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  1. Reliant Robin


    Logic would suggest so if that is the figure being suggested. Even if the BT deal was done on the cheap, it would still have provided a lot more than £10k per club per season.
  2. Reliant Robin


    Do you honestly believe it has ever been sold that cheap? I don't think any Clubs would operate in the top tier with that as their TV income
  3. Every team just needs to find a Rasser! Someone who will up their average by 3-4 points and all would be well
  4. It wasn't built within the points limit through 2019? I'm sure that would have been picked up somewhere along the line. Swindon averages effective 18th July - total of 42.39. Same team that finished the season
  5. Is this perhaps not the main point? Swindon's team that finished the 2019 season was built within a 42.5 point limit, so why could they not be allowed continuity, even if the points limit remains at 42.5?
  6. As odd as it may seem, I'm kind of hoping we're made to work for it.....as you say it's only half time. Anything can happen over the next 15 heats.
  7. Reliant Robin

    Big decisions in November.

    I think they've worked in terms of cutting out clashes between the two leagues which is what they were brought in for. Less guests and R/R from my memory this season. Although my memory is questionable!
  8. That's correct, each promotion is now only responsible for their own teams payments. The exchange rate between clubs for meetings was done away with about 4 or 5 years ago I think
  9. Reliant Robin

    Swindon Stadium

    I noticed that a lot of these objections carry the same content, so as you say, comes from combined anti-greyhound group. They all go on to say they support the redevelopment for speedway purposes, but we know it's housing/greyhound stadium owner money funding the changes if they ever materialise
  10. Reliant Robin

    Swindon vs Ipswich

    So by 'Poland', Lisa meant Russia? And by 'rather be' it is meant to be 'has to be'? Got it
  11. Reliant Robin

    Swindon vs Ipswich

    Who's in Poland rather than at Swindon on Thursday?
  12. Reliant Robin

    Swindon 2019

    As I understand it, the averages wouldn't have fitted in June. At this point we had Stefan in the side who had shown promise with 5+2 from 3 rides in the Premiership Supporters Cup. Stefan got injured in the meeting on 1st July - too late for any potential change for 4th July as 3 clear days notice required by BSPA. He could have potentially been at Wolves (a) meeting on Monday, but that's about it
  13. He'll go in on a 4 point assessed (I'm assuming). Think the rule was brought in to prevent similar scenario's to Jack Smith at Swindon last year
  14. Unable to use anyone in the Premiership who has not achieved an average (or converted average) of 3 or above in that league as I understand it. So until Anders has an average of 4.50 or higher he's not able to step in
  15. Reliant Robin

    Swindon 2019

    But they can build up to the 42.5 limit which they currently fall a couple of points below

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