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  1. So far this season Leon Madsen seems to be one of the very best riders in the world... Yet he was overlooked for the SoN and isn't getting wildcards into GP's with the same old faces being named as wildcards and replacements NKI, MJJ, AJ. Why? Has he upset people in high places?
  2. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    Probably Costa Mesa, that's the place that has the history and heritage
  3. Doyley was giving it out in this match too, he forced Berge out on the first turn I one race and effectively ended his race
  4. Agreed, as a stand alone race I think it was better, but when you add in what was riding on the 2 races, play off place or KOC Final appearance, maybe the first was better. Just goes to show there are many ingredient that go to make a fantastic race. All I know is I'm privileged to be able to go to the NSS every week at the moment
  5. Yes... But last night's great 13 may be even better!
  6. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    Australia and NZ not financially viable at those venues. USA, perhaps BSI/IMG should run the first few and take the risk to prove it could be financially viable at the right venue. I don't believe Vojens can't make it pay if the likes of Prague, Germany and Slovenia can. Anyway, well done to Leon Madsen! It'll be great to see him in the GP series next year
  7. A bold prediction Aces will either do it or they won't I hope they do, to keep the season alive so I can watch more great speedway while I'm up here, I fear the track may be too fair to pull back such a deficit though, BV never tend to win big at the NSS
  8. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    Seems like you've convinced yourself
  9. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    BV, Vojens, Australia, NZ, USA 5
  10. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    It seems they make the rules up as they go along to suit themselves, it's like NKI being "first reserve" this year, shouldn't that be "wild card first reserve". We've also still got the daft situation of GP wild cards, who was the Slovenian guy in the last round, completely out of his depth, the GP series is well enough established now to do away with these nation wild cards, if they can't support a GP without one, they shouldn't be staging one, there's loads of places that would/could
  11. Eurosport are a joke, always have been always will be, the clue is in their name "Euro". Watching anything on that channel is like playing roulette as to whether you'll see the end or not, let alone the beginning!
  12. Was it? I thought it was the other way around... It was many many GP's ago though. I do remember it being very controversial at the time
  13. Didn't Trick get done when the clocks were first introduced, I'll grant you it's not happened since then though
  14. Or maybe a clock counting down to zero... Oh, hang on a minute!
  15. I don't know that you can point to one single incident over a whole GP season, that's the whole point of a GP series, the old one day World Final yes, but not the GP... You could point to him forgetting to turn his fuel on at Cardiff or not getting exqualified for both wheels over the white line in Sweden. Over the course of a season these things equal themselves out and generally the best rider wins (unless you're Jason Doyle)
  16. Ah, is that what it is... Thanks for the info
  17. GP at Leicester would have been more entertaining than this! It was interesting to compare the reactions of Woffy and Serena Williams over 2 "unjust" decisions at the weekend, perhaps Woffy should have called the ref anti Aussie Was this the same Start Marshall that was dicking about so much at the recent Wroclaw matches? Some of the marshalling I've seen at Polish matches this year has been beyond stupid with the Marshall trying to move riders laterally even when they're bang in the middle of their start gate! Championship is far from over, did BZ prove himself to be a bit of a choker at the weekend? He could have had the lead down to 4 points but failed to capitalise
  18. It'll be exactly the same as it is for non EU riders and for riders before we (or they) joined the EU, no doubt there will be a form to be filled in some where, it's a non issue, project fear
  19. I hope Puk's Danish club aren't riding! You can argue until the cows come home about what is a good race and where but for me the stakes also have to be taken into consideration, Fricke and BV were fighting to secure a play off place, you could have a cracking race early season with not a lot at stake (in terms of winning) and think yes it was good but will it linger in the memory. Is it coincidence that at the end of the season when the stakes are higher we generally seem to see better races? Are the riders putting extra effort in while going through the motions earlier in the season? Are we just more engaged as fans? Maybe a bit of both
  20. As I've posted elsewhere that was one of those races I'll remember for the rest of my life, I was fortunate enough to have been there to watch it live too, others that I was there for and always remember: Erik Gundersen world final 1985, Penhall Olsen 1981 and I also vividly remember Per Jonsson bursting between 2 riders at Odsal back in the late 80's/early 90's, not particularly a great race but Trick's wall of death! The one that sticks out for me that I wasn't there for Gollob Jimmy Nilsen
  21. Heat 13 wow! Just WOW! That's one of the few races I'll take to my grave along with Erik Gunderson's pass in the 1985 world final, the Penhall Olsen race in 1981 and Per Jonsson bursting between 2 riders at Bradford in the late 80's/early 90's
  22. Remind us... Where did Lambert come in the GP qualifiers?
  23. On the face of it there's not much difference but then look back at last year's relegation play off and there's your answer
  24. No apology or explanation needed Mike, must just be galling to have "your" rider getting injured riding for someone else, that's speedway though... I often wonder how safe the lower leagues are

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