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  1. Why dreadful? Apologies if I missed these embarrassing decisions but Prague boreathon is a ‘fast forward’ luxury. Only contentious incident, as I recall, was if Fricke had gone down Madsen would probably have been excluded.
  2. This is a Speedway forum. He / She has every right to gloat. Unfortunately
  3. Fully respect your dedication to British Speedway(BS), you do appear to get about. I too could watch Speedway at any level. Sadly we are not enough. The caps, car stickers and badge days are long gone. It’s crying out for a new crowd - currently still a hand me down from our parents. Woffinden is exactly what BS needs right now.
  4. As soon as it becomes obvious, just don’t respond at all. These freaks thrive on wound up response - but hate the silence. Don’t respond. ‘There’s nowt so queer as folk’.
  5. Pleased to hear it. Knew you couldn’t resist the ‘stupidest punt of the week’
  6. Are our TalkSport rants over?
  7. Never encountered a poor view at Cardiff, that’s usually in the cheap seats (apart from a Polish flag - he’s probably still wondering what happened to it ). £30 max tickets and you can see all - why pay more?
  8. Can only see a Poole win. Happy to be proved wrong. Just hope it’s not a ‘Buster’ gating competition.
  9. Hodgy

    Craig Cook: what next?

    If so, someone must have caved in. Would be very disappointing and conspicuous after the pre-season turmoil, that completely changed our season expectations, if a solution has now been agreed. Will be a good signing wherever he goes.
  10. Hodgy

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Guess it depends what you are brought up on. Small track Speedway just doesn’t do it for me, although it’s often incident packed. Masters looked so tentative, dare not move off the line. Heeps (or is that Bellego) excellent and showed it can be done.
  11. Hodgy

    Belle Vue 2019

    Impressive CV - sure he would be welcomed back with open arms.
  12. Hodgy

    Dogs Allowed?

    If you can’t tell the difference between a dog and a horse, you shouldn’t leave the house.
  13. Hodgy

    Dogs Allowed?

    You don’t need to drag a dog to fresh air, on a grass bank. It will take you. Although they don’t like the cinema.
  14. Hodgy

    Dogs Allowed?

    You are entitled to your opinion, some do some don’t. Very much doubt the thousands of unfortunate blind or deaf beneficiaries would agree they are ‘pointless creatures’. Appreciate you don’t like dogs, but fail to understand why you have a problem with people that do. Unless they are disturbing the meeting for you.
  15. Hodgy

    Dogs Allowed?

    Can’t recall ever seeing a horse at a Speedway meeting. I’ve also never heard a bark or seen a turd (insert double entendre) at any meeting I have attended. Does it really bother you that much? Guess you just don’t like dogs, nothing to do with Speedway.

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