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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Nike Lunna has asked via Facebook if anyone is interested in sponsoring him in anyway for this season. He can be contacted via Facebook or messenger he a great kid and won’t let you down .
  2. Scorpions 2018

    Yes but when you only have 2.11 left that’s what your getting
  3. Scorpions 2018

    With having a 2 point rider he’s going to be outclassed on numerous occasions at home and away but as long as there’s progression it’s not a problem. This team is built to be able to win with 6 riders scoring well with no pressure on the number 7
  4. Scorpions 2018

    He don’t exist palmdawwwggg odsal boys a twit
  5. Scorpions 2018

    Still no news on a number 7 anyone got a conspiracy theory or some unfounded information
  6. Leicester To Stage Amateur Meetings --first One Dec 23rd

    Track was not fit to race apparently
  7. Scorpions 2018

    Merry Christmas to you all
  8. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    If rules are changed would it give scunthorpe any extra points to play with for the last place
  9. Scorpions 2018

    Wouldn’t of thought so but strange things are happening at the EWR a proper number one and a strong 1-6 so who knows
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Lunna will add .75 to his average if he stays fit he’s still on the upward curve
  11. Scorpions 2018

    Have him at Sheffield your a man down
  12. Scorpions 2018

    Well first winter meeting cancelled and opportunity for would be candidates to showcase there talents has gone . Still thinking someone like Halder Or Lawlor would be good no pressure to score or have a 7 for 6 meetings then change him giving plenty of opportunities to up and coming riders
  13. Scorpions 2018

    Rather you palmdawwggg than any of the dross this idiot spouts
  14. Scorpions 2018

    Thanks but no thanks
  15. Scorpions 2018

    I have asked on 3 occasions who this is yet no reply