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  1. phillwhitewasmad

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Personally don’t think he’s a million miles off with his views .
  2. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    Nike is full throttle hang on type of guy so I would get a large amount of spare bags Dave. Be great to watch with anticipation every time he goes in to the corner never knowing if he’s coming out the other end .
  3. phillwhitewasmad

    berwick bandits 2019

    P&P is 28th
  4. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Agree totally but it’s easy to invite calls when all teams are full and another 7 riders still looking for a team after the demise of Workington. I will be happy if we have 7 men standing at the end of April early season is usually carnage. Personally think most teams have a fairly long tail this year due to the points limit.
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Come on chaps give the lad a chance maybe there were others in front of him and are further advanced in their careers but maybe just maybe they didn’t want to come to the uk or scunny
  6. phillwhitewasmad

    Young lions

    Fixtures announced so far peterboro April 22nd Ipswich May 6th Glasgow June 15th Belle vue June 22nd others to be confirmed
  7. no sorry I don't
  8. Hey mike you fancy doing the same for the njl
  9. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    Ryan missed last season due to not achieving the required average
  10. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Fixtures out at 11 ish tomorrow
  11. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    No idea is the a stock car community up there maybe a collaboration between both.
  12. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    Is it not possible that northside can be developed like scunny. Track would need to be bigger but have it open 24/7 speedway stock cars to generate the revenue
  13. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    Exactly my point sir the juniors all take immense pride in riding for their clubs and speaking for our pilot he cares about the team and don’t want to let anyone down
  14. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    It’s not a given you have to have two but bikes however with the large amount of traveling involved it is a nightmare to get somewhere and the bike don’t run properly . We always warm both bikes up before we go anywhere to make sure ther ok and have had instances of one playing up and not being right once we get to the track. Try telling an 8 to 12 year old he can’t ride after 4 hours in the van and another 4 to get back. The cost wouldn’t be reduced massively with one bike as in our case our set up has been over a four year period and the figure I quote is running cost for the year and dosent allow for any initial purchase cost of the bikes over the time. Would say our cost is mid range for a top level junior some will spend more some less but not by huge amounts. thanks for the good wishes it’s all up to him he has the backing and talent but only time will tell if he has the desire and ambition. Regardless of what happens we have made some brilliant memories
  15. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington 2019

    Totally agree on the unsustainablity at the level, however as the parent of a junior rider it cost us circa £10k to run last year for the 125cc class. We don’t run brand new frames both bikes are 6 years old always use part worn tyres tyres picked up,at tracks(except for international meetings) and always look for most cost effective solutions tho replacing parts.This year is probably going to cost more due to the plans in place for progress . We have some very good sponsors who help massively and without them it would be almost impossible to compete at the level we do i don’t have any answers to reduce the cost or on how it could be cheaper

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