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  1. Hodgy

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    Guess it depends on what you’re brought up on. Small track Speedway just doesn’t do it for me. Nice to appear a decent attendance at Monmore (although difficult to tell when viewing space is limited). Awful track, most races done after first lap unless rider mistakes.
  2. Hodgy

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Such awful news. Always loved the Nige and Kelvin double act. The man was a true lover of our sport and promoted it at every opportunity. Taken so young at 52. RIP Nigel - my thoughts are with you, your family, friends and loved ones.
  3. Hodgy


    Thanks, for the advice. I did actually work that difference out during the lengthy phone call. They guaranteed I would get The Speedway GP’s with the year 1 year offer. I, like you, wasn’t so sure. However now it’s been confirmed all GP’s and a selection of PL meetings will be screened on both Discovery+ Entertainment & Sports and Eurosport I see no need for Discovery +, what is the point.
  4. Hodgy


    This is so unnecessarily confusing. I received a Sky VIP email last week that usually mean nothing. On this occasion I noticed an offer of Discovery + free for 1 year (App). I’ve read so many different opinions regarding Discovery + I didn’t know what was legit. The dreaded phone call - after the usual painful 2 hours it was confirmed to me from India, Ireland and Outta Mongolia I will get the Speedway GP’s on Discovery + and the meetings on Eurosport, even though I don’t now have Sky Sports. Doubt that will be so, we will see.
  5. As much as it pains me. I support the opinion. It’s very admiral to support those that performed so well last season. Sadly that’s not how Speedway works. Not confident we will make the playoffs. Very much hope I’m wrong.
  6. Hodgy

    Shane Warne

    Very sad news. One of the best sportsman ever. Lived life to the full and a great character. Sadly the conspiracists will be out in force.
  7. Hodgy


    Why don’t you tell us? In your opinion? We can all read media headlines that you very often choose to use as positive or negative when it suits.
  8. Hodgy


    Never has, not intelligent enough to provide their own opinion, always copied. Makes me laugh when they call us sheep.
  9. Hodgy


    You would get so many more replies if you actually discussed a subject. Most give up with you and ‘reacted to this’ liker’s’. To use the word ‘ civil’, as an excuse, makes you look even more stupid. You rarely post your own opinions, only those of others. Why do you find it so difficult to debate. As soon as you receive a logical response you ignore it, as you have no answer. Therefore, ignore the comment and resort to Twitter support as per usual.
  10. I feel ‘blessed’ to live in a time where Social Media Brexit ‘experts’ migrate seamlessly over to Pandemic Virologists. The invaluable opinion and information gave us all hope in our hour of need, saving countless lives. Selfless indeed. Luckily their encylopedic knowledge spans multiple current affairs, as they take up station in a political role as war experts. We should all be thankful to have such brilliance at the touch of a button; considering many of the ‘experts’ rarely move outside of their native postcode. Thank you, god bless, thoughts and prayers, namaste
  11. Appreciate your opinion, not that from Social Media. It’s a forward move. However, I think your last two years of posts will be judged on what they are. Followers of very often BS. I don’t think we really need very much history to conclude you have made yourself look very foolish on numerous occasions. To which you try and deflect with another shovel. Just debate not dictate - is my request for you and your fellowship.
  12. FFS Blu, Mumsie and pathetic suckers, can you not just debate rather than post other peoples opinions from social media everyday? Are you incapable of discussing issues for yourselves? Iris and many others have owned you so many times but you usually avoid debate, only divert to another’s opinion. You are the most negative person / people I’ve ever encountered. What are you trying to prove and what does it matter. Wasted energy - what will be will be. Just enjoy what you have and stop looking so deep for controversy.
  13. Hodgy

    Poole 2022

    To me, this is a completely wasted opportunity. Media, guests, sponsors and season ticket holders only. Why? We are not in the luxurious position that can afford to separate. It’s a rare season opener marketing opportunity - why not try and sell it to all that have an interest - nothing to lose, only potential gain. If we really want to promote then bloody promote it.
  14. Hodgy

    Poole 2022

    You’ve just repeated it twice.
  15. Hodgy

    Poole 2022

    Apologies but I don’t really understand your agenda. Why are you such a Poole hater, that would pleasure you if they closed, and admit you deserve ‘the individual abuse’? Take your issues up with the decision makers if they make you so bitter. Appreciate if you could also advise why I am embarrassing and arrogant?

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