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  1. AndyJ

    In My View By Phil Rising

    Although there is a big question mark with regards to the validity of averages unless all involved riders meet each other an equal number of times. Agree 100% that trying to balance teams equally is an absolute must but the methodology behind it is flawed.
  2. AndyJ

    A Cashless Society

    Spot on. I have an Amazon credit card and always pay the full balance. Every £1,333 to £2,000 I spend (lower amount based on spend with Amazon) I get a £10 voucher from them. Free cash. Can't see why anyone wouldn't want to take advantage of these kind of benefits - unless terrible with money and too much risk of overspend and thus having to pay interest.
  3. AndyJ

    Belle Vue 2017

    I'd love to see Stefan Nielsen given another opportunity in an Aces jacket. I believe that he fully intended to return last season until Swindon half-inched him in the fast track selections. He had a decent season, voted rider of the year for Plymouth I believe, so it would be a crying shame if he ended up left on the shelf.
  4. AndyJ

    Fav Albums Of All-time

    Def Leppard...Hysteria Fleetwood Mac...Rumors Guns N Roses...Appetite for Destruction Bon Jovi...Slippery when Wet Shed Seven...Change Giver Inspiral Carpets...Life Dire Straits..Brothers in Arms Poison...Open Up and Say...AHH!
  5. AndyJ

    Belle Vue 2017

    Here you go ... http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=82877&page=136&do=findComment&comment=2920023
  6. AndyJ

    Benefits: 26 Kids & Claiming

    Your maths aren't adding up SCB Surely you'd have to be in the top ~15% to be a net loser? After all if 85% cost more than they pay in, the remainder are either net neutral or net losers. Whilst undoubtedly the extremely rich will be included in there'll also be a substantial amount of 'squeezed middle' income earners too....
  7. AndyJ

    Belle Vue 2017

    So I presume the following link to be a useful decipher... http://www.bellevueaces.co/newsitem.aspx?id=986 EDIT: Thank you Mr Shovlar for providing clues that were a considerable step up from the cryptic initials in some of the other posts! ML thankfully fairly obvious (and pleasing news if he remains involved) but not a clue who NM is - unless he has connections with Dorset....
  8. AndyJ

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Don't forget 'confidence'; a roller coaster of an attribute that plays a huge part. Also perhaps some attributes linked to track type (some excel on the big ones yet struggle on the tighter circuits) and preparation (slick/grippy)
  9. AndyJ

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Perhaps something akin to how xperteleven.com handle scheduling and pre-determined tactics would work in a speedway context. E.g. Choose line up in advance, configure a sequence of replacement criteria (heat number, meeting score criteria and preferred replacement) then have the meetings auto-calculate on a pre-set schedule. For an example a league could be created with Tue/Sat @ 7pm as meeting time or maybe flexible like the real speedway fixture list with varied race nights to facilitating guests. Prior to this each manager can tweak the line up and tactics. At the meeting time a processing engine (e.g CRON job) calculates the results and maybe allows a 'replay' that iterates through each heat? Such a concept could be created from PHP/MySQL or ASP/SQL and thus be accessible from PC, tablet, mobile phone to maximise potential players.
  10. AndyJ

    Berlin Christmas Market Tragedy

    Awful news and I guess a real surprise that the death count is as low as it is considering the popularity of these Christmas markets. Several articles are suggesting that an asylum seeker, apparently known to the police for minor crimes, killed the Polish driver whilst hijacking the lorry and, after the appalling events, attempted to flea to a nearby park to hide but was followed by somebody who alerted the police; leading to capture. Given the fact that such crimes can be committed with as little as a kitchen knife, by individuals who often use kamikaze methods, it is scary to imagine what this twisted idealism will deliver next.
  11. AndyJ

    15th May 1982 Belle Vue V Reading (koc)

    Regretably my original programme for this meeting is long since disposed of so I can only offer a combination of educated guess and (hazy) memory. Also probably not very much help because I'm sure you've already deduced this much already but I'd suggest that the line up would have been as follows; 1. R/R Larry Ross 2. Peter Ravn 3. Chris Morton 4. Louis Carr 5. Peter Collins 6. Peter Carr 7. Jim McMillan 1. Ron Preston 2. Jiri Stancl 3. Bobby Schwartz 4. Steve Gresham 5. Alan/Andy Grahame (G for Jan Andersson) 6. Tim Hunt 7. Denny Pyeatt Alan rather than Andy Grahame the more likely guest. Both Grahame brothers were 8.50+ heatleaders at the time whereas Gresham was more a 7.50 second string as far as I can recall. With regards to Gresham appearing in heat 8 I guess that TS or misprint are the likely explanation.
  12. AndyJ

    Fitting In Top Riders

    Wonder what happens if say Doyle rides enough matches for a greensheet ~ 10.00 then has to leave Swindon. If Holder were to be targeted as a replacement would his 12.00+ average conversion still apply? Or have rules been created to cater for such scenarios?
  13. This is definitely a flaw with modern day Speedway that has adverse impact on my own interest. One of the main factors that cemented my interest in the sport, during my formative years, was the team concept. I completely understand the economic driving factors behind it, and the relatively small pool of riders who are available to fill the team spaces, but the fact that riders concurrently sign and race for multiple teams undermines the whole idea of teams. It is bad enough when the teams are in different countries but, as we approach the new season and the idea of promotion and relegation, it is difficult to ignore the invitable conflict of loyalties that doubling-up almost guarantees. Even with rose-tinted specs in place I'm anticipating a potential shambles...:o/
  14. AndyJ

    Belle Vue 2017

    Is this just speculation or information from a trustworthy source? Cannot see any mention on the official BSPA website, Sky Speedway, SpeedwayGB twitter or search on Google news.
  15. AndyJ

    Belle Vue 2017

    Do we know what rate of interest is being levied on it? By my reckoning the burden, if solely repaid by Speedway admissions and 20 meetings per season, would be a far more palatable ~ £6,500 per meeting or ~ 400 adults. With the potential for more revenue streams it isn't an impossibility to make a success of it if promoted/managed well..

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