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  1. phillwhitewasmad

    Redcar V Berwick 7/5/18

    No it’s a bit hairy at times but great to watch
  2. phillwhitewasmad

    Redcar V Berwick 7/5/18

    Thanks for your kind words about Luke constantly amazes me never gives up and nothing fazes him
  3. phillwhitewasmad

    Redcar 2018

    Theo dropped according to his Facebook page
  4. phillwhitewasmad

    Scorpions vs Lakeside 25.5.18

    Having seen lakeside this year can’t see them been a threat to scunny. So that’s jinxed it
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    Scorpions vs Comets - Championship 18.05.18

    Nike has a broken ankle
  6. phillwhitewasmad

    Scorpions vs Comets - Championship 18.05.18

    Previously I would of agreed totally with your comment however this year he has become a better team man which is helping us much more
  7. phillwhitewasmad

    Scorpions vs Comets - Championship 18.05.18

    And pleased we were put no effort in last year
  8. phillwhitewasmad

    Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    Doing a gtreat job is neil under difficult circumstances. Some really good kids coming through at every level and plenty of talent on show yesterday
  9. Both Luke and Sam love the place and appreciate everyone who stays to watch
  10. Yep,was a bit hairy for the lad as young stoney shut the door on him. Didn’t faze him though
  11. phillwhitewasmad

    Workington V Berwick 19:30 hrs 04/05/18

    Njl meeting after featuring beau Stonehewer Luke Harrison and Sam McGurk
  12. Pleased you enjoyed it as the dad of one of the Berwick lads can’t tell you how much he enjoys being part of the club and the support he’s given by those who stay behind.
  13. Also has njl meeting after featuring Berwicks dynamite duo of Sam McGurk and Luke Harrison
  14. From my view of the incident looking at it a on from the Veranda outside the bar my opinion is Anderson took a look at Steve as was going past him and moved out to block the move collecting him and sending him in to the fence. In my opinion it was a deliberate act but as it’s part of racing we will never know wether it Was done to cause injury or to protect a position

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