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  1. Ross

    Scott Nicholls - Sky Pundit

    I hope he does all the other gp`s, apart from Cardiff that is. Lets hope he gets through the British final and gets to Cardiff.
  2. You get plenty of football matches that are shocking, i`m sure we have all been to enough speedway meetings to know we were never going to be in for a classic last night after hrs of rain. I thought £20 was an ok price, you pay £16 for a regular meeting for 15 heats. Last night was 22 heats with a high quality field.
  3. Was a long old night... But after a few months of no speedway i was just happy to hear and smell speedway bikes again Thank god they didnt mess about with the rider introductions and got on with heat 1 otherwise it could have been a midnight finish. Maybe they should go for a Sunday lunchtime start next season. FTM did great to even get the meeting on after all the rain, it was always going to be a meeting where the outside of the track was going to be a bit of a "no go" area and who wants to risk it this early on. I wasn't so sure over Mr Pedersens performance , if he wasn't first or second then he didnt want to know and pulled into the centre green, then after the race managed to ride the bike back to the pits.maybe there is more to it but personlly i doubt it and from last night i think Jason is on for another world title. The final was a farce and you would never see Harris fall on his own like that but the delay in getting the riders out and the drizzle made the track really tricky to ride. Not a meeting that will be remembered by many, but the weather really did the damage. I`m sure the riders just enjoyed getting a few races in.
  4. Great to see Scotty in action at Brandon so early in the season.
  5. To be fair though its only £5 more than normal and if its a world class field then i don't think people will mind paying up a few extra pounds for it. The sooner they start putting a few names our way the better.
  6. Ross

    Kelly Moran

    Shocked me Fingers crossed for a true speedway great
  7. I am the same as you Sir Jasper, my dad started taking me from a silly age but i remember a few of ole`s last meetings standing on a box on the back straight so i could see over the fence. Nuneaton is my place of birth so Coventry is my speedway team. I think i was spoilt by the success of Coventry during the late 80's with Tommy and Kelvin in heat 15 such a massive memory of my childhood. 1989 was rock bottom to be honest and for reasons unknown no matter what team they put together even with Hans then later Hamill and Hancock we could never hit the heights of the 87 & 88 team. Then fwd on 2005 to 2007, i hadn't enjoyed speedway so much in years the rivalry with Belle Vue and the mexicans ..least said about that the better i think. 2007 was a special special season and we were lucky we hit it right, everything seemed to click into place and even though comments since have cast a shadow on the team spirit from what i could see they did great for each other. Funny as it sounds though 2007 put us backwards again after losing Scott for the 2008 season, although maybe the management got the descision wrong in who went. I make no secret in being a big Scott Nicholls fan and think he was let down by Coventry during that time and maybe this is why today he is riding elsewhere. You can't have a 2007 season every year and by bringing Scott back it wouldnt guarantee success but i didnt like the comments by Harris and Barkers attitude came through very much in the "tapes up" show and it makes you think who is captain of our team? I hope i am proved wrong but the bees have made a huge mistake in not signing Scott, but then he has left as a legend of Coventry, something our current captain won't.
  8. Ross

    It's A Small World.

    Gem, Wow, i am very impressed. I am sad and have a farm as you know, but with a speedway track in the garden.
  9. I am sure i wouldnt have wanted to be Sean Wilson with Roman Matousek after me, As tough as he thinks he might be i am sure there is Yorkshire spirit and then there is the way Roman has lived his life. I am sure everybody has there own view. Enjoy
  10. Does anybody know the date that they give the line up for next seasons gp's?
  11. Ross

    Coventry V Hull 13th October 1979

    Does anybody have any pictures of this meeting.
  12. Jon Cook is far to normal and knows what us fans want so he`s never going to get a chance is he.
  13. i`d love to know what it says, my Czech isn`t to good i'm afraid.
  14. I think speedway is different when you are a kid. You went to watch 13/15 heats of great racing and you were to young to know all the ins and outs of silly rule changes and teams broken up for winning, you just wanted to watch speedway. In a way i miss that I loved the mid 80`s, waiting for the week to pass then Saturday night off to Brandon, it was great. The stadium used to look huge and so did the bikes, We were lucky though at Coventry as we had a great team with Tommy and Kelvin. 2007 was a great season also, it felt like a true "team" that won so much that year
  15. Ross

    Ole Olsen Youtube Clip

    I was just saying what ole said on the clip that he owed so much to england, This was true in terms of his riding days and you can't knock him for the way the GP series has developed and we all love going to Cardiff but in terms of domestic speedway the gp`s have hit us hard. In no way is this though all down to Ole, the way the sport is run over here is at times mindblowing. He wants the GP competition to be as good as it can be just the way he did himself to become the rider he was.

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