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  1. Hodgy

    'They Retired Too Soon'

    Chris Manchester immediately came to mind. He was improving rapidly but recall he had a few crashes and completely lost his nerve. He gave it another go but his head had completely gone.
  2. Until the day I agree.
  3. You have moaned about all same day call offs. Now your gripe is deflected towards the Eastbourne early decision. To which I can understand. Very different to midday call offs based on persistent rain forecasts.
  4. Thus proving yesterday’s decisions the logical call.
  5. Why can’t you get it? (Oh no! I sound like Wolfie). The days of Dave Allen riding in his overalls on sawdust are long gone. Not exactly entertainment. Many clubs are on life support and have no choice but to rely on weather forecasts. A last minute or early heat call off could be so critical for most clubs. I agree it’s a pi$$ poor business model but in your opinion of keeping it on until the last minute is unfortunately not where we are. If the forecast is bad, it would cut income considerably. Your examples don’t support your stance. Would you really travel many miles for a meeting given a dreadful forecast?
  6. Really! WTF are you talking about? As per usual, all conspiracy theorists only talk in riddles (just in case), say it as and stop talking child.
  7. Why should I ask myself why he’s not posting for you? How would I know? Or is it a guilt trip post? He is seriously ill laid up after testing positive for Covid? Don’t even think about posting remorse, he has shown none for the legitimate sufferers.
  8. Strange that Blu and Wolfie like EVERY post each other post. Yet the third stooger is only liked by one, nothing from Blu. Thought they were a threesome. Hard to ignore the rumours.
  9. Oh I’m sorry, is Twitter down. The laughing emoji is a sure sign you’ve embarrassed yourself enough. Now to the footy. You are obviously not supporting England, so may the best team win.
  10. You are yet to create a laugh from your sarcasm (although guaranteed at least one like, who doesn’t have a clue what he’s liking, but apparently he ‘gets it’). I’m not sure you actually have your own opinion, only media sceptics that suits your closed mind. You are entitled to that, I prefer to keep an open mind. I do agree anything is possible but some are so extreme they need more substance to engage me.
  11. Thank you. I thought he and bumchum were already here. The ‘reacted to’ chums continue, despite being rinsed on so many occasions. The Self Righteous Brothers - we now have footage of the Know it All’s
  12. I would say most think it’s more like an anagram of the first 5 letters.
  13. Tw@ts in a supermarket that find another deal further on so leave the original in the wrong place. Wow!!!! That’s a great deal, we'll have that
  14. Hodgy

    Scam Warning

    1572 is the BT previous call number block. The problem is when they have numerous ext numbers in call centre type offices. I often get stages of early morning calls on the landline. On pick up there is no one there. They are automated calls to identify live lines that they then sell on.
  15. If your good lady was having a suspected heart attack you would be calling 999, not your local surgery. Do you really not understand the pressure these people are under? Let’s not get in the way of another opportunity to have a good old moan.

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