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  1. One would think they would learn but no....
  2. Plus the away meeting in the play offs..........
  3. Not many days left in October to complete three finals and the League fixtures, the Championship is turning into a damp squib rather than the finale of the season.
  4. I’d do anything to win the Koc but we won’t score enough!!
  5. Any news on the replay date, it was said to be Monday night?
  6. Cannot see Worky coming back from this , especially without Ty Proctor.
  7. Reading the report on the BSPA site last night from Rye House it seems that Rasmus took another knock but kept on racing despite some discomfort! Whatever happens in the next few meetings this years Comets team have been fantastic, fixture farce, injuries and rain offs, for those about to race we salute you. A TEAM TO BE PROUD OF .
  8. Light rain forecast for most of the day, due to stop around 5:00pm
  9. Great from Worky tonight with a depleted team , hope Ty is ok.
  10. Maybe pointless but has to be completed.
  11. Once again the paying public suffer...….Speedway in the UK.

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