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  1. phillwhitewasmad

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Or nobody else wanted it
  2. phillwhitewasmad

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    yep but unfortunately they don't exist as an entity so wouldn't get a vote . it is all madness though more teams has to be the way forward
  3. phillwhitewasmad

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    as I understand it the league is split between standalones and junior teams and as such the former wanted loads of fixtures and the later wanting fewer. the addition of another team would of suited some but not others. what we will never know is would all the declared teams have run if another team had entered due to extra fixture. I am not defending the BSPA as I do believe more teams = more opportunity for younger riders which in the long term could lead to less doubling and trebling up just my take on what has been said publicly by the teams and Bspa . On a footnote to all this the Bspa is all the teams and they all have a vote
  4. phillwhitewasmad

    Leicester NDL 2020

    That’s spot on we have a 12 year old who rides and have already come to the conclusion that we will have to fund his hobby until he is in his early 20s should he wish to peruse a career in speedway.
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Other 15 year olds for 2020 include Mickie Simpson, Alex Goldsborough, Archie Freeman, Gregor Millar all of a standard for a proper development league were more competitive track time would benefit them all. 2021 will be a fairly sparse year with only a few present riders turning 15 with the outstanding talent being Sam Mcgurk 2019 was an exceptional year for the number of young riders coming through and the numbers probably won’t be matched until 2022 as there’s a good crop of 12 year old riders who will turn 15 then so let’s hope we have a development league for them to ride in .
  6. phillwhitewasmad

    Newcastle 2020

    Definitely a what,
  7. phillwhitewasmad

    Mildenhall 2020

    He has an average over 4 in the championship and has already signed for scunthorpe so I don’t think he’s allowed to double down.. if like last year he started the season without a championship place he could ride NDL that’s my understanding
  8. phillwhitewasmad

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Josh is a prime example of why we should have graded riders not average based teams. Travesty when you put the hard yards in and get kicked in the balls
  9. phillwhitewasmad

    Predictions thread

    Don’t even go there
  10. phillwhitewasmad

    Predictions thread

  11. phillwhitewasmad

    2020 NL Season

    Unfortunately I do agree but any of the youngsters wanting to be professional riders have to go through the hard yards of running up and down the country for little or no reward. There are scores of riders doing it already in the junior leagues and amateur meetings and for second half’s. I do believe there is a mind set that riders believe they have made it once they get to the NDL and should earn a living . Unfortunately the reality is something very different it’s the first real step on a very greasy steep ladder
  12. phillwhitewasmad

    Predictions thread

    HGould enjoyed your right up but how do you have such widely differing views es on the Thompson twins and Jordan Palin. All three had outstanding seasons with Jordan being the top of the 3 on averages . Yet you believe the twins shouldn’t be underestimated and Jordan will struggle personally I think all 3 will do ok.
  13. phillwhitewasmad

    2020 NL Season

    Don’t know if you need to lower the limit. Just limit what they pay should be back to basics don’t think £10 a point cuts it but can’t be the figures that are bandied about. Also believe the travel should be more in line with proper rates probably 20 to 30 pence a mile
  14. phillwhitewasmad

    Predictions thread

    I predict scunny will win more at home than they lose and will lose more away than they win. Berwick will be there abouts for the play off spots. As for the rest not right bothered
  15. phillwhitewasmad

    2020 NL Season

    I believe the over 4 average stops you from doubling up between the leagues

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