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  1. phillwhitewasmad

    No change next year?

    Next year is six teams with only 21 riders to choose from each team picks their team prior to the season for home meetings only away team can use any one of the other 14
  2. phillwhitewasmad

    Poole Pirates 2021

    True and after watching it they didn't race
  3. phillwhitewasmad

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    They did say stuff it originally only got Ryan as Redcarr was called off
  4. phillwhitewasmad

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    Wouldn't be to sure on that reckon the track could be exactly the same plenty of water on before
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    In fairness the track prior to the start was only slightly wetter than it would be for a meeting on a hot summers evening. Poole were the ones who short changed the public with there lack of drive to race. Remember the ref makes the call if it's fit to race and fair play to him . Could of been a better meeting but not everyone is a classic.
  6. phillwhitewasmad

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    Track was good until rain hit prior to start and was probably the worst meeting I have seen for several years at scunny . However only one team wanted to race the majority of the other just rode . Tac sub heat 8
  7. phillwhitewasmad

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Would tell me there is no reconstruction happening and going to have same old double up and down rubbish
  8. phillwhitewasmad

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    In fairness he has been the best rider on show at scunny all season
  9. phillwhitewasmad

    Island Masters Shale Track Championship

    What are you on about
  10. phillwhitewasmad

    Island Masters Shale Track Championship

    Don't Berwick and Leicester count Saturday as there main nights
  11. phillwhitewasmad

    New Junior League 2021

    I would like to know which riders Were forced into this
  12. phillwhitewasmad

    Ipswich v Peterborough Thursday 2nd September

    Probably £70 a point would you let your workmate earn money whilst you get nothing for doing same job
  13. phillwhitewasmad

    Why speedway is failing

    No I fully understand the point and in fairness I despise the doubling up of riders . My point is Peterborough new a rider was already signed for another club it was there choice to use him so can be no complaints. Doubling up will continue as long as clubs carry on selecting the same riders
  14. phillwhitewasmad

    Why speedway is failing

    In fairness jordan palin is our rider was signed to scunthorpe first so can't see any problem with that if Peterborough wanted to they could of used another rising star

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