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  1. Reliant Robin


    BSF, where facts are classed as pedantry. Mighty high horse.
  2. Reliant Robin


    There is always going to be a them and us mentality of sorts. Rightly or wrongly, the more 'professional' of Clubs (best of a bad bunch maybe) are growing tired of constantly having to come down to the lowest denominator when it is doing nothing for their business or the Sport in UK. As a Swindon fan, I want to see a decent standard, but I understand that may not be possible financially throughout the league. Unfortunately there are not enough Clubs run too well and those Clubs who would rather grow their business than keep coming down a level need others to race against. There isn't going to be a universally popular route forward. Swindon were given full protection and priority over Championship to be able to run 50% of their league meetings on a Thursday. He's not a member, hasn't been for almost 10 years apparently
  3. Not at all, I'm making out that £250,000 + is better than the zero originally suggested. I am also reasoning that Speedway in UK at this moment in time is not worth much more. I am also reasoning that Clubs have very few obligations for the money they receive. One home meeting covered on TV.
  4. £13,000 is still a lot more than you were originally saying. Bearing in mind that generally, each Club will have one home meeting covered by BT (exc Playoffs), what else do Clubs have to do for this money? Going on what I read on here, £13,000 is the equivalent of some Clubs gates. On top of that, all Clubs have their contribution to BSPA admin paid for, including Championship Clubs. I would guesstimate that BSPA are receiving around £250,000 a year for TV, plus a bit more from abroad.
  5. Correct, BT do not pay the hosting Club. They pay BSPA a license fee for the season which is then distributed how BSPA see fit. Equates to a lot more than the initial £3k per meeting you had said.
  6. Do you honestly believe that BSPA would have accepted a deal for £3k per meeting? Way off the mark, and would have been a case of no TV coverage if that was the case I'm sure. Wherever that figure has come from (I've seen it mentioned a few times) it has been divided by about 5 I'd reckon! That said, streaming is still a viable proposition, if marketed and worked at correctly
  7. Reliant Robin

    Rye House 2018

    It's not ok to kill 3 tracks, certainly not, but trotting out the 'prop up the Premiership' line is laughable. Tracks need to run on best night to suit them, that should be their choice. The problem comes with all of the doubling up that has been allowed to increase year on year giving all sorts of clashes and pieced together teams as well as causing a mess with averages between the two leagues. This needs restricting first and foremost. Clubs should then run on the night they think suits their fanbase best. Clubs with assets should have first call in all instances on those riders, even for re-arranged fixtures. We'd then see which league is propping up the other. It would encourage the Championship to invest in fresh talent rather than relying on borrowing riders from the other league.....and vice versa. It won't happen overnight as it has gone too far, but restrictions on doubling up are vital should 2/3 leagues remain. Edited to add, if there is financial trouble at Rye, I hope they can come out the other side. If that means the BSPA backtracking on FRN then so be. We shouldn't be losing Clubs over a silly choice of nights made in November.
  8. To be fair, whoever his replacement would have been would more than likely have had similar chances
  9. Looks like Smith will now be available to Swindon on Thursday following Sheffield's changes. MPT missing is a big blow to Kings Lynns chances, but Lambert and a couple of others in decent form. Should be a good meeting, and if Swindon start how they did last Thursday then it could spell trouble.
  10. Swindon had protection (as did their opponents) on fixtures originally scheduled for a Thursday. So would imagine Kerr will be there on Thursday rather than riding for Glasgow. MPT may well be missing as was a later signing for Kings Lynn - going by last Thursday, it appears protection only stretched as far as the initial fixture list and initial team declarations.
  11. Reliant Robin

    Somerset 2018

    Wow, surprised to read this. Was thinking Somerset have made a tidy start to the season under the radar, and with home meetings in hand look quite well placed early on. Don't see that these changes make the team stronger, and Wright seems to be a fans favourite wherever he goes due to his never say die racing style. Strange changes here.
  12. Reliant Robin

    Premiership - Swindon v Rye House • 14/06/18

    Also worth noting with Bellego last night, the collision in the first staging of heat 3 bent his bike. He realised this after his 2nd ride of the night. Got pulled out of his 3rd one, then went out on an un-bent bike in heat 14 and won comfortably. There's a few inconsistencies in there, but generally I still like the feel of this team and think we'll be pushing for trophies at the end of the season. After last season, I think there are a section of our fans who think we should be winning every meeting, and should be scoring at least 55 at home each time. Entertainment wise, I prefer a meeting like last night to a drubbing.
  13. Reliant Robin

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Not forgetting the fee to BSPA....reduced from previous I'm sure, but certainly not 'nothing' by all accounts
  14. I don't think it would save them money....any saving would be spent, and some, if riders had complete freedom of movement. I'm not saying I'm I complete agreement with the 'asset' system how it currently is, but scrapping it completely isn't the answer and would not do supporters of the Sport in UK any favours in my opinion. I do think a Club should have to use their assets within a timeframe or lose them rather than sitting on them indefinitely.
  15. I'd suggest that if there was freedom of movement then costs for Promoters would increase at an even faster rate. Riders would be better off and be open to the highest bidder each year, even more so than they are now. Who do we think those increased costs would end up being passed onto?

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