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  1. Absolute correct decision. The delayed start time and very poor weather forecast (irrelevant how accurate) would have had a significant impact on the attendance for this vital fund raiser. The Ben Fund would have been the biggest loser.
  2. Maybe fans are fed up with “unforeseen circumstances”, followed with words that explain nothing. Damage a good relationship? The most charitable, beneficial meeting of the season will now lose much needed contributions. Great relationship.
  3. The relationship between The EOES and Speedway is completely irrelevant to most supporters. The confirmed 2pm kick off, with this line up, would have seen the biggest Ben Fund attendance for years. If the venue date and time wasn’t guaranteed and now a driving school takes precedence over an essential fund raiser - it should never have been awarded.
  4. Very disappointing. It was all going so well. Great track and line up with a logical start time for a mid March, Sunday meeting. Sadly the change will have a significant impact on the funds raised. The only clash I can see is a young driver, under 17 driving lessons event, 8am-5pm. Surely this isn’t the unforeseen, enforced reason for the time change.
  5. Bt Sport Coverage

    Why? The perfect opportunity to sell / market and promote the sport totally wasted. TV coverage could and should have been a real positive selling feature. It’s the product offering that has failed.
  6. Bt Sport Coverage

    All my discounts with both BT & Sky have expired. I wouldn’t want to be without Sky - but full price is not VFM. Time for the “I would like to leave calls”. From my experience, Sky also repair free - after using the same line.
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    We would all like to think so but I do have concerns. Giving all riders the freedom of the flyer could actually increase XT delays.
  8. Bt Sport Coverage

    Maybe he has too much time to burn.
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    You are making yourself look more stupid with every post. Back to BT - I would like to know what I am getting for renewing my subscription.
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    Seriously, what is your point? You openly stated you don’t pay your way and enjoy breaking as many laws as possible. Nothing to do with being judgmental. You clearly explained your standards.
  11. Bt Sport Coverage

    I can only judge you in accordance with the comments and opinions you post. Enjoying breaking the law and not paying your way.
  12. Bt Sport Coverage

    ‘Thousands and thousands’ don’t end up in prison on a daily basis, that’s usually a result of serious or repeated criminals. You portray a freeloader much more than a little rascal.

    You really are not getting it. Doyle is the World Champion and tops a good looking line up. This meeting is a fund raiser that needs to utilise all Marketing opportunities in order to maximise interest. No need for the negativity.
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    You refuse to pay for a TV licence and have done time for more serious crimes? To which you appear very proud or are just on a wind up.