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  1. WHAT, your telling us Steve won't be posting on here again.. and your just telling us this now
  2. is it true I heard a whisper Steve will not be posting on here any more,
  3. Borg101

    Darcy Ward

    in all due respect BFD even seasoned posters post rubbish at times... and why is it anti Poole
  4. Borg101

    Club Websites Farce

    does this mean that GOSPEED will have the right to censor clubs web sites so they all tow the party line.. and if a club should publish something GOSPEED doesn't agree with will the site mysteriously go down until the article is removed..
  5. Borg101

    Bees On The Beeb

    Pratt said: "I think this is the first time that a club has been represented at the event like this, certainly our British World Champions have been invited before but I don't ever remember hearing that they want four people to attend." so Poole get invited every time they win then do they.. well not this year then well done to Coventry and speedway as a whole
  6. Borg101

    Club Websites Farce

    I take it then that its no longer the SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE perhaps some promoters saw this coming and walked. I can not see any promoter being happy with this one
  7. Borg101

    Coventry Poll

    the more I think about it who cares because the will fiddle the figures like a good Poole lap dog to suit his views anyway
  8. Borg101

    Coventry Poll

    bet he'll be a false assessed average
  9. Borg101

    Coventry Poll

    so why just make it about Cov when Peterborough are taking legal action aswell which you seem to leave out in your posts all the time just so you can attack Cov
  10. Borg101

    Pawlicki And His Average Manipulation

    I've just found a nice little getaway for Steve & Matt to book into over the winter where they can reflect on the 2010 season with no interuptions.. hope they enjoy the stay..its all booked for you both.. no need to take any baggage.. oh one last thing I could only get flights one way.. http://assistedsuicide.org/blog/2006/02/06/how-to-contact-dignitas-in-switzerland/

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