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  1. em1500uk

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I've not posted on here for months and look what happens LOL! All I can do is laugh if not I'd cry. Can't say any more!
  2. Will be my first visit to Wolves on Monday too. KLSSC are running a minibus so I thought why not go. Saves me or my dad driving for once. P.S. we still have three seats left for anyone who wants to go. £15 per seat for KLSSC members and £18 per seat for non members. Please message either myself or Trees or go to our social media outlets on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. It will be better than nowt for me anyway. At the moment, I've paid for something that I have not seen and not been given a refund. I've held out in the hope that I could always make the rearranged date after the July one was called off. Now I'm unsure how I would get my refund...IF Leicester really don't have any money in reserve at all and can't even pay riders to attend!
  4. I've still got my tickets from July so will keep holding out in the hope that this meeting does actually take place...
  5. em1500uk

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Not brilliant in my view...
  6. em1500uk

    Kings Lynn V Poole Elb 13/09/16

    It's the last home meeting we have I believe...
  7. Have to say, I expected nothing to come from our reserves, especially when we were told Knight was in for Holub, but I thought Cook, Bjerre and Thomsen did their jobs. Hall was kinda useless but to be honest, I didn't want him in the first place (sorry Mr Hall but just not a fan ) But the real issue here was Ostergaard being in a heatleader position and only scoring a total of 4 points. Now he doesn't need telling that that is pretty pants... And it's not the first time in recent meetings: v Redcar at no. 3 = 6, v Newcastle at no. 5 = 7+1. He gradually deteriorated. He would be OK as a second string, but I certainly don't feel that he is a heatleader anymore.
  8. Good job I decided to make the decision to just cancel my hotel well before 1pm whether there was an official call off post or not. Its bad that neither club officially posted or released news that it was off on the website... We had to wait to hear from Nicolai Klindt, the leader of the opposition to tell us via a tweet from his racing team Twitter account so I thank him for being fairly prompt anyway.
  9. em1500uk

    Poole V Kings Lynn Elb. 7/09/16

    That is bloody appalling! I thought he'd broken a rib? That's what I'd seen mentioned on Twitter. I have seen the massive bruise picture that Nicklas shared on Twitter too. It looks bad.
  10. em1500uk

    Kings Lynn V Poole

    That could well be why they went for Tuesday 13th instead then... We can race on Thursdays too mostly nowadays but I'm guessing that the 15th also wasn't a good option for whatever reason?
  11. Heading up for this after the Leicester v King's Lynn EL fixture on Saturday. The last PLRC I got to was in 2014. The line up is really good so hopefully it'll be a good evening of racing Will also be nice to catch up with a few PL team fans who I don't see much of these days
  12. em1500uk

    Kings Lynn V Poole

    Could well be another meeting where we are lambs to the slaughter quite possibly so I wouldn't be too surprised to see the crowd number down compared to usual, plus the fact it's on a completely different race night to normal...oh and the season was over long ago in terms of doing anything i.e getting into the play offs anyway! Despite all that, I'll be there It's a long winter!
  13. em1500uk

    Kings Lynn V Poole

    Can confirm it's Tuesday 13th September. I got a text about it (well, a friend did anyway who still gets call off alerts etc via her number). Will be interesting to see what the line ups will be for this date...
  14. Steam locomotive "Oliver Cromwell" has overrun it's overhaul and the new date should hopefully be in early October so the Railway Touring Company have told me. I just hope it's on a Saturday like the original as if not, going mid-week could be a problem what with my working hours/days...and I've already forked out a few hundred quid on that too King's Lynn v Poole is Tuesday 13th September by the way I'm just happy I can now make this coming Saturday instead of being out of pocket. And funnily enough, this kind of saga is exactly what I thought might end up happening for some people and was something I wanted to avoid at all costs. I'm just glad I kept hold of my tickets! Leicester should have just given people their cash back or whatever on the night. It would have saved an awful lot of hassle for many people in my view. But then again, in they're in financial straits then is it any wonder they were reluctant to pass money back over to fans in July? Not really!

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