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  1. Brummiestormer

    Do people that say NL racing is the best really mean it ?

    Well after watching The Brummies since 1978 I sat last season out and tbh i'm glad I did......won't be coming back unless we go up....half the time you never know who will be riding....was interesting for a while watching youngsters improve etc but eventually it wears thin when you've been used to higher standards and I just got fed up with it
  2. Brummiestormer

    Birmingham 2018

    …….and don't you just love it...every post you put on a Birmingham thread is negative
  3. Brummiestormer

    Birmingham 2018

    You really hate Birmingham don't you lol
  4. Brummiestormer

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    What a surprise Brummie hater and total one eyed idiot Richard Weston shows up....
  5. Brummiestormer

    Birmingham 2018

    The inane rantings on this forum just reinforce my decision to not bother with speedway in this country anymore.....decline and discord contributing to a dying sport here.
  6. Brummiestormer

    Belle Vue Colts V Eastbourne. 18 Oct

    Yeah ......and you'll still end u with the same as us.......nothing!!.....i think i'd sooner have Cradley the title win than you arrogant lot; you always have been and i imagine will remain so.
  7. Brummiestormer

    Belle Vue Colts V Eastbourne. 18 Oct

    Congratulations Belle Vue ..........anyone but Eastbourne
  8. Brummiestormer

    Brummies V Kent Wed 6th Sep

    Just can't resist a dig can they Cradley fans lol
  9. Brummiestormer

    Speedway 2018

    After 39 years watching speedway i've packed it in now.....it's terminal on an out of control spiral; doubt if i'll be back tbh
  10. Brummiestormer

    Bacon Rolls Anyone?

    Boo Hoo get over it!
  11. Brummiestormer

    Dangerous Machines Or Dangerous Tracks.

    Always did like a fast woman
  12. Brummiestormer

    Plymouth V Birmingham Fri 11th Aug

    I actually travelled down for the last call off...the track was like a paddy field with constant light rain...yet Mr Rogers was insistent when we got there the meet could of gone ahead after the rain had stopped which it had done by then......so it beggars the question why so early to call off this time......a weakened side maybe.....oh well self preservation i suppose!
  13. Brummiestormer

    Plymouth V Birmingham Fri 11th Aug

    Weather not been so bad in Plymouth today??
  14. Brummiestormer

    Eagles V Brummies 05/08/2017

    Nothing hopeful about it i'm afraid
  15. Brummiestormer

    Eagles V Brummies 05/08/2017

    Don't care what team Birmingham put out always has been and always will be a home track advantage win!

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