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  1. topaz325


    £10 bet on Tai and a few quid on Fricke or Hancock..
  2. topaz325

    Prediction thread

    Swindon look clear favourites for me.
  3. topaz325

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    Certainly worth a small bet on Hancock, even woffinden and Emil are decent odds too.
  4. topaz325

    Predictions thread

    Looks about right to me apart from Eastbourne ....
  5. topaz325

    Newcastle 2020

    Good luck Wrighty , he was great in his prime, hope he can re gain some of that form from years ago.
  6. topaz325

    SON 2020

    Tickets and hotel booked
  7. topaz325

    workington ..

    This is true.
  8. topaz325

    workington ..

    Is it 50 years of Workington in 2020....
  9. topaz325

    Newcastle 2020

    Big surprise with the signing of Wrighty, good luck James.
  10. topaz325

    Sheffield 2020

    Good team , four ex Comets too.
  11. topaz325

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Do not what has happened to PK, not so long ago he was going well in theGPs, but the last few years he has struggled , confidence , engines or both, good luck Peter if you do come back to England.
  12. topaz325

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    How about Nicolai Klindt or is he destined for another team?

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