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  1. Reliant Robin

    Swindon 2019

    Not good for Tobi and could weaken the us no matter which way we go. PK's average is too high and he's been quite clear that he's not looking to race in UK at the moment. Bellego and A.N Other is the logical route. Would give us strength at reserve
  2. Reliant Robin

    Ipswich v Swindon Prem Lge 13th June 2019

    Because we haven't dropped him
  3. 'Musielak's withdrawal was pre-planned' is what has been said. That's a good effort and very convincing to have gone through all that trouble when not needed.
  4. Not forgetting the early flight in, night in a hotel, early flight back. Sounds like a great pre-planned event to slide off in heat 3 so he can withdraw
  5. A guest and R/R as they did for the evening meeting. No reason at all for what Skidder is putting forward as fact.
  6. Add to that the fact that we could have had a facility for him anyway (contrary to what has been posted here). We could have used Jensen with R/R for Tobi as we did in the evening meeting. I'm not disputing that Tobi was a bit battered and bruised from previous knocks (one on Sunday included) even before the meeting at Poole, but there was no pre-conceived plan to do a lap and pull out. There would be absolutely no point and no gain. And I'm sure the flight to UK and home again was just for fun.
  7. Reliant Robin

    Swindon 2019

    Or have previously achieved a 3 point average in the UK's top league
  8. Reliant Robin

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    Am I missing something as to why it's a dead rubber meeting? Do both teams not still have a chance to top the group?
  9. Reliant Robin

    Swindon 2019

    I'm assuming he's guesting and available until Doyle's back. Doesn't have to be a 28 day replacement (meaning Doyle would have to sit out for those 28 days even if he's fit) and a better option than scratching about for a guest each time
  10. Reliant Robin

    Dogs Allowed?

    Swindon is a no
  11. You mean other than his home track? And more so than potentially at places like Peterborough and Belle Vue? Critical for the sake of being critical in most posts.
  12. It is to some, as long as the track gives some reason for complaint they'll be happy. Hopefully that won't be the case, after Monday's showing I'm feeling more confident than usual of an Easter double over you pesky Pirates
  13. 50-40 for this one. Anything closer than that and I'll be pleasantly surprised with it being first meeting of the season as a team
  14. Reliant Robin

    Swindon Stadium

    I think what is often overlooked with this type of comment is that the original plans for redevelopment did not include a speedway track at all. The Council made it quite clear that absolutely no redevelopment would be signed off unless it included a track for Swindon Speedway to continue racing on. Whilst there have been several changes of plans etc, the Council's backing seems to have remained a constant. One would hope that would continue should any complaints arise further down the line.
  15. Reliant Robin

    Swindon Stadium

    Inside line of bends 3 & 4 taken in 2 metres as well as a metre off of the inside line on the straights to give even more width. Couple of pictures taken from Swindon Speedway Twitter show it all progressing well. TBF I'm sure Terry Russell would also like to know why the Club were not permitted to start the work earlier in the closed season.

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