gold rather than fourth or fifth place. I can see the point many are making, but Tai was in second place early on and Lambert in last place, Tai went for the win maybe hoping Lambert could pass Emil, to me if Tai had slowed he could have been passed by Emil....maybe the SS could ask his thoughts on the last heat. Awaits barrage of counter arguments.
  11. 3 quotes but I stand by my opinion and respect yours.
  12. 5-1 to Russia in the final heat.....what happened Tai, nothing I was team riding with Robert.
  13. How can a opinion be wrong !,

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