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  1. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2017

    Nope, not after the play off race off v Somerset and all that was said around it involving Jacobs and Tungate, bridges burnt there I think.
  2. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2017

    FROM 8pm, so the announcement could come at literally anytime between then and the year dot. What's the betting that the news will be that we've released Sedgmen...
  3. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2017

    We have had for the past couple of months.....
  4. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2017

    No he wasn't and Covatti doesn't fit, if it's the only change, as his average is higher than Justins. Surely the 4's was always going to be King, Schlein, Heeps, Newman?
  5. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2017

    KK fits.....
  6. Ipswich Jules

    Pirates 2014

    Poole not using Tungate this year so it seems.
  7. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    Yet ITFC have a much bigger bill for Brasso to polish their silverware than their six fingered cousins up the a140! Have I missed something here? Which Jensen are we talking about? MJJ?! There's also the possibility that if Lanham doesn't get fixed up with a PL club he could find himself coming back into the team if Risager doesn't hit the ground running, from reading CL's comments in the local paper it certainly sounds like Risager is on his last chance. Or Risager will end up in reserve if / when Ellis and/or Hawkins kicks on with their averages.
  8. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    Worrall is in his third "reduced" year of a three year span. Thrilled that Manzares is a club assett and with the line up we should have good reserves all year - it'll start will Hawkins and Ellis but both of those could get into the main team and Risager or Manzares could swap places with either / both of them - strong reserves are so vital and are generally the key to winning meetings and that is something we will have all season. Couple that with a strong top end of Worrall, Tungate and Heeps and I think it's a very balanced side which is fully capable of making the end of season play offs.
  9. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    The closet Witches fan just can't stay away from Ipswich threads!
  10. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    I can't imagine Louis wouldn't want him at Ipswich, we've seen the difference a 2nd season in the PL at the same club can do with Cam Heeps, I understand Adam had said that he second hand bikes last year which let him down from time to time and next year he is getting new bikes - so with his 1st season of PL racing under his belt on inconsistent machinery I'm sure Louis wouldn't want another club to reap the benefits. Plus on his current average he's certain to increase that by 1-2 points come this time next year.
  11. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    Worrall yes, Allen no - too injury prone for me and with a high average it's far too much of a risk. Worrall yes, Allen no - too injury prone for me and with a high average it's far too much of a risk.
  12. Ipswich Jules

    Ipswich 2014

    Because he was unlucky in that he had a decent average and was performing well but then took a bad injury which sidelined him for a long time, when he came back he was struggling for form - understandable given his injury - but not really enough meetings to get his average down to a more realistic one. Good rider, good guy to have round the team.
  13. Ipswich Jules


    Pretty sure Scott would be way too high - how about Kennett? What's his PL average at the moment?
  14. Ipswich Jules

    Witches V Devils ( Pl ) 22-8-13

    From Facebook: Ipswich Witches Speedway Track looking good for tonight! Further decisions will be made at 6:30pm, keep refreshing for the updates!
  15. The tapes have been doing it for a little while, if you look the posts that hold the tapes up lean in towards each other, it seems they've moved from however they're secured and the tapes are pulling them together creating some slack in the middle - looks like they need some wedges placed so the posts go more outward/upright to tighten the elastic. The track looked very deep and heavy as I mentioned in my texts to the Updates site, obviously with a hot dry day it had to be watered heavily, it then seems that with little breeze in the air the track didn't dry out as much as hoped? I also said to the people I go with about heat two, only two riders were "racing" - the Ipswich pair. The only thing I can think of for the exclusion of Ashworth was that Ellis went down as a result of first bend bunching and the ref would of allowed all four back, but after Ashworth knocked Lanham off decided he should of been excluded for that action? It's all I can come up with as we were all as confused as the next person on the terraces, and as I reported last night - the Berwick fans were rightfully unhappy with the decision, certainly seemed a strange one to me. I'd like to hear the ref's explanation for it.

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