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  1. I don't see how you could expect Iversen to score anywhere close to 13!! And I'm not so sure Palm Toft was going to have 7 rides tonight!! If Ellis gets 7/8 from his programmed rides and Howarth 8/9 from 5 I don't think it would be too far off what the 2 Danes would have scored!!
  2. no they are not huge favourites !!! virtually the same price both teams !!
  3. Is this grand prix format i.e semi finals and final ??
  4. tricky dicky

    Swedish Elitserien Championship Cup

    I reckon brandonbee48 will be looking down tonight with a smile on his face mate!!
  5. tricky dicky

    Betting For Whole Season

    Unlucky if you got to do the four finalists bet !!
  6. tricky dicky

    Cardiff 2017

    Well done to magic but surely Zmarzlik should have chosen gate 2 in the final ??
  7. tricky dicky

    Swedish Elitserien Round 9

    This is like watching paint dry but slower !!
  8. The word 'Awful' would be my description !!
  9. Comparing their scores when newman doesnt see another heat leader all evening is so wrong !! As i said in watt's previous race he was on the pace just behind kk and was probably a second quicker than newman was in heat 12 !! For me keeping watt in 14 was a no brainer
  10. Watt looked pretty good in his previous ride almost catching kasprzak !! You would have put in newman who had just been beaten by sergeant ?
  11. The biggest difference is the track you rode poole on at lakeside !! The pirate heat leaders really dont like the place unlike brandon which they ride as well as any away track in the country !! I would fancy the bee's chances more if we faced poole at purfleet to be honest !!
  12. tricky dicky

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    Agree 100% with you there !! Dudek has to be the cause of the stoppage !!
  13. Andersen had a full season to prove us wrong and failed !!
  14. tricky dicky

    Coventry V Poole Es Second Leg 18/03/2016

    Looks like you were badly informed !! The track rode pretty well tonight and the harris /buczkowski race was tremendous !!
  15. tricky dicky

    Posf2 Poole V Coventry

    Fitness test next sunday at the BELFRY !!

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