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  1. I'm hoping someone can help - I missed the announcement of the time for the second heat on Weds. Does anyone have it? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have a link to the heat results for the Danish Championship Semi-Final at Brovst on May 23? Thanks.
  3. Do you have times for any of the heats?
  4. Could anyone provide the heat details from this meeting? Also, was there a programme/scorecard? Thanks.
  5. I'm looking for details of matches ridden in the Northern Youth Development League in 2001. Is anyone able to help?
  6. LeapingLena

    Junior Grand Prix At Newcastle 2 June 1986

    I can add the results of one other heat: Ht 1: (rerun) Baynham, Larkin, Chambers, Rizzo (f, ns), 74.7 (Larkin replaced Buck in Y/B) Ht 2: (3 only) Clark, Bentley, Holliday, Larkin (exc, 2 mins), 74.2 Ht 3: Lamb, Wicks, Larkin, Bickley (ret), 70.5 Ht 4: Eadon, Cooper, Hayhow, Richardson, 71.8 Ht 5: (3 only) Eadon, Baynham, Bentley (f, exc), Bickley (ns), awarded Ht 6: (rerun) Lamb, Hayhow, Rizzo, Clark (exc, tapes), 70.8 Ht 7: Wicks, Holliday, Chambers, Richardson F
  7. LeapingLena

    European U21 Final 26th August 2017

    Thanks to both of you for the extra details.
  8. LeapingLena

    European U21 Final 26th August 2017

    Thanks for posting the results. Do you know the riding order?
  9. LeapingLena

    Swedish Under-22 (?) Championship

    Thanks Ghostwalker for this information.
  10. Does anyone have details about this meeting that I believe was held on 29th June 2016. All I know is that the meeting was abandoned but the result stood. Not sure whether Under-22 is right - perhaps Under-21? Would appreciate confirmation of where the meeting was held and any heat details/scorers. Thanks.
  11. Thanks HadrianDog - I was looking for the results from the NJL match at Berwick last night.
  12. Does anybody have details of the Raiders v Gems match?
  13. LeapingLena

    Workington - Parking

    Thanks Jenga.
  14. I've never been to Derwent Park before. What are the parking arrangements at the track? Thanks.
  15. LeapingLena

    Newcastle 1984

    The meeting on 8th October took place and was a challenge match between North East Select v Halifax Junior Dukes. Halifax won 39-38. Scorers: NE Select - Gallagher 8, Wicks 3, Pailor 2, Edwards 5, Clark 4, Havelock 12, Coward 4 = 38 Halifax - Whitaker 14, Clegg.G 0, Clay 3, Clegg.P 8, Sutcliffe 6, Graham 8, Hemingway 0 = 39 The planned meeting on 15th October (NE Select v Stoke Juniors) was not held.

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